What To Write?

This poem is as a result of collaboration between Maria And I. We were chatting and she suggested we should write something together but then we couldn’t decide what we should write about. So it just went from there and we came up with this. It was a pleasure writing this with her. Here is the final piece:

We can write about betrayal.
Or we can write about snow and fairies
We can write about a deep pit of sorrow
or we can write about rains that fall like mercies.

You are right, We can write about anything,
We can write about how life throws curve balls at you,
And then leaves you around to wallow in your misery
Or we can write about how beautiful it is,
The very small things,
Sunsets and the sunrises,
Flowers and the trees,
Birds and the bees,
Shooting stars, moon and the sea

We can write about love– the ever clichéd, vast word containing worlds
Or we can write about friends, who turn strangers, and strangers who turn foes.
We can write about sadness, how it gnaws one from inside
Bitter truths and false hopes, and how between it life flows.
We can write about anything, you see, as long as we can find light around
For when it turns pitch black, we won’t be left with even this.

You are right my friend, For writing is a spill way,
The words flood, With emotional tides,
Some times low, sometimes high rise,
It’s in these moments where we can’t do anything else,
We find words and pen them down,
For when darkness takes over, Even words seem to run short,
No light, no hope.

For the darkness is so so bad,
It leaves you around with all things sad.
And then you sit in the corner, waiting for some light to pour.
Until then tears are your best friend to hold.

Tears wash your face and stay with you,
As the loneliness tears every inch inside of you.
You scream and shout,
To let it all out
You hurt yourself,
You let it bleed,
Till all you are left with, are wounds and peels.

Random Acts Of Kindness

I was strolling in the park when a little girl with a huge smile passed me by. She was jumping up and down, belting a tune and plucking flowers from the ground, with her delicate hands at the same time. She was wearing the cutest polka dot frock with a bow in black which perfectly complemented her curly brown hair swaying in the air as the sun rays poured all over her face.

The spring had almost started to sprung. I could already see beautiful flowers blossoming on the trees and ground. Rows and rows of flowers were aligned across the entire park. It was like someone had splashed colored paint but in a perfect symmetry. The flowers seemed to have filled this grey and dark world with color. Pleasant smell of lilies and jasmine lingered in the air which was unmatched by any branded perfume be it Kelvin Cain or Christine Dior.

Wooden benches were placed strategically along the entire boundary of the park. A young couple was sitting on one of the benches hand in hand, giving each other looks of love and lust. While an elderly couple sitting on the bench adjacent to the one with couple, were looking at each other with such affection that could melt even the heart of ice. An evident contrasts existed between the two generations.

A slight nudge on my arm brought me back from admiring the nature around me. There was no one in front of me. Now a nudge on my right leg, I looked down and there she was, little girl I had seen moments before, looking at me with her big round eyes and longest eye lashes I’ve ever seen on a girl in my life. Now that she was standing so close to me I could see the innocence dripping from her face. She had chubby pink cheeks and lips curled up in an infectious smile which had ability to light up the whole world. I was awestruck by her beauty.

She had a bouquet of flowers in her hands which she made from all the flowers she had collected and extended it to me. I gave her a confused look. Her eyes now opened wide and pointed towards me which implied that those flowers were for me. I took it from her hand, bent down and gave her a big kiss on her cheeks. She hugged me tight and said “Don’t be sad”. I was flabbergasted by her implication. She gave me a huge smile which made me forget about everything else. And ran away humming that tune she was singing earlier.

I just stood there caught in the moment. The smell of flowers flared my nostrils and tears started to well up in my eyes. My mind drifted back to a text message my friend had sent me most recently. Out of the blue she sent me text saying “I love you and I just want you to know that”. Nobody had ever said that to me so randomly. She and I have never even met in person. It made me feel loved the same way that girl made me feel today. I think in a way no matter how hardcore we are from the outside all of us need to be feel loved from the inside. Love, the most innate need of a human being.

By now the sun had started to set. Sun seemed so close, a blob of reddish orange color, I could almost reach up and touch it. Orange light of setting sun lined up the skyline of New York skyscrapers as birds flew towards their homes. They made stunning patterns on the sky as they moved ever elegantly, pushing through the air. I felt my lungs inflate with the on rush of scenery- air, mountain, trees, people and I thought, “This is what it is to be happy”

Darkness had almost encased the sky, now only the faintest light left on the skyline about to disappear at any moment. A blood relation is not necessary to feel loved. Some random acts of kindness have the ability to change hearts. “Kindness Is A Virtue”, There is a reason why it is true after all. I realized I was still holding the bouquet close to my nostrils. I was too engrossed in admiring the show of nature around me as life went about and hustle bustle of the city continued around me. There was a strange calmness in the air. I decided to make my way towards my apartment with the bouquet clutched firmly between my hands and heart enriched with love and peace. We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves. As it is said :

“ To be at peace does not mean that you are amiss of every storm, it only means
that you can find a calm within the storm”

In response to Today's daily prompt

Independence Day Celebrations

Pakistan’s independence day is observed annually on 14 August, it’s a national holiday in Pakistan, commemorating the day when Pakistan achieved independence and was declared a sovereign nation, following the end of the British Rule in 1947.

Although 14th August has passed but I would still like to share some photos of the celebration as I didn’t get to share before due to my hiatus. Decorating buildings and fireworks is one of the few things that mark starting of independence day celebrations. It’s something that is handed us down from childhood and enjoyed immensely. All these photographs are from only one city, Islamabad. So here we go:


In Islamabad.


Independence day Parade


Parliament House

10425107_519739211489851_5335117640932133986_n (1)




10616024_519842161479556_2670045196914305792_n (1)

Note: None of these photographs are taken by me nor do I own them.


Pain Of Anticipation

Daily Prompt: A Bend in Time

When you’re giddy with excitement, does time speed up? Slow down? Tell us about the experience of anticipation.

Ah, anticipation !

A punishment in itself (at least thats what i think)

Why a punishment, you ask ?

Because anticipation requires WAITING !

And waiting is HELL ! (worst than listening to Nickie Minaj and Justin Bieber sing like a bunch of cats growling at night even!)

Who doesn’t hate waiting? Whether it is waiting for your turn to get a coffee, or waiting for your final’s result or waiting for a doctor’s appointment….No, i should cut off doctor’s appointment, after all who likes to go to a doctor. (The minute I think about a doctor i see hands in latex gloves holding a big,huge needle waiting to stick it in my ass! )

My experience with waiting and anticipation is worst than Kristen Stewart’s expressions (And all of us who know even just a little about her, know this as well that nothing can be worse than her expressions but my bad experience sadly triumphs over her expressionlessness )

Anticipation makes my insides go all gooey!
My stomach turns into knots and it’s like deers are running around ramming their horns into wall of my stomach instead of butterflies fluttering ! (Thanks God I don’t get sweaty palms though )

But the worst part is, time passes by so slow that I can run to end of the earth and back and still time wouldn’t pass !
I’d rather listen to KARDASHIANS bicker about their money all day and rub their happiness in my face than wait ! (waiting is that hard for me, you see! )

Then comes the disappointment, when after all this waiting and enduring the pain of anticipation, things don’t turn out the way I’d want them to….
BUT on the other hand it’s awesome when things do turn up the way i want them to.

Its a 50\50 chance. And there is no other option but to take those chances!
(I’d still rather eat Anchovies and broccoli, walk in Sahara Desert  bare foot and listen to One direction squeak than wait!  )