School Bag (Repost)

My school days were hands down my good old days…The best time of my life was spent there that I always wish to get back. The time and the way I was as a person too. This is a story of one of my blunders in school days, there you go:

The very first event that comes to my mind when i think of a long list of my blunders is when i was in 9th grade.

I woke up in the morning particularly happy and cheery(which didn’t use to happen very often) .

Started to get ready for school, preparing my school bag , putting gazillion books in it (making it so heavy that it would’ve been difficult for even Dwayne Johnson to lift it up).

Got in the car as my dad dropped me off on his way to his office.

Entered my school.

HAPPY and full of enthusiasm. (which was very unusual for anyone who hated school)

Entered my class.

Put my bag on the chair absent mindedly as my friends came into my sight and went to chat with them. (our morning gossips ritual.)


Then the school bell rang (for me it was a sound that calls for a prisoner to his hanging)

Went back to my seat.

Teacher came in.


Started taking our attendance and asked us to get our subject book out so she could give us work. (and bully us from the comfort of her chair)

I turned around in my chair to get the book out of my bag WHEN IT HAPPENED !

“BANG BANG BOOM BOOM” (suspense music)

Where is my bag ???

Instead there was a tiny black bag sitting on the chair, where my ACTUAL bag should have been !


i noticed that the black bag was indeed mine (and not one of my friend’s prank on me by stealing and hiding the bag, which we used to do a lot in those days)

So it WAS my bag obviously but not my School Bag.)


I began to rewind the day in my head and suddenly it dawned upon me what had  actually happened.

I had prepared the right bag for school but brought the wrong one (which barely had two books in it) !

How could i be so stupid ???

I was so stupid that i didn’t even notice which bag i was carrying, even the weight of the bag wasn’t enough to capture my (obviously little) attention.

Not even its tiny size made me suspicious that i was doing something wrong.

How could I’ve been so stupid ???

There isn’t any doubt in my mind that if i didn’t have to use my bag for whole day, i wouldn’t have noticed that i was carrying the wrong one all day long.

That just proved that I had an attention span of a freaking Goldfish !

This whole mess made me wonder, If THAT can happen then ANYTHING can !

What if one day I walked into school in my sleeping suit or worst with no clothes on at all ??!!

I Don’t Care.

No matter how many times I’ve said it or how much I’d like to believe otherwise, I do care what people think or how they perceive me. I do care of my image in their minds, I do care. I wish that I didn’t but I do. It makes me hold back about a lot of things that I want to do, The very small simplest of things that I know makes me happy.

Sometimes I want to lay down on the green lush grass and look at the bright clear blue sky, Follow the fluffy clouds, make shapes out of them and then close my eyes and sleep in the mild hot sun.

There are times when I see an empty road at night and I imagine myself lying in the middle of it, the cold hard pavement against my back and gazing at the star lit sky. Trying to count the infinite stars, bask in the glory of magical space with galaxies and milky ways. And Just lay there. Alone.

Then there are moments when I see an empty track, in the cold morning when nobody is out of their homes yet, and there is still some fog , quiet and calm and I just want to run…as fast as I can. Not run, Sprint. Sprint for as far as I can and stop at some green lush space and fall back on the ground, My lungs grasping for air, my heaving chest in sweet agony. Blood pumping through every vein of my body and just lay there.

But I don’t do any of that. Because I don’t know how I could. What would people around me think? Maybe a part of me is afraid..I don’t know ‘of what’ either. In a nutshell,There is always something…Something holding me back, something I’m afraid of and for now I can’t change that. So I just have to do with imagining and wishing for a lot of things to happen. Cuz that is all we can do at the end of the day…

*In response to Today’s Daily Prompt


(A letter? maybe!)

Hello My people, My friends, My lovelies!

I really hope that you guys would forgive me for this hiatus. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around somethings and get rid of some on the other hand. I’m better than before thanks to Lord Almighty. Thanks to some really special people for bucking me up with your kind comments and helping me deal with some matters on my last post. I think I owed it to everyone to write today before this year ends. The another thing that prompted me to write today is The New Beginning. Maybe not as new as some would have liked but a chance to start over nevertheless…Literally for me. Because the past 4 months have not been easy. I lost myself somewhere unknown and I couldn’t find my way back. I won’t say that I’m back a hundred percent but I’m getting there. I will get there…for sure. I don’t know why this happened to me but I’ll discuss this matter some other time.

For now lets talk about happy things… unicorns and rainbows. Okay maybe not that but some other things. Good things. Positive things.

Maybe some of you might be wondering where have I been or what have I been doing during the hiatus. Uggh who am I kidding? I know you don’t wanna know….but I’m going to tell you anyway !

NOTHING HAPPENED. Yup that’s right. Nothing of great importance happened. My life, along with me, has turned boring. (I can’t believe I’m saying this !!!! Boring???!! “ME”??? Whhaaattt??? This just proves something seriously went wrong with my life!)

So its almost time for that “New year, New Me Bullshit”. But….


Yeah you heard it right. I don’t think I’m gonna do this resolution thing this time. My only goal is to Be A Better Person and deal with the perks which come along with it.

Thats it. I already have a lot on my plate.I’m gonna try to stay optimistic, Happy and Grateful.

Love you all to bits and pieces.

Have a happy happy new year !

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pop open a champagne bottle!!!

Bring in the confetti !!!
let there be some fireworks !!!

Why, you ask????

Because I have officially reached my 100+ Supporters !!! (I don’t call them followers because they support me, love me and help me! )
Yes Yes, You !!!

Seriously, I can’t be more thankful for this massive support, I’ve just been blogging since 18 days now and the love I got from this Word Press community, I can’t ever repay them !
Thank you to the awesome people who take time to like and comment on my posts as well….YOU guys mean a lot to me! ❤

So as my little gift to this beautiful WP family, I’ve decided to do this thing where I’m going to be posting other blogger’s posts weekly to showcase their talent….to give them a chance to reach out to bigger audience of WP….doesn’t matter if you are new to this blogging thing or have been blogging for a while….you are welcome here anyways !
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Q&A :
Sooooo….On this joyous occasion I’ve decided to do some Q&A !
You guys can ask me about ANYTHING ! And by ANYTHING i mean…..ANYTHING !
(Although i would prefer decent questions)

Feel free to ask me about whatever you wanna know about me, or you if you want my support on your blog, leave your blog link and I’ll sure as hell check it out !


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Celebrating too much?

Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good Times

You receive some wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news. How do you celebrate?

Cartoon Silhouettes

Oh my, first of all hoping i don’t get a heart attack due to the amount of happiness i will feel , I’ll thanks God for it !

And then…….hmmmm…..I’ll jump up and down on the bed. Dance like crazy in my room with the Black eyed peas song “I GOTTA FEELING” (That tonight’s gonna be a good night) blaring on full volume.
A little twerking, a little hip hop, a little shuffling and lot of ridiculous moves that are better not be told !

Then I’ll run around the house like a madman after its victim, Which in my case usually means TEASING my big brother !
Its a good thing he gets agitated quickly so i don’t have to work too much to make him mad. (And hey i am not the bad guy here, he used to do the same to me when i was little. And he still doesn’t miss the chance to irritate me. So its lawfully my RIGHT to do the same to him ! )

So i basically rub my happiness in his face and CHICKEN dance around him until he gives into my persuasions to irritate him. And OH BOY, when he gets irritated its nuclear war inside our house. We fight like dogs. Hitting each other with every thing we can find from plastic jugs(along with its water) to alarm clocks !
(Ok so what if I hit him only ONCE with the alarm clock from the point blank range, i got really mad at him. But unfortunately it missed his giant head by only an inch shattering the clock and its glass into million pieces. He WAS, after all, teasing me so don’t judge )

It usually ends up with one of us crying . Okay okay I’ll tell the truth , it ALWAYS ends up with ME crying and him feeling guilty and then apologizing to me and me hitting or biting him hard once again !

SO much for celebrating happiness, No?


I think i know what i want from life…at least i think i do!

But i am afraid if I’ll ever get all of it …what if i don’t get what i want ? i don’t want to spend all my remaining life being miserable , always thinking about the things i didn’t get from life .

Its not like i am not happy with what i have, believe me i am ! but i want more !
And i guess thats what i am afraid of, of wanting more, when i already have so much to thank for …

The weird thing is i am afraid of even getting it all …. what if i get everything i want and still thats not enough ? what would i do then ?
Thats what confusing me….i am afraid either way….there’s a fear of not getting everything i want but a fear of getting it all as well .

But i have reached to a conclusion that LIFE IS A MESS but its a SWEET MESS …. a mess filled with sense of fear, the fear of the unknown ! But thats what makes life adventurous ! Thrilling ! And shitty sometimes….but all of it is worth it because VIEW FROM THE TOP IS AWESOME (or at least thats what i hear people say all the time ) !

I guess we’ll all find that out eventually 🙂