We Bleed (To Transform)


I don’t know what it is about blood. We claim it’s a bad thing yet we can’t stop bleeding. We let others wound us over and over again until gash is a foot deep into our soul. Sometimes we wound others and get wounded in the process.

We clutch tightly to barbed wires of emotional attachments and walk on the burning coals of expectations. And by the end of it when we fall on the ground profusely gushing and wounded to our core, we make promises to ourselves; never again. But as we all know, promises are made to be broken.

The wound is by now infected because you didn’t take care of it well. You didn’t suture it on time and you didn’t put the bandage when you should have. You just let it be; as a reminder of all the things you loved that ruined you.

We fall back onto bed made of thorns of disappointment, exhausted. And bleed some more. We bleed until we can’t. We ache until every muscle in our body refuses to ache anymore. We suffer until pain itself screams in pain. Until the infection has spread onto every small vein and down to our very bones. Until we find ourselves disintegrating- crumbling, decaying, withering.

How else could we have become anew,
If we had not first become ashes?

Fleeting Moments

There is a reason why we ‘Fall’ in love, maybe it’s because we fall from a place of familiarity to the realms unknown to us before. We fall, we stumble, we twirl, we curl, we feel so much, from nothing to everything at once. It’s a state of change. It’s our hearts falling from a state of plateau and into state of arrhythmic revolting sensations. Every fiber in our bodies falling from a state of sensory comatose to sensory over load. It’s a continuous state of falling from places, feeling high and falling again. It’s a roll coaster. And you know what they say about roll coasters? They are exhilarating! 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

I Don’t Want It

I don’t want the truth from anyone because…
And I’ve been disappointed so far.

Say It Like It Is

Daily Prompt: I Believe

Tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false.


Things I consider true or right to my heart are:

(I know I’ve mentioned this quiet a lot before but as this prompt requires I have to say this again.)

1-There is no such thing as accidents.

Everything happens for a reason. Each and everything that happens leads to that one point in your life which is supposed to happen in the first place. Which leads me to my second point which is:

2-Believe and Faith

For one to believe in the first point you have got to have believe and faith. Faith in the higher providence that everything is going to be fine and Believe in yourself that YOU can do it. You’ll make through it all.

3-People do change

I have seen people change. Whether for better or worse that’s a separate discussion but people DO change. Human being is a very strong animal, If we try we can turn our life, attitude or personality around a 360 degree.

Things I consider False or bad:

1-There is no such thing as personal choice.

What’s wrong is wrong and what’s right is right. No compromises on that. You can try to go over it in any way you want but it doesn’t change the fact that its wrong.

2- You have no right to Judge a person
Judging is wrong no matter what. I have been a victim of this and I know very well how it feels to be judged without being aware of the full situation or information. I get it, its in human nature to judge, you can’t deny that but to judge a person and BASING YOUR OPINION on it is wrong unless you are aware of the whole picture.

3-Doing drugs is just wrong

I have seen people explain to me oh I do drugs because I’m going through some shit in my life. And usually, most of the time “That Shit” is not as big of a deal as they are making it out to be. I’ve been through a lot in my life and I’ve seen people go through much worse but they are still holding on. Drugs are just a way to avoid problems, and avoiding problems doesn’t make them go away. They just keep getting piled up.  I know everybody has a different way to deal with a particular problem and I totally respect that but If there is a healthier way to deal with it, then why not choose that?
I know it takes a lot of effort but drugs are never the right answer.

I know daily prompt asked for three things but this matter is very near and true to my heart so I’m going to say something very briefly about it:

Religion doesn’t kill people. People kill people and they just need something or someone to blame for their sadistic ways. I’ve heard people say “Oh if there was no religion there would be peace everywhere in the world.” If you seriously believe that, you are the most naive person ever. There is always going to be greed for money and land to fight for, which is the most basic reason why countries are fighting each other, why people are killing people. Do you really think if religion wasn’t there it would go away??? Joseph Stalin was religion-less, did it stop him from killing thousands of people?
It’s not at all about having a religion or not, you can be an atheist or belong to any religion whatsoever, I don’t have a problem with that but please don’t blame religion for this world’s twisted ways.

And I want to end my post with this line said by someone:
“We are sent on this earth with a purpose. Life is a test. And all of these things are its questions. Ever imagined a test without questions ?”

A Matter Of Perspective

Perspective…Google says that it is “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.”

For most of us what others think of us or talk about us is the perspective that matters. I used to believe the same but as of today I beg to differ. I was watching this drama and I liked the perspective with which it approached the concept of rumors and gossips.

We live in a society where “what would people say if…..”  has killed more dreams than I can count. We are so worried about our perspective in everybody else’s eyes that along the way we may have started to lose ourselves and not even know it.

There is this pressure to be Perfect. If not perfect than at least close to be one. Worst thing about it is not the pressure of being perfect,  there is nothing wrong with pursuing perfection , the worst and the most saddest part is the pressure to be perfect in front of people. How we present ourselves in front of others is all what matters, doesn’t matter how and what we are alone or what demons we hide inside of ourselves. The sadness , the despair , the hopelessness.

I see myself and what I am from inside doesn’t reflect of what I am outside. Not absolutely or completely but to some extent, it is true.

Then there is GOSSIPS & RUMORS….I feel like our whole entire existence revolves around it now. The magazines, the newspapers , the Internet , 75% of it is filled with rumors and gossips. How much of it do you think is actually based on facts?

Studying in a university I, myself am guilty as charged of gossiping and believing in rumors. I’m sorry to admit but it was one of our favorite things to do. I enjoyed hearing about other people flings and affairs, personal drama and even religious beliefs. How much of it was based around facts, I can’t be absolutely sure. (Surprisingly most of stuff ‘I’ heard did turn out to be true but that doesn’t change the fact that I was involved in gossiping about other people behind their back)

What I can’t understand though is why are we, me , so interested in other people lives??? What they are doing, what they are wearing, who they are dating, who they are fighting with etc etc. I fail to understand this. We have this need to know all that stuff about other people but I don’t know why.

The only explanation I can come up with is that maybe we try to be so involved in other people’s lives because we are fed up with our own. We need an escape from our own lives at times and the best way to ignore our life problems is to plunge ourselves into other people problems. Thinking and talking about other people gives us a chance to keep ourselves from peeking into our own collars. What do you think? I may not entirely be right but that’s the only SANE explanation I’m able to come up with.

The reason why I took the route to gossips and rumors is that we ourselves are at times subject of a particular rumor or gossip and why do we care so much what people think of us?

Why only what we think of ourselves is not enough?

You know the truth, I know the truth. Screw other people. But the problem is Its easier said than done.

Though you and I, we can take this one step at a time, first by being comfortable in our own skin. As long as you think that you are a good person , as long as you are comfortable in wearing what you like, as long as you believe you are doing the right thing, as long as you are strong enough to handle it and as long as people or the person you love see you for who you really are. That is all what matters, Doesn’t it?


(Inspired by an episode of The Carrie Diaries.)