I looked at her from across the hall…she was sitting besides the window, sunlight touching her flawless face, her dark brown hair loosely hanging from her shoulders, her hazel eyes gazing somewhere in the distance from out the window, one hand beneath the chin and one hand twirling something between her fingers- That beautiful creature, I sighed.

This is all what others saw, to be honest at first I did too. After all her beauty was remarkable. But this wasn’t it. There was much more to her than just a pretty face. As I watched her lost in her own thoughts, all I saw was someone who deserved nothing but unconditional love. What I saw were her scattered pieces and a tide that occasionally rose in her eyes, she was trying so hard to hide. All I saw was how she was silently screaming to be fixed. As the sunlight kissed every inch of her hair, soaking into her skin, lighting every pour on her face, I envied it, at least it was closer to her than I have ever been.

I didn’t expect her to let me in…All I wanted was to sit with her, hold her hands in mine, somehow take her pain away. Oh how I wished to just reach inside of her, hold her fragile soul delicately in my hands, nurse it, give it all the love it needed and even more. Shelter it, heal it. Even if it meant giving her away pieces of me to make her complete. I wanted to touch her face and watch it get flushed with color. I would make her complete even if it meant disintegrating myself. I would break myself to fix her brokenness. I would do anything for her. To be with her.

Maybe someday.

Today I’ll just keep looking at her from a distance like so many other times I have. Marvel in her beauty inside n out. Think of ways to love her the way she deserved. I was like a man who loved the ocean but was afraid to swim. And she; The waves; crashing my heart mercilessly, with each passing day.

We Break Each Other

It’s sad how we break each other.. Bit by bit, we take each other pieces away. We lash out because we are hurt. In the process we end up hurting people closest to us. We lash out in order to make them see how much we are hurting, what we don’t realize is some of them do see it but they can’t do much to heal us. Because we are selfish not to see they themselves need healing. We all need healing. We all need fixing. As humans we are too selfish to see that, we are lost within our own suffering to notice everybody’s hurting, one way or another. As humans we want spotlight to be on us, we humans love to feel sorry for ourselves, don’t we?

They say love doesn’t just die by itself , we starve it, we kill it with our broken promises and poisonous words. We smother it with our unkind actions and selfish desires. It’s sad… how we break each other.