Let’s Make A Change

(WPC: The SunShine )

“Let me tell you something: no one is going to look at you, broken and shattered 
and think -
damn, you are beautiful.
No one is going to come pick up your broken pieces off the floor and
 assemble them into a beautiful whole.

 you won’t even look at yourself and think – 
I made broken look beautiful.

You know why?

Because all those writers lied to you.

all those with their poems of scraped knuckles and 
blood dripping down chins, 
pomegranate songs and loves that ripped through you like 


So you and I, 
we are going to make a plan.

You are not going to romanticize days when your brain tells you to smash that mirror,
You are not going to romanticize the lover who doesn’t understand you 
but still writes about you.

Here is what you are going to romanticize instead:
You are going to romanticize the first day of spring,
Its gentle hands all over your body,
Lifting you up until you are as light as a feather.

You are going to romanticize the tea and honey kind of love,
No hurricanes, 
but sunshine that builds you up from within,
That helps you make it through the worst days.

You are going to romanticize gentle hands of a friend 
in yours,
Telling you that it is going to be okay.

Because it is.

And don’t trust poets, 
we’re no good,
 we love pretending that our jagged edges tantamount to a beautiful disaster, but in reality – 
there isn’t nothing beautiful about shaky hands holding a cigarette and 
empty eyes staring at the cracks in the walls.

You know what is beautiful, instead?

The days when you can look at yourself in the mirror and smile, 
scars and all.
Music that makes your soul flow like a river, 
books that offer comfort, 
families flocking together like overgrown birds to keep you safe and warm,
 friends that give you strength when you can find none, 
lovers who make you laugh through tears.

from now on 
you are going to romanticize healing;
Honey dripping down your fingertips,
August nights that stick to your skin, the day you find your purpose, 
long car rides and singing so loud that no one can shut you up now.

Bad news: 
no one is coming to save you.

Good news: 
you can save yourself.”
– Lana Rafaela (via wnq-writers.tumblr.com)

( Daily Prompt: Millions )

Say It Like It Is

Daily Prompt: I Believe

Tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false.


Things I consider true or right to my heart are:

(I know I’ve mentioned this quiet a lot before but as this prompt requires I have to say this again.)

1-There is no such thing as accidents.

Everything happens for a reason. Each and everything that happens leads to that one point in your life which is supposed to happen in the first place. Which leads me to my second point which is:

2-Believe and Faith

For one to believe in the first point you have got to have believe and faith. Faith in the higher providence that everything is going to be fine and Believe in yourself that YOU can do it. You’ll make through it all.

3-People do change

I have seen people change. Whether for better or worse that’s a separate discussion but people DO change. Human being is a very strong animal, If we try we can turn our life, attitude or personality around a 360 degree.

Things I consider False or bad:

1-There is no such thing as personal choice.

What’s wrong is wrong and what’s right is right. No compromises on that. You can try to go over it in any way you want but it doesn’t change the fact that its wrong.

2- You have no right to Judge a person
Judging is wrong no matter what. I have been a victim of this and I know very well how it feels to be judged without being aware of the full situation or information. I get it, its in human nature to judge, you can’t deny that but to judge a person and BASING YOUR OPINION on it is wrong unless you are aware of the whole picture.

3-Doing drugs is just wrong

I have seen people explain to me oh I do drugs because I’m going through some shit in my life. And usually, most of the time “That Shit” is not as big of a deal as they are making it out to be. I’ve been through a lot in my life and I’ve seen people go through much worse but they are still holding on. Drugs are just a way to avoid problems, and avoiding problems doesn’t make them go away. They just keep getting piled up.  I know everybody has a different way to deal with a particular problem and I totally respect that but If there is a healthier way to deal with it, then why not choose that?
I know it takes a lot of effort but drugs are never the right answer.

I know daily prompt asked for three things but this matter is very near and true to my heart so I’m going to say something very briefly about it:

Religion doesn’t kill people. People kill people and they just need something or someone to blame for their sadistic ways. I’ve heard people say “Oh if there was no religion there would be peace everywhere in the world.” If you seriously believe that, you are the most naive person ever. There is always going to be greed for money and land to fight for, which is the most basic reason why countries are fighting each other, why people are killing people. Do you really think if religion wasn’t there it would go away??? Joseph Stalin was religion-less, did it stop him from killing thousands of people?
It’s not at all about having a religion or not, you can be an atheist or belong to any religion whatsoever, I don’t have a problem with that but please don’t blame religion for this world’s twisted ways.

And I want to end my post with this line said by someone:
“We are sent on this earth with a purpose. Life is a test. And all of these things are its questions. Ever imagined a test without questions ?”


Daily Prompt: Exhale

Tell us about a time when everything seemed to be going wrong — and then, suddenly, you knew it would be alright.


There are moments in our lives which define us, which makes us who we are, which shape our personalities and pave the way for rest  of our life.

But this doesn’t have to be just a moment, it can be a collection of moments, collection of experiences, mistakes and lessons.
The key to surviving all of it is to “Just keep going”.

As I always say just have “Have Faith & Believe In Yourself

Have FAITH that everything is going to be alright and BELIEVE that you’ll make through it all.


When you breathe, you inhale and you exhale, but every single time that you do that, you are a little bit different from the one before. We are always changing. And it is important to know that there are some changes you can’t control and that there are others that you can. So just go with the flow.

Always remember that, Things fall part so that other things can fall together.

Just keep your head straight and try to find sense in things. Everything Happens For A Reason.
I firmly believe that, There is no such things as accidents.
Every breathe you take, every decision you make, every step you take ultimately leads you to your destiny.

So, Breathe, Inhale and exhale because:
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I guess we all are misunderstood one way or another and the major reason for that is because we are selfish creatures.we are hardwired to think about only ourselves and our own survival in this world. We are judgmental , all we do all day long is judge others without a single glance in our own direction.

In our daily lives we come across many people who are usually really nice to us but once in a while they are rude too. They are…well not so nice at some moments . So rather than asking about whats wrong with them , the very first thing we do, is judge !

All we can think about is how dare he\she talk like that with me, i am so not going to talk to him\her anymore. I am going to treat him\her the same way from now on and so on…….
But just for a moment have we EVER stopped and thought to ourselves “if he\she’s treating me rudely today which he\she doesn’t normally do , there must be something wrong , God knows what he\she’s going through internally, i should stick around and make sure that he\she’s alright” . I don’t think most of us have ever done that. why ? Obviously because we are too self-absorbed to think about anything other than ourselves !

we want people to understand all our problems but we are not willing to do the same for them.

But it doesn’t mean we can’t change . As i said in my previous blog post, Change Is Inevitable and if we use this change to positively impact our lives, we can become much more caring and much more considerate of other people’s problems.

So next time if someone is rude to you, or more quite than usual, rather than taking it as a GO AWAY sign , stop for a minute and contemplate your decision about how you want to handle the situation . The easiest way to do that is to “Put yourself in other person’s shoes” and deal with the situation with cool head rather than like a marshmallow on fire !

Treat others in a way you want to be treated.


Change….is it a good thing or a bad thing ? Mostly a good thing from what I’ve heard and i think that it is…looking back i am definitely not the same person  i was four or five years ago…heck i am not even the same person i was 10 minutes ago (wait that counts for a personality disorder…) lets make it a week ago ! Change is a good thing as long as it puts a positive impact on one’s life and usually change does that…at least it has done that for me for sometime. I have definitely become a better person or at least i strive to be one and I’ve been as successful as i can be. i have become more forgiving and tolerant of lot of things. I don’t think i could’ve forgiven people for a lot of things before but i can forgive them now. But i am going through these strange changes lately which are making me feel suffocated , frustrated and alone ! I don’t know what i am becoming any more. Will these changes make me a much ‘better’ person or a ‘bitter one’ ? I don’t know who i am anymore and i hate it ! Before this, all the changes came naturally to me almost like it was part of the human evolution, i didn’t even realize it happening until it was over and the changes were evident in my personality but for the very first time i can feel these changes, changing me from the inside.And the worst part about it is that, i don’t know where is this gonna leave me in the end ? Lets face it, Change is inevitable, it cannot be avoided…we all have to go through it at any cost at some point of our lives. But the most important thing is that it depends on us, how do we come out of it ? Triumphant or Lost…..