Travelling In Hell

Okay, so right now I’m sitting on this WORST BUS EVEERRR!!!

This is my first day back to university for second semester….(the only thing which is keeping me sane in this hell is the excitement of starting a new day )

Let me give you some information about this abomination in the form of this bus. ( I know you didn’t ask for the info but why should I suffer alone??? YES! I’M THAT MUCH EVIL!!!)

So the state of the bus is worse than Justin Beiber’s mustache. It is a piece of shit which should not be allowed to roam the face of the  Earth (literally)!

It is so old that I’m sure Abraham Lincoln must have traveled in it.

The noise it produces is like Nicki Minaj’s and One Direction duet. I’m sure if I keep listening  to it for the next few days,I’m going to end up deaf!

It is so slow that even Stephen Hawking’s wheel chair is sure to run faster than this piece of scrap!

And lets not forget the cheap boys sitting behind me till the end of the bus….freaking ass heads…They think they look cool but the truth is they are like a cross between a sloth and a mule! (Wanna throw them out of a freaking window, in front of some on coming  car)

The seat on this thing is killing my back, I’m going to need a chiropractor to fix it. (Or an exorcism for that matter as my back is turned like that super creepy girl from “The Ring”)

Seriously, I don’t trust my life with this junk. I’m just praying I get to my first day of university with every piece intact.

Prayers are needed!

(please forgive my spelling and other errors as It is really hard to write on a touch screen while sitting in an ancient bus)

Cleaning up the “Junk”…..or atleast trying!

Daily Prompt: Clean House

Is there “junk” in your life? What kind? How do you get rid of it?

Wow…what a co-incidence !
I was just cleaning up my room today and some of the things which my sister-in-law refers to as “junk” (but i refuse to believe so….! )

So the daily prompt asked about some of the Junk in my life and after cleaning up today, here is only a glimpse of junk that I’ve managed to keep in my room since my childhood! (And yes this is the junk that is present in my room after years of collecting them)

I’ve been meaning to clean up my room since three months, but every single time I put it on the next day saying I’ll do it tomorrow but that NEXT day and that  Tomorrow never came……until today…….!

After 3 months of putting it off i started to feel ashamed of myself. How lazy can a person be?
I must’ve broken some records of laziness !

Let me introduce you to some of the things that, I for some reason deemed USABLE and kept all those years or for days or months.

So this is a makeup kit which my friend broke about 4 months ago. For some unknown reason,4 months have passed but it was still sitting on my shelf.

Then there is this banana peel that was sitting on my computer table.(It has been here for five days, see the thing about me being lazy now?)


I have this CD player which doesn’t work anymore (actually it hasn’t been working since 2 years but i refuse to believe so, some day I’m hoping it’ll MIRACULOUSLY start working by itself )

My socks have taken refuge on my shelf as well (since 4 months as well).
These magazines are of about 5 years ago but I have kept them all this time because…………………………………………………… (There is no good reason for it actually)
Same goes for these lights, There beauty has prevented me from throwing them out as they are too pretty (although these doesn’t light up) !

I LOVE TO READ, I’ve had all these books which needed to be thrown out so this is me sorting them out  in piles.
So……the thing is……I’m still cleaning up….room is in the same state as it was 4 hours ago….
Your prayers and support is needed ! (So lets join our hands on this festive occasion and pray, Thank you! )