Mountain & You.

One Word Prompt: LEAP/LONGING.

I stood at the edge of the mountain, a mind blowing view in front of me as the clouds rolled by and I could see almost everything in the distance. It was as if I’d become one with the sky, it was as if I’d reach up I would touch heaven above. Everything was so perfect yet all I could do was miss you. I screamed from atop, your name, it crashed with the mountains and valleys below and came back with the message that you were gone. All I wanted was for clouds to wrap me up and float towards you. All I wanted was to leap from mountains to mountains and somewhere in between find you. All I wanted from the wind was to carry your scent. Such massive beauty in front of me but all I could think of was you. And in that moment I swear the mountains moved… as my heart quivered in longing towards you.