Moon, Ocean and Her

(Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O )

She dipped her toes in the water to check the temperature. Today the water was warm, not as cold as the other nights. So inviting. So perfect. Ocean spread in front of her endlessly, her eyes gazing into infinity, catching nothing but darkness and with it moon- lit like the last flame after the candle has almost completely burned.

Waves, oh the waves. She heard them calling her name, in the far distance. Enchanting. Dancing. Welcoming.

She sat on the steep rock, her toes still dipped in the water.

Wind, oh the wind. She felt it embracing her. Seeping into her bones, sending chills down her spine. Hair at the nape of her neck deliciously stood at its touch. Enveloping her being.

But the moon, oh the moon. She looked up, was silent today. She was expecting it to beg and plead. But there it was, as quiet as the infinite space surrounding it. She’d be lying if she said it didn’t hurt her. Moon and her had a thing, or so she thought. Her heart fluttered, her stomach churned as she kept gazing at it, as if somehow it would break its silence. The water was now up to her knees.

“So we are doing this huh. I see. You are not going to say anything? After all this time. Nothing?

Well no problem…I have a lot to say tonight anyways. Or would you rather have me quiet and say nothing?”

The water rose upwards about an inch, from her knees to her thighs.

“Hmmm, so silence it is then.”

She laid back on the steep rock, looking up at the sky. Mapping out stars, in hopes soon there will be one of hers up there among constellations too- hopefully closer to the moon.

The water was soaking her back now, it was rising fast. She smiled, as bright as the moon itself. So heartily that for a moment stars dimmed their lights to let her shine. She knew. She just knew; The moon wanted her too. And that was the whole truth.

In that moment, peace came. A tear as heavy as the gravity itself fell down her face. Carrying more pain than salt in an ocean itself.

The tide came & took her away,
Orchestrated by the moon,
For it wanted her too.
And so that,
It proved.

Romantically Desperate !
Write a post about anything you’d like, but be sure to include this sentence somewhere in the final paragraph:

“He tried to hit me with a forklift!”

I once had a chance to work at a superstore, which wasn’t as huge as our boss seemed to think and wasn’t as good as store used to claim. But i worked there nevertheless as i was getting paid. Who doesn’t love money and like everybody else i would like to be showered by it one day.(But that day is far from the horizon, alas ! )
My manager was a small, chubby looking gal with a huge belly which protruded 2 3 feet in front of his body, who sweat a lot thus his palms were damp all the time and lets admit it nobody  really wants to shake hands with a sweaty guy but he always insisted on shaking hands whenever we arrived on our shifts and left for it. Ah, That was a really traumatic experience for me, I’ll need years of therapy to overcome the trauma i endured from shaking hands everyday.

One day he assigned me a night shift to work at the back of the store which  involved loading heavy boxes with the help of forklift. Of course i didn’t really know how to operate a forklift so my other colleague, who knew how to operate it worked with me that day. Just so you know he was a really handsome 20 something guy with piercing blue eyes like Zac Efron and perfect  hair like Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s anatomy and a hunky body like David Beckham with 6 packs ( At least i like to think that he has 6 packs ). Why i noticed all that, mind you, was because of lack of romance from my life at that time and i liked to fantasize about any hot guy i could get my hands on. I think i was pushed to a point were i started to think better of my chubby manager (i still get shivers down my spine when i think about it now.)

So we worked night shift unloading the boxes and having light conversation (At least from his side), I was more intent on the huskiness of his body and how he so easily lifted those boxes, imagining myself in his broad arms instead of the boxes. We put the boxes on forklift and he drove it away to storage where we unloaded them again.
we started to goof around as well pushing each other and shoving boxes on each other. we were having a good time. ( i was so engrossed in his Million Dollar smile that i started imagining our little babies running around the parking lot.As i said before i was so romantically desperate! )
He got back on the forklift as i was arranging the last box when out of the blue, He came at me with the forklift, i dived out of the way just in time(as the laughter of my future babies vanished from the parking lot). I fell down on the boxes and he jumped out of the forklift with eyes glistening in the moonlight with a tight smirk on his face. I got up and started running like crazy. i could hear his footsteps after me. But i didn’t look back. I didn’t stop just ran and ran until i reached my car in the parking lot and shuffled with different keys until i got the right one. Started the engine and never came back again to the store.
It’s sad how romantically desperate i was that i wasn’t able to see a crazy person despite his handsomeness.