A Quest Of You

(WPC: Quest )
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Let me crawl into you like a tunnel to an abandoned city.
I’ll walk down the deserted road to your heart,
with caution and measured steps.

I’ll explore the wilderness under your chest.
My footsteps echo in the empty auditorium of your rib cage,
Whispering stories of ruins and remains.

Those wild dandelions smell of cigarettes and smoke,
You are poison and beauty,
A realistic illusion to behold.

You are a little more darkness than light at the moment.
As I walk through your city of broken hearts,
Some pieces hang from the non existent sky,
While some lay scattered on the dirt path.
I step on few by mistake,
I see you wither in pain.

I apologize for the inconvenience I’ve caused,
But there is something so extraordinary,
About treading uncharted territories,
To explore places that have never been touched before.

Let me walk through forsaken forgotten relics of your soul.
I promise I’ll not leave you emptier like the ones that came before.

I’ll rebuild you from ashes,
I’ll show you how beautiful your ruins are.
I’ll graze my knees on your asphalt heart.
I’ll stand on the boulevard of your shattered dreams and lost hope,
To rebuild them from scratch.
I’ll caress your skin until you come back to life.

Edge For You

(Edge: WPC)

There are days when even the earth spins with more sorrow and even the sky bleeds. I see it in your eyes, the anguish. You look away, trying to save me from it cuz you know I can always tell and that I will come running to share it with you.

I know there are nights, cold December wind chilling to your core adding to your suffering. I will be warm for you, I will cover you up. I will color your bleakness with what little shades of me I have left. I’ll cuddle you in and envelop you in my love.

There will be days and there will be nights. The one in between your smile and frown, in between your sadness and happiness. There will be lots of days and nights. But through it, I’ll stay with you. I’ll breathe with you and I’ll cry with you. In silence if that’s what you need. Because it’s a chance for me to be more than me, just for you.

Grow Up With Me

Happy Place


“Grow up with me, let’s run in fields and through the dark together, fall off swings and burn special things, and both play outside in bad weather. Let’s eat badly, let’s watch adults drink wine and laugh at their idiocy, let’s sit in the back of the car making eye contact with strangers driving past, making them uncomfortable, Not caring, not swearing, don’t look. Let’s both reclaim our superpowers, the ones we all have and lose with our milk teeth, the ability not to fear social awkwardness, the panic when locked in the cellar, still sure there’s something down there, and while picking through pillows each feather, let’s both stay away from the edge of the bed, forcing us closer together. Let’s sit in public, with ice-cream all over both our faces, sticking our tongues out at passers-by, let’s cry, let’s swim, let’s everything, let’s not find it funny, lest someone falls over. Classical music is boring, poetry baffles us both, there’s nothing that’s said is what’s meant, plays are long, tiresome, sullen and filled with hours that could be spent rolling down hills and grazing our knees on cement. Let’s hear stories and both lose our innocence, learn about parents and forgiveness, death and morality, kindness and heart, thus losing both of our innocent hearts, but at least we wont do it apart. Grow up with me.” Keaton Henson

Stole The Show

From Every Angle
This week, photograph a subject from three different angles.

She Walks The Earth

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath My Feet

She walks the earth with eloquence and grace.
She passes me by as soft as the wind,
And I can’t help but get shivers down my spine
As desire churns deep in my belly.

This woman- I’m going to have her.
Not because of her undeniable beauty
But because of her soul.
Which she strips bare,
As she walks down the halls.

They way she talks- her lips parting and that half smile.
The scars she carries adorns her skin,
Are only visible to those who dare to look close.

This woman- I’m going to have her.
And then I will strip her bare of all the masks she once wore,
I will let her see herself the way I see her,
By letting her look deep into my soul.

I will have her see her reflection in my eyes
And I swear….
It will be the most beautiful image she will ever see in her life.

Night Drive

Weekly Photo Challenge: My Inspiration

Night Drive

I love traveling at night.. Watching lights in the distance like stars in the sky. It has its own beauty compared to traveling in the day. Something so cathartic about staring into nothingness and occasional night lights. The sky is never pitch black, it has this gray purplish hue, sometimes taken over by pink at the horizon.

Right now I see thunderstorm In the distance as sky lits up in white with every strike of lightning. And the summer air grazes my cheeks and the wind dances with my hair.

Something so poetically beautiful about the night.… I sigh watching the infinite vastness of the sky.

Night has something to say.. So I listen carefully to its silence, the message it’s trying to convey.

I rest my head on the side of the window…watch the road pass by…with it minutes, hours and…my life.

Cigarettes & Smoke

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbolic

I watched the cigarette smoke dilute in air as I took another puff from it. It made me think of how everything in life has this tendency to dilute and disappear; people, things, feelings. Everything eventually dissolves into nothingness. How everything is finite. Meant to end sooner or later. Yet we cling on; to a person, thing, love for our dear life. Like it’s meant to bring us peace. Like it will save us from the finite nature of life. We become addicted to all these things, like I’ve become addicted to this smoke that slowly fills up my lungs, warming up my airway as I slowly exhale it out and watch it make patterns in the air, momentarily celebrating its freedom as it dances giving its last final performance and then disappears, never to be seen again. This smoke will probably kill me, I know that yet I cling on, maybe because it gives me an illusion of peace, of escape. The same way we cling on to a person, thing, love whatever provides us with illusions. Life isn’t any different from a cigarette and it’s smoke. We know it’s slowly killing us, yet we get so lost in people, things, feelings, watch them slowly take our pieces away as we slowly dissolve into mortality of life. It’s a two-way sword. Either way life is gonna kill us then why not let it destroy us, why not self-destruct, why not let the smoke take over. Why not go down in flames as we reduce to ashes. As our bones turn brittle, skin wrinkles and our memories fade… Like smoke. We savor it for one last time and just like that the darkness takes over.

Note: This post by no means encourages or promotes smoking.
Cigarette Smoking May be Hazardous to Your Health.


Weekly Photo challenge: Sunlight breaking through my window

Sunlight breaking through my window

A part of her was always hidden away, like the moon.
She shined bright from afar, everybody wanted to touch her.
They could ‘almost’ reach her but never really could.
They could see what was on the surface but never got close enough to see the rough edges and scars on her skin.
Her placid skin did well to hide the marks of her struggle.
Just like a moon she shone bright with light, little did others know it wasn’t her own.
That light was an illusion to mask the darkness that resided within her.
The light was to cover the surface so nobody could see the black hole in place of what once was her heart.
The dark hole sucking her existence inch by inch
So light was necessary to not let people see her blinking out of existence.
And One day just like that, she disappeared.

This is going to be my last post for a while. I have to take a break (again, I know) and I don't expect everyone to understand (but I really hope you all do). I will be back by the end of July hopefully. When I return I have got a huge (and by huge I mean absolutely humongous) announcement to make, the most important announcement of my life as of yet. Keeping my fingers crossed for that. If everything goes well, I will be back to tell you all about it. I can't wait to share it with you all already. See you all soon. 
Loads and Loads of Love,