Moon, Ocean and Her

(Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O )

She dipped her toes in the water to check the temperature. Today the water was warm, not as cold as the other nights. So inviting. So perfect. Ocean spread in front of her endlessly, her eyes gazing into infinity, catching nothing but darkness and with it moon- lit like the last flame after the candle has almost completely burned.

Waves, oh the waves. She heard them calling her name, in the far distance. Enchanting. Dancing. Welcoming.

She sat on the steep rock, her toes still dipped in the water.

Wind, oh the wind. She felt it embracing her. Seeping into her bones, sending chills down her spine. Hair at the nape of her neck deliciously stood at its touch. Enveloping her being.

But the moon, oh the moon. She looked up, was silent today. She was expecting it to beg and plead. But there it was, as quiet as the infinite space surrounding it. She’d be lying if she said it didn’t hurt her. Moon and her had a thing, or so she thought. Her heart fluttered, her stomach churned as she kept gazing at it, as if somehow it would break its silence. The water was now up to her knees.

“So we are doing this huh. I see. You are not going to say anything? After all this time. Nothing?

Well no problem…I have a lot to say tonight anyways. Or would you rather have me quiet and say nothing?”

The water rose upwards about an inch, from her knees to her thighs.

“Hmmm, so silence it is then.”

She laid back on the steep rock, looking up at the sky. Mapping out stars, in hopes soon there will be one of hers up there among constellations too- hopefully closer to the moon.

The water was soaking her back now, it was rising fast. She smiled, as bright as the moon itself. So heartily that for a moment stars dimmed their lights to let her shine. She knew. She just knew; The moon wanted her too. And that was the whole truth.

In that moment, peace came. A tear as heavy as the gravity itself fell down her face. Carrying more pain than salt in an ocean itself.

The tide came & took her away,
Orchestrated by the moon,
For it wanted her too.
And so that,
It proved.

Ocean, Moon & I

I sat and watched the ocean… watched the waves crash into each other. I wished that waves could take me too, so I would just eb and flow, rise with the tide and sometimes low. The moon will call me every single day, towards itself and I will try to reach towards it up to the sky. I will love the moon forever. I will wait for it every single night to come up and make me motile. To make my waves go high. I will be faithful to the moon, and moon alone. And maybe someday, even after centuries have passed, it will come up to me and I will get to touch it. Maybe it will submerge into me and we will be together. Till then I will wait for the moon… Every single night. And watch it’s beauty shine, reflect over my waves making them bright.

I promise I will wait.


There was something about this image that immediately caught my eye. I’ve seen many photographs and images in my life; none of them made me stop in my tracks and give them a thought but for some reason this intrigued me too much to dismiss it like just another image. I think it is one of my most favorite images of all time.

I don’t think  many would agree with me on this, after all there is nothing much in the picture. Just an endless ocean and a guy falling into its immensity.

But somehow i found this very interesting, When i first saw it, I kept staring at it for a whole 4 or 5 minutes. It made me think of life.

In a way all of us are like this guy and the ocean represents our life really well. How, you ask?

Just like an ocean, our lives are so vast and wide beyond our imagination. There is a uncertainty to our lives like an ocean.
Ocean is anything but certain. You can never know how deep it is. You can never know what is lurking beneath it. It is immense just like our lives.

We can’t be sure of our future, Just like with ocean we can never know what will come next ; Which wave will crash on to us and push us into the embrace of dark ocean waiting to devour its victims.

And we all are just like that guy, falling , falling , falling into the immensity of our lives without a clue about what our future holds for us. We are clueless.

But we don’t have a choice in this matter.  We all one day fall into the immensity and uncertainty of life. From the day we are born till the day we die (even after death we can’t know for sure what’s next ).

Eventually we all learn to swim in the vast and unending ocean of life. Some are better at it, some swim enough just to stay afloat while some lose the battle and sink.