I Know Places

Weekly Photo Challenge: Share an image of a wall that reveals something about a place, people, or you.

I took this photo when I visited Kalabagh, Nathia Gali, Pakistan few weeks ago. This is the wall of the suite in which we stayed. 15 represents the suite number. While 1908 represents the year it was constructed in.
Wall 1
This is photograph of a random wall in somebody’s house. I liked the arrangement of different stones and uniqueness of this wall.
Wall 2
These are another random road side walls with different advertisements on them.
Wall 3

Sleeping Beauty

Daily Prompt: What kind of sleeper are you? Do you drop off like a stone and awaken refreshed, or do you need pitch black and silence to drift off to dream?


Well it depends upon the situation…

For quiet a while now I don’t care where I am I just have to drift off ! Due to my tough routine of constant traveling everyday, I have to wake up at 5:30 am to board the bus at 6:30 am. I can’t sleep early at night because I come home at 5:30 pm that too by bus. I either lay down for a while and get back to studying as soon as I can because If I once fall asleep I can’t wake up. I’m too tired to wake up again. So I sleep late at night at 1 or 2 am. This gives me only 3-4 hour sleep at night which obviously results with me wanting to sleep EVERYWHERE!


As I mentioned in my previous post of a love story that I’m asleep during almost all of the lectures. No kidding ! The urge to sleep during that time is so damn high that I  just can’t resist. I even told my parents the only reason I go to university is to keep my attendance because even though I sit in class but my attention is just not there, I just want to put my head on that blue arm rest and drift off into the land of fairy tales (Okay maybe not that, but anywhere but there in the class ! ) My parents don’t say anything because my result is good I still study well so nothing to worry about.


That was the story of sleeping when I’m in the class but even when I’m out with friends, I’m totally spaced out. I just want to rest my head somewhere and take a sweet little nap.

Then there is sleeping on the bus but before that there is a part of waiting for it. I’m at the bus stop, extremely tired from a long day, I just need a bed, scratch that I don’t even need a bed, I can work with the pavement, just DON’T stare at me as I droll over the cement ! I do fear that this is gonna happen to me in the near future:

Now comes the part of sleeping on the bus of course. Ooo ye sweet sleep come to mama !!! (Okay that sounded way funnier in my head) . I like the window seat because I can rest my head on the window or get really comfortable in whichever position. As I told you before in one of my posts Traveling In Hell is NOT easy due to the cheap boys in my bus, If only I could throw them out of the window one by one in front of the oncoming trailer ! It’s really hard when I’m not sitting on the window seat, if I’m in the middle and there are two total strangers on my each side I’d like to keep my eyes open just so any funny business won’t happen and If I’m in the most corner seat with a stranger on my one side and Nothing on my other side not even an arm rest, There is a very high chance that this would happen:
tumblr_mlgymifjwt1s02vreo1_400I’m already informing you of this, that above thing can and most probably WILL happen to me in the near future so be prepared for the post were I tell you guys of the most humiliating account of my life ! (You can thank me later)

But nothing can stop me from sleeping, because in the words of honey boo boo….

Oh and did I tell you it is never a good idea to sleep on the bus door?
Okay now I need to sleep, Peace out !