Travelling In Hell

Okay, so right now I’m sitting on this WORST BUS EVEERRR!!!

This is my first day back to university for second semester….(the only thing which is keeping me sane in this hell is the excitement of starting a new day )

Let me give you some information about this abomination in the form of this bus. ( I know you didn’t ask for the info but why should I suffer alone??? YES! I’M THAT MUCH EVIL!!!)

So the state of the bus is worse than Justin Beiber’s mustache. It is a piece of shit which should not be allowed to roam the face of the  Earth (literally)!

It is so old that I’m sure Abraham Lincoln must have traveled in it.

The noise it produces is like Nicki Minaj’s and One Direction duet. I’m sure if I keep listening  to it for the next few days,I’m going to end up deaf!

It is so slow that even Stephen Hawking’s wheel chair is sure to run faster than this piece of scrap!

And lets not forget the cheap boys sitting behind me till the end of the bus….freaking ass heads…They think they look cool but the truth is they are like a cross between a sloth and a mule! (Wanna throw them out of a freaking window, in front of some on coming  car)

The seat on this thing is killing my back, I’m going to need a chiropractor to fix it. (Or an exorcism for that matter as my back is turned like that super creepy girl from “The Ring”)

Seriously, I don’t trust my life with this junk. I’m just praying I get to my first day of university with every piece intact.

Prayers are needed!

(please forgive my spelling and other errors as It is really hard to write on a touch screen while sitting in an ancient bus)

Pain Of Anticipation

Daily Prompt: A Bend in Time

When you’re giddy with excitement, does time speed up? Slow down? Tell us about the experience of anticipation.

Ah, anticipation !

A punishment in itself (at least thats what i think)

Why a punishment, you ask ?

Because anticipation requires WAITING !

And waiting is HELL ! (worst than listening to Nickie Minaj and Justin Bieber sing like a bunch of cats growling at night even!)

Who doesn’t hate waiting? Whether it is waiting for your turn to get a coffee, or waiting for your final’s result or waiting for a doctor’s appointment….No, i should cut off doctor’s appointment, after all who likes to go to a doctor. (The minute I think about a doctor i see hands in latex gloves holding a big,huge needle waiting to stick it in my ass! )

My experience with waiting and anticipation is worst than Kristen Stewart’s expressions (And all of us who know even just a little about her, know this as well that nothing can be worse than her expressions but my bad experience sadly triumphs over her expressionlessness )

Anticipation makes my insides go all gooey!
My stomach turns into knots and it’s like deers are running around ramming their horns into wall of my stomach instead of butterflies fluttering ! (Thanks God I don’t get sweaty palms though )

But the worst part is, time passes by so slow that I can run to end of the earth and back and still time wouldn’t pass !
I’d rather listen to KARDASHIANS bicker about their money all day and rub their happiness in my face than wait ! (waiting is that hard for me, you see! )

Then comes the disappointment, when after all this waiting and enduring the pain of anticipation, things don’t turn out the way I’d want them to….
BUT on the other hand it’s awesome when things do turn up the way i want them to.

Its a 50\50 chance. And there is no other option but to take those chances!
(I’d still rather eat Anchovies and broccoli, walk in Sahara Desert  bare foot and listen to One direction squeak than wait!  )