Magic and Madness

Weekly Photo Challenge


My 20th Birthday Cake last April (topped with some profanities 😀 ) was a treat I will never forget !

She was magic and I was looking for some.
She and her whimsical ways;
I fell for her at first glance.
She was standing there in strong summer breeze,
As her magic enveloped me.

Her body sashayed along the raging ocean,
All the while my heart raged against my chest.
My eyes had not seen such magic before.

This magic.
This madness,
Had been unknown to me before.

Her spell was as strong as the crashing waves,
I drowned beneath her smoldering gaze.
This woman was magic- I was sure.

Her jet black hair, her deep brown eyes,
Her everything was something I could not keep off my mind.
I was looking for magic and I found some.
This woman of beauty, rain and sun.

One wave of her hand was enough to make my knees crumble.

She stood underneath the moon and the moon sighed,
Her face illuminated under the night sky.

This woman is magic, I keep telling everyone.
This magic is madness, they tell me.
But what is some magic without some madness.

Her enticing spell has charmed me, but I don’t mind.
For as long as this woman of magic is all mine.

Color Me In

Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat


Floating Clouds

I looked at the sunset the other day, like so many other times I have…But this time the whole scene was a bit different, There was a purple hue that I had never seen before on the sky. How it so perfectly complimented the reddish-orange splatter on that huge canvas…I want to paint you like that, I want to unfold your every color and be surprised by it every single time. I want to look at you with awe and admire every pore on your body. I want to know every color that you have underneath that skin. I want you to take those colors and splash me with it. Soak me with your being. Every inch of me. I want to drown in the depth of your colors and be lost…Forever.

What To Write?

This poem is as a result of collaboration between Maria And I. We were chatting and she suggested we should write something together but then we couldn’t decide what we should write about. So it just went from there and we came up with this. It was a pleasure writing this with her. Here is the final piece:

We can write about betrayal.
Or we can write about snow and fairies
We can write about a deep pit of sorrow
or we can write about rains that fall like mercies.

You are right, We can write about anything,
We can write about how life throws curve balls at you,
And then leaves you around to wallow in your misery
Or we can write about how beautiful it is,
The very small things,
Sunsets and the sunrises,
Flowers and the trees,
Birds and the bees,
Shooting stars, moon and the sea

We can write about love– the ever clichéd, vast word containing worlds
Or we can write about friends, who turn strangers, and strangers who turn foes.
We can write about sadness, how it gnaws one from inside
Bitter truths and false hopes, and how between it life flows.
We can write about anything, you see, as long as we can find light around
For when it turns pitch black, we won’t be left with even this.

You are right my friend, For writing is a spill way,
The words flood, With emotional tides,
Some times low, sometimes high rise,
It’s in these moments where we can’t do anything else,
We find words and pen them down,
For when darkness takes over, Even words seem to run short,
No light, no hope.

For the darkness is so so bad,
It leaves you around with all things sad.
And then you sit in the corner, waiting for some light to pour.
Until then tears are your best friend to hold.

Tears wash your face and stay with you,
As the loneliness tears every inch inside of you.
You scream and shout,
To let it all out
You hurt yourself,
You let it bleed,
Till all you are left with, are wounds and peels.

No More.

One day I will die and all that would be left of me would be an echo. With time even that would disappear.Some will hold few memories but even those would dissipate with time. And all that would be left of me in this world will be nothing but a name who once existed…but no more.

In response to Daily Prompt


Bare feet
In scorching heat
Clutching a teddy bear
Her feet against the hot pavement
Sun blaring above her head
She ran
Trying to find her way
Slid besides a gate
Her back to a cement pane
For how long she doesn’t have a memory
Until someone found her
Took her by hand
Back to home
Begins the cycle again…

*In response to Today's Daily Prompt.


Darkness come embrace me
I’m waiting for you
With open arms
Bring sadness with you too
I love her just as much
We will play games
Of tears and pain
Come, come soon
I’ll be waiting for you

In response to Daily prompt:I'm not hiding the inner madness.

Dear Friend (Building Walls)

Why did I even cry for you
When I had been repeatedly being lied to…
By you…

I’m so stupid,
So so stupid
To ever think we could last
When a part of me always knew
You and I…are over
A little too soon…
But hopefully for good.

This is me giving it a closure
To a friendship of 7 years
I tried my best to hold on
But now its time to let go
Goodbye my old friend,
You were once my best friend
A part of me will always love you
Cling on to the memories of I and you
Memories is the only thing that lasted
Everything crashed around us,
Including the promises we made…
Of sticking together always.

I’m sorry old friend, I was holding on
But now I’m letting go.
Not that you care,
Nor that it effects you
It’s for me, for once…
This burden has to go
I forgive you
Its forgetting that is hard though.
I’ll try my best..
After all, these walls I’m building;
They have to come handy once in a while or so…


Today I came across my old register while cleaning up my room, I momentarily decided to go through it before throwing it in the junk. As I flipped through the pages I came across this poem I’d written, I don’t remember when or in which scenario I scribbled it down on the page. This poem is written by R.H.L (These are the initials written under it I don’t really remember who it stands for ). I found it worth sharing so here we go:

Beware of the monsters
Who dwell in mind,
Who grows in the shelter
Of shadows they find.

Beware of the demons
Who hide from the light,
Who only survive
When our spirits lose sight.

Those creatures can thrive
Where our knowledge is low
They fill in the spaces,
Of what we don’t know

Beware of the monsters
That cause us to hate,
To strike out in anger
when we can’t relate.

For ignorance darkens
The mind and the heart,
And helps all our monsters
To tear us apart.

But learning and thinking
Will strengthen us so
We won’t be the places
Where the monsters can grow.