Magic and Madness

Weekly Photo Challenge


My 20th Birthday Cake last April (topped with some profanities 😀 ) was a treat I will never forget !

She was magic and I was looking for some.
She and her whimsical ways;
I fell for her at first glance.
She was standing there in strong summer breeze,
As her magic enveloped me.

Her body sashayed along the raging ocean,
All the while my heart raged against my chest.
My eyes had not seen such magic before.

This magic.
This madness,
Had been unknown to me before.

Her spell was as strong as the crashing waves,
I drowned beneath her smoldering gaze.
This woman was magic- I was sure.

Her jet black hair, her deep brown eyes,
Her everything was something I could not keep off my mind.
I was looking for magic and I found some.
This woman of beauty, rain and sun.

One wave of her hand was enough to make my knees crumble.

She stood underneath the moon and the moon sighed,
Her face illuminated under the night sky.

This woman is magic, I keep telling everyone.
This magic is madness, they tell me.
But what is some magic without some madness.

Her enticing spell has charmed me, but I don’t mind.
For as long as this woman of magic is all mine.