Well Well Well….

Uhem *Clears Throat*
tumblr_static_hello_-_the_masterAnybody there?!
So, Uhem, What’s up Ladies and Gents?!!
tumblr_lvtqujHmBv1qjabl6o1_500I know I know, What are y’all thinking…Yes, I’m alive. Barley made it out from the other end but yeah alive.

So where was I all this time?

*scratches head*

Wellllll….I wish I had a perfectly good explanation for it…I sat here thinking for the longest time to come up with a perfect explanation but there isn’t any, to be honest. Or maybe there is I just can’t put it to words. I just needed time and space to clear my head, or so I thought. One day I just decided to get away from everything connected to this blog, any related accounts, everything. So I did. Why I didn’t inform beforehand? Well I just came out from hiatus like what? A week or two ago from this? It just felt inappropriate to go again and make a big deal out of it all. I challenged myself to be away for one week only, just to set a realistic goal, then I found out I can do this so it just extended as finals came up and now how long has it been? One month and 20 days? Well who was counting anyways *Puft*

I can say I had final exams, but those were way later in the start of February, January was a whirlwind too. I didn’t expect 2015 to be awesome or good to me, All I wanted was for it to be better than 2014 at least. Guess what? It proved to be way more shittier than 2014 and it’s just the start of the year. Hah! What can I say…JUST-MY-FUCKING-LUCK ! -_-

(This post is going to have shit load of sarcasm because that’s how I feel since my life has been unicorns shooting rainbows out of their assess since the day this year started, please notice the happiness dripping out of my words! ^.^ )

So did this break from blogging do me any good? Aiiiinnnn, Not so much. I’m stuck right where I was before, same old same old. Except now I have some more shit for me to whine about here. Hola!!! SO EXCITED -__-

Screaming_internallyLet the whining begin:

I worked my ass off for finals. I think it’s safe to say I haven’t studied so hard in my life before. I’m used to sacrificing my sleep for exams, but usually that’s just a week before the exam and during the exam season but this time around I started prepping three full weeks beforehand. I swear to God sitting from 3 am to 6 pm and onwards continuously in the same spot studying like you are a donkey for so many weeks is such a great feeling! Like honestly I wouldn’t even believe myself but time flies by when you sit with a course book in front of you at 3 am with so much to study and suddenly it’s 6 pm and whatt??!! I have been sitting at the same fucking spot for so long??? I have developed acute lumbar back pain which I’m sure is ready to turn chronic If I don’t start taking care of it.

Not to mention the compliments I’ve gotten on my dark circles, “Hey your Mascara/Eye Liner is running down your eyes”

Me: *Looks in the mirror* And to my absolute horror, “Oh These….are actually my dark circles.”  That is how deep they have impinged themselves on my face that now it seems like makeup has run down my eyes. Another awesome feeling to have! #SoGrateful! :’) (Girls, any good concealers you are willing to recommend here would be of great help 😉 )

Just a week before my finals were about to start, I got ghastly sick. I have never been this sick in my life before. Either it was my mental exhaustion taking a physical toll on me or someone did voodoo on me for sure. Also I got to know how fucking great it feels to throw up. Believe it or not I had not vomited since I was very very little, totally forgot how It felt, but hey life was like “what, you forgot? Puft, Let me remind you bitch” So then that started. (Well it was partially my fault, took a heavy antibiotic with an almost empty stomach. In my defense, I said ‘Almost’ not completely empty.)

What? You think it ends there? Oh no that was just the start of my health decline graph. As I have never been so sick in my life before, let alone during exams, and that DURING FINALS, I just could not afford to be sick, I had no choice but to keep studying, no adequate rest and shit so I had to take bunch of pills to keep myself going. I had not taken so many pills in my life before as I had to take in one go at one time during the day in the past few weeks. Couple of 650 mg’s antibiotics against fever, cold, sore throat and whatnot. Then just a day before my Biochemistry exam I had severe respiratory congestion. #FeelingBlessed :’)


But hey you can’t die since you have exam the very next day ! 🙂

I could not breathe and I totally thought I was gonna die or worst not being able to give the exam the next day which I worked so hard for. Anyways I did give the exam somehow, To be honest it’s still a little blur though, Just between you and me,  I think it’s because I was a bit high from all the pills.

So what I have ended up with is a gag reflex of a two years old. My Gag reflex has become so strong I can throw up on a drop of a hat now, like seriously.  Oh and what a marvelous feeling it is to have experienced after so long and so frequently now! Just like oozing out rainbows ! Yaeyyyy for that! \o/ #SweetLife -_-

So throughout this time I was bound to have number of mental breakdowns which I would categorize as follows:

#1 Absolutely Out-Of-Hand Emotions


Absolutely Out-Of-Hand Emotions

#2 Questioning the Higher Providence

Questioning the Higher Providence

Questioning the Higher Providence

#3 Stage of Acceptance

Stage of Acceptance

Stage of Acceptance

#4 The most Dangerous of them all: Meredith Breakdown!

giphy (1)

Still stuck on this stage.

Oh and that’s only tip of the iceberg shit that happened during the time I was gone. I’d rather skip the other shit filled details in my life that happened along the way, they are not half as fun to write about. So in a nutshell I’m completely and utterly, physically, more so mentally exhausted by now.


I opened my blog after so long aaaaaaaaaaaandddddd

A huge thanks to  Jithin, Nad , Rob, Upasana for checking up on me while I was away by leaving such sweet and concerning comments for me to read when I came back.

Trent, Thank you for buying Chords of Life and updating me about it!

Saadia, thank you for the Real Neat Blog Award.

Thankssss to Maryam, for joining me on my blogging journey and leaving so many beautiful and heart warming comments. Welcome to all the other new readers who have joined in and followed. I’ll meet you up on your blogs soon ❤

A special thanks to Maria, Bhakti and Kruti for keeping me sane and as a constant support behind the curtains.

There are so many comments I have got to reply to, Just let me get back on my blogging feet, I’ll reply soon and start catching up on what you guys have been up to on your blogs as well! It’s not entirely possible for me to catch up on each and every one of your posts since the past month and more, so please feel free to leave a link to any of the old posts you might  want me to give a read, I would love to check them out!

I hope you guys would forgive me for this unannounced break. See ya soon ❤ ❤


Don’t forget I LOVE YOUUUU all…!!!

Loathe…Adore? Same thing…I Guess NOT !

Loathe…Adore, same thing right? No? I don’t know why I ever thought ‘Loathe’ means ‘Adore’. I didn’t even bother to check the meaning and just assumed that it means adore.

Time_wasteThere were so many times when I texted my friends ‘Loathe’ thinking that it meant adore “Hey I loathe you so much” even said it to their face at times. Now I know why I got this reaction from them. It’s a wonder how I never got bitch slapped.
877425Coming to the story of how I came to know that it didn’t really mean what I thought It meant, One time while surfing on the internet I came across this article about Madonna, where she was on a panel and some journalist presented her with a bouquet of special kind of flowers (I don’t remember the name of the flowers now) and she was caught on camera and audio saying ” I loathe these *flowers* ” to her fellow sitting right next to her.

I remember thinking to myself, “So? Why is this a big deal if she said that. It’s a good thing. Why is this given negative publicity?” Then it hit me. I opened the Google search engine and typed ‘Loathe meaning’ and there it was: feel intense dislike or disgust for. My hand and feet went cold, my mind revised all the times I used this word in front of people to show them how much I apparently ‘Loved‘ them….apparently not much!

And then I went through 2 phases:


bang-wallOr plaster my face in some mud:
ed-bang-head-oOr against whatever I find:

giphyAnd then bury my head in a pillow and….DIE !

Written in response to today’s daily prompt, inspired by true events but exaggerated a bit….or a little too much! 😉

I Call This Bullshit!

Brevity Pulls: “I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” — Blaise Pascal. Where do you fall on the brevity/verbosity spectrum?

Um, Thank you so much Daily prompt for making me feel dumb ! As soon as today’s daily prompt appeared on my screen…my eyes narrowed down, then they widened…Then my brain said:


I got a little closer to screen, then backed again, Raised my eyebrow, trying to wrap my head around the words. This is exactly how I felt, like an old granny minus the spectacles!

Output file

My inner subconscious Goddess mouthed “DUMBASS” at me.

I’ve to admit I feel a little offended, partly by daily prompt Gods and partly  by my own Subconscious Goddess calling me Dumbass.

After contemplating on the daily prompt, I slowly opened Google and typed “brevity/verbosity”.

5 minutes passed by, I went through the definitions and what it meant.

*head starts spinning*

I started to fade out.

That’s when my inner subconscious Goddess came alive and shook me

Ow !

Ow ! I shook my head and tried to focus…Hmmm…another 10 minutes pass by with me scrolling through the stuff and thinking about how I should respond to *yet another* shittier daily prompt. And suddenly my brain said:


And then I just sprawled on my bed like….

Once again my Inner subconscious Goddess glared upon me, arms crossed over her chest and I told her I’m sorry
Reading absolutely meaningless shit above Now you guys can easily decide for yourself where I stand on “Verbose/Brevity” thing. You know the answer ! *wink*

I Nominate Myself

Delayed Contact: How would you get along with your sibling(s), parent(s), or any other person you’ve known for a long time — if you only met them for the first time today?

Ladies and gentleman,
Being bit of a narcissist I would like to nominate myself for this challenge.


Well because I can !

Do you have any problem with that?!

Do you have any problem with that?!

Also It took me whole 15 minutes to think about what to write for this daily prompt. YES, I’ll continue my rant about how shittier daily prompt is becoming till….well till it stops becoming shittier..until my last breath.

Now coming to encounter with myself, when I’ll look at myself for the first time ever:

It's ME !!!!

It’s ME !!!!

Then I’ll be like “Gosh who’s that sexy beast?!”

I am !

I am !

Then I’ll totally fan girl scream over myself:  “Look who’s that !!! Look who’s that !!!”



Then uncomfortably I’ll probably hit on myself:

Oh I know I am *Blushes*

Oh I know I am *Blushes*

I’m pretty sure we are gonna hit it off well…contemplate together how fucked up we both are and then…
So this is how it will end…we gonna become BFF’s (Best friends forever) . *hugs it out*

*Wipes a tear away*

I just realized:
I think that’s enough weird for today.. I’m out!

Ring Of…..Food

Daily Prompt


Well daily prompt asked us about food ONCE AGAIN , no TWICE…wait make it THRICE !!!
Hire me daily prompt guys if you are running out of ideas for the prompts, I’m not guaranteeing that all the ideas will be good ones and word press won’t shut down due to my laziness but at least my ideas won’t be repetitive !

I’ve even tried the riot thing on daily prompt, If you agree with it and are also fed up of daily prompt repetitions, give this a read and laugh or curse or whatever you’d like to do with it. Thank me later for raising my voice against this crime. And YES you are welcome !

I’m On Riot !


Now coming towards more serious topic….FOOD. Oh please, I don’t care if it’s spicy, sweet or sour as long as it is categorized in “FOOD” and is delicious! So daily prompt your attempt to make me write fourth time about food has gone in vain. Boo yaa !!! *Evil Grin*

As I have mentioned above I’ve written about food thrice. I might just write about my bowl movements as well as that’s the only thing left to write on topic related to food. After all, What goes in, must come out !

But I guess you’d rather listen to a hairless chihuahua squeak then hear about my banging bowl movements so lets just look upon what I’ve already written.

1) To hear ALL ABOUT FOOD, along with some warnings and my not-so-in-love with desserts thing you might wanna give this a read:

Food Food Food

2) What do I miss most when I’m away from home??? Let me give you a hint, It starts with the letter “F” and ends with letter “D”. It does contain two Double “O’s” in between as well. To find out what it is give this a read:

Food sweet Food


3) I’ve also been given liberty by daily prompt to write about my favorite meals, Thank you so much daily prompt for giving me the opportunity *Notice the sarcasm please* So here it is:

My Favorite Meals


Opinion Needed!

Okay guys I need your opinion !

I want to know what kind of posts do you enjoy most on my blog ???

Those of you who have already read my blog before know about my humorous stuff as well as a little serious one.

But those of you, who are visiting for the very first time, You can find my humorous stuff here:


While my more serious stuff you can find here:


Please take a minute and take this poll, It’ll mean a lot to me!!!

Feel free to comment as well. I’ll be looking forward to your opinion !

Thank you !