The club lights were dancing, throwing patterns over the lost youth…vodka, whiskey, scotch, bourbon, tequila, crack cocaine, ecstasy, meth, amphetamine, roofies…you name it and you shall have it, with money of course. And she had enough to buy the whole club itself. She had tight black leotard on with sky-high heels, hair teased giving a rough yet sleek look, Black Kohl filled eyes masking the red in her big brown eyes and fiery red lips ready to devour whatever came her way. Despite of trying her best to look like just another trashed slut with daddy issues, she ended up looking the exact opposite.

Tonight she was going to drink, everything and anything that she could find on the shelf. She didn’t know what for or why so, all she knew was that there was something she needed to forget. Something that needed to be numbed. Too many things that need to be numbed.

Tonight she was going to drink and give life a middle finger on its face and walk away. Life was cruel too many times, while kind too less. And so she drank. That was the only thing she was good at apparently. She drank her sorrows away knowing all too well that she would regret it the very next day. But she drank anyway since life was not as easy to live as they said.

Like it’s in our control while we stumble and fall into ditch of unfathomable sadness. She drank and watched as the world crumbled around her feet. Tonight she was on a mission to destroy. She wasn’t sure what yet. The music was blazing and people around her were slavishly grooving to it like wild animals but all she saw were humans, lost…completely and utterly lost. Astray. Just like her.

For a moment she wanted everyone to disappear but the music and the dance floor and she imagined herself dancing lonely to it. She didn’t know how much time passed by as she wandered around in her imaginary world. She then lit a cigarette and imagined it all go down in flames.

She drank and drank until she was sure she wouldn’t remember a trace of tonight and all the thoughts it contained, the next morning.

Lest the morning came. Lest.

(The original song is only till 5:25 in the above link.This is one of my most favorite song. You can check out the music video for this song HERE. It’s worth it.)

Get Lost. Get Found

All of us get lost…somewhere, at some point in our lives. We all hope to be found, by someone, by anyone.

We all get lost, sometimes deliberately. Hoping someone would be brave enough to come find us. We hide in the places only we know. And we leave behind clues for people to come find us. But not everyone can figure out those clues. We get lost and hope that someone, somewhere would miss us and come looking for us, venture after us to bring us back home. That is how some of us validate ourselves. We get lost deliberately hoping to be found. That is what some of us do to feel loved. To feel needed. To feel wanted. We get lost.

And all we can do is, pray to dear God, that someone would love us enough to bring us back.

We get lost to get found.

Fresh from the backyard today.

My Musical Progression

Daily Prompt: Eye of the Beholder

Describe what it feels like to hear a beautiful piece of music or see a stunning piece of art.


The very first song that I can remember listening to was Hailie’s song by Eminem, which he wrote for his daughter Hailie.

I was very little then, 8 or 9 years old probably. I know I know it’s weird for a child to start her music listening career from Eminem. But lets face it that’s how it was for me. The reason? because my oldest brother was Eminem’s fan and he had all his albums, posters and stuff in his room. I was very close to him (although he was 11 years older than me) so we listened to songs together. Although at that time I didn’t understand a word he rapped in his songs (it was all blah jaba blah hala co co mama ca ca la la for me) but I don’t know why I just kept listening and eventually I started to understand them as well.

Then My very first favorite song (and surprisingly it still is) was MOCKINGBIRD by Eminem.
This is the song which is still very close to me even after 7 or 8 years. The very thing which I loved about it was that Eminem wrote it for his daughter. This is the fact that touched me very much then. I still remember I had a paper on which the lyrics to this song were printed and I used to take it every where with me and showed it to people as well so they would be inspired by it (Now that I look back at it I realize how stupid I was )
Here’s a link to its lyrical video if anybody wanna give it a listen:

I didn’t have a typical childhood musical progression, where you start from Barney and all the other children songs, then move on to more teenage stuff and then eventually adult music with all the swearing.
I actually had it the other way around. I started with “Eminem“, then progressed to “Hannah Montana” (currently known as Hammer licking and tongue obsessed maniac) and then there were the ever glorious days of “High School Musical” ! (if anyone still remember what that is?! Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, all the dancing and singing, anyone?)
In short I was in all that teenage shit (which these days is Justin beiber, One direction etc).

Though with time my music taste evolved. I was in much more mature phase. I liked very different music from others. A little slow, Sometimes a little ‘rock n roll’ and A little jazz maybe. I kinda listened to everything. I kinda liked everything as well.

But the very first song, I remember, which touched me after a very long period of time was Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran. The feeling I got when I listened to it….AH!
This is the song I cry to ALL THE TIME.
Specially the part where he says “Give me love like never before, ‘Cause lately I’ve been craving more”
Even If I had stopped crying, this line makes me cry harder. This is true after all. We all crave for love and sometimes in harder times we crave MORE.

The other piece of music which took my breath away, when I listened to it for the very first time was “Breathe ME” by this musical genius, Sia.
The lyrics, the music, everything about this song is perfection. I think it describes all of us to some extent, all our insecurities, needs and longings.

(If you want you can also check out her other songs, such as “Bring me down” and “Lullaby” )

After these, there comes a long list of songs which inspired me, helped me and mesmerized me. But these two songs were a milestone in my music progression.

What about you? Which were the songs which totally shook you or swept you from your feet?