My Favorite Meals

Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul (and the Stomach)
Tell us about your favorite meal, either to eat or to prepare. Does it just taste great, or does it have other associations?
I won’t categorize myself as a person who knows “a lot” about food but I sure as hell love to eat !
I won’t say this either that I eat too much or eat a lot or like to eat all the time but when I do eat, I want to eat “good”, by good I mean every time I want to eat something, I want it to be “good”. I know its hard to understand what “good” means in this particular scenario but thats just how it is for me.

So my favorite meal…hmmm…I’m proud to say this that I eat almost everything. I’m not like one of those whiners who whine about everything they eat. I don’t like this, I don’t like that. As I said before I like to eat ALMOST everything . But Ummm if I had to choose my favorite meal that would be Pasta and Biryani !

As most of you already know that pasta is a western meal, I love to cook it as well as its quite simple and doesn’t take a lot of time either. My favorite is Chicken and Cheese pasta…Yummm! *I’m getting hungrier by second*

Then there is Biryani which is more of a eastern meal, I don’t know how to cook it but boy do I love to eat it…. *my mouth is watering already by mere mention of it* . That spiciness and softness of rice !