Be Careful

Weekly Photo Challenge


Be careful of the paw

“Forever”, “Always”… These words we use quite so often, for quite so many people. I’d be hypocrite if I said I haven’t done the same. I’m guilty of it too. Just as much.

“Forever”, “Always ” these words are a promise within themselves. A promise we make without even a flinch most probably, Without a second thought I bet. How cruel are we?! Do we not take promises so seriously? Do we not believe that someone somewhere might just believe it? That someone somewhere might just hold you to it, this promise you have made. For forever and always?

Maybe we just throw around words without knowing the intensity they hold, their meaningfulness, their depth… We make promises without knowing that there still exists some people who take words seriously, for what they stand. And we unknowingly hurt and let uncontrollably bleed. We humans do that I guess. We don’t always say what we mean, and we don’t always mean what we say. I guess It has been like this, since… forever and always.