Every one of us is searching…for something…or someone…all the time..unknowingly maybe but we are…I think it’s happiness. Whether it is in the form of an object or in the form of a person but we are chasing it. In our darkest moments it is the light of these longings which drag us back to our feet. Gives us a push to move on. To search for what we desire. We are unhappy at the moment so we are running for happiness in the future. Maybe this despair is what makes it so valuable and something to cherish.

Despite of this ideal concept, we are wrong more than we realize. We run and run and run trying to find that one person, that one object, that one goal that we think will make us happy. Maybe momentarily it does makes us happy but soon we realize it is not what we thought it would be. And soon all the glitter and it’s attractiveness subsides and just like that, Again we are left with this despair that we were trying so hard to run away from in the first place.

The truth is we can never be happy until or unless we are happy with what we have today. At this present moment. We have to learn to be content with what we have right now, in our grasp, so close to us rather than chasing something that is so out of reach that we miss what we have close by to us. We have to learn to not chase things in future so much so that we forget today. Running after a future that might not even exist? Doesn’t it sound absurd? This concept that has been brainwashed into our minds, We don’t even know what is going to happen in this next second then how can we allow ourselves to chase after something that maybe years away? Life can end mid-sentence and I know that all too well from personal experience.

We gotta learn and teach our generations to enjoy this moment that actually in all realness exists because it is only ‘this’ moment that is ever going to exist. Everything else is always going to be uncertain, noise and unnecessary worry.

Broken Creatures

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

Broken creatures are often labelled as selfish… Maybe because they are. In a totally unselfish way.

Once a soul is broken, it is very rare that somebody sees it, somebody fixing it is even rarer. Broken souls are a wonder, they are the most resilience creatures that can ever exist On earth. You see the thing is they are lost but they have so much radiance it illuminates whichever path they pass through. They leave their mark.

Lost where you ask? Themselves of course. Since nobody else can uncover the mystery they are, they themselves try to figure it out. Putting together the puzzle, broken pieces that are. It’s like a Maze within their minds and souls. They are in a constant struggle to find a home where they belong. In the process they become lost, in search. They are forever trying to understand the puzzle, that is their heart. Since nobody else can do it, they have to do it for their self. It’s not an easy task. It requires patience, resilience and love. Love which is often lacking on their part. Love which is over flowing for others but non-existent when it’s time to give themselves back.

They are selfish, yes. Because they are so lost within themselves to ever see there are people around who might be willing to give them love. The Love; they deserve, The love; they need.

So be good crazy hearts, let’s give this love one more try.