Heart Is A Despicable Little Thing

Heart is a despicable little thing. It get’s out of hand every single time I let it loose a little. Made a huge mistake, I let my guards down and it fluttered out of it’s gilded cage. Out in the unprecedented territories. Gosh I hate it when it does that. Curious little thing ends up getting hurt every single time. And I end up having to put band aids over all the bruises on it as It winces and cries out in pain while I cuss it for attempting to leave it’s cage. Heart is so selfish. It doesn’t understand the collateral damage it leaves behind every single time it escapes. It doesn’t understand it is me, who has to clean up the mess it makes. Selfish little thing, only thinks of itself. So here I am again, putting back together the pieces it broke in the process, trying to suture it back with minimal scarring. I have to admit I’m becoming quiet good at this, fixing the broken pieces over and over again. But I’ve found a way to keep heart in it’s gilded cage forever now. Yeah, then heart won’t be able to escape. This fickle heart will soon know it’s place.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Envelope

Birthday, Love and Then some…

So it’s one of those random posts that I rarely do, with a little bit of everything. Some life updates. Some quotes etc etc.

Well my birthday is coming up sometime this week. I don’t usually make a fuss about my birthdays in terms of telling everybody about it or getting too excited but this time it’s a little special for me, why you ask??!!
~drum roll please~


I’m hitting the Big 2-0. Whaaaa? It feels like I’ve been forever in the teens and now to bid it farewell, seems a bit surreal to me. I don’t make a big deal out of age but there is something about this that is hard to accept. Especially because I’ve gone through a lot of changes as a person since the past 2 years or so. I don’t know what hitting 2-0 means or what it is suppose to be or is it even a big deal or not. All I know is I feel really weird about this one. I don’t feel that birthday-excitement  either. Anyways I will keep you guys updated about my confusions as I cross this border 😉


Please take sometime to watch this video by Jason Silva. I hope you enjoy his philosophical musings about Love as much as I did.

And to end this post by a photograph of these flowers in my garden. Have an awesome week ahead everyone. ❤

Get Lost. Get Found

All of us get lost…somewhere, at some point in our lives. We all hope to be found, by someone, by anyone.

We all get lost, sometimes deliberately. Hoping someone would be brave enough to come find us. We hide in the places only we know. And we leave behind clues for people to come find us. But not everyone can figure out those clues. We get lost and hope that someone, somewhere would miss us and come looking for us, venture after us to bring us back home. That is how some of us validate ourselves. We get lost deliberately hoping to be found. That is what some of us do to feel loved. To feel needed. To feel wanted. We get lost.

And all we can do is, pray to dear God, that someone would love us enough to bring us back.

We get lost to get found.

Fresh from the backyard today.