Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility. Opportunity. Potential. New year. New adventures. Let’s inspire one another — show us what’s new.

There is this girl I know. She is one of the first few people I’ve known since the starting days of my blogging. We’ve been friends ever since. I just texted her to ask how long have we known each other and she replied 1.4 years and I couldn’t believe how far we have come since then. It’s seems like yesterday when I started my blog and we first chatted. I love her to bits and pieces, one of the best people I know here. She is as genuine as it can get, kindhearted, warm and an avid animal lover! Who is this amazing person you ask??!!

Her name is Kruti and she writes this blog:

Kruti Mehta:
AUTHOR AND POETESS IN-MAKING “Your Eyes Show the Strength of Your Soul”

Why I am telling you guys all of this today you must be wondering? What’s New? It’s with immense pleasure I’m announcing today that her second book Chords Of Life is out !! *jumps up and down in excitement* Yaey yaey yaey!!!

I’ve read the book and let me tell you *my totally biased* opinion, It’s AAAAH-MAAYY-ZINGGGGG !!! This book is an inspiration to my new year. So for this week’s photo challenge here is an image of her new book I’m reading.

photo 1

“Chords of Life is a collection of strange, morbid, unusual tales of my mind. Our life is like Chords of a Guitar each filled with different emotions at every stage. We may not face the same level of harshness as others, but we do know the bitter truth about cruelty. Each story is crafted with a different emotion within itself.”

Today I’m asking you to show support to this blogging community, support each other! Please go buy her book. You are going to love it.

Here are the details.

For free shipping –

Other links –


If you guys are still not convinced about buying the book, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, One of my stories is also featured in that book!! Some of you might remember the story from my blog as I posted it once here. (It’s not here anymore so don’t go snooping around for it! Haha just kidding! )

So please please please go buy that book, what are you waiting for??!!

Go Go Go!!!! \o/

*Cheering you on* 😀

(Oh and if you guys could please spread the word any way feasible for you that’d be much appreciated too. Share it through Tweet, Facebook, Reblog, Pinterest, Tumblr? Anything would work. You can find all of these sharing options below the post. Thank you so much ! ❤ )

School Bag (Repost)

My school days were hands down my good old days…The best time of my life was spent there that I always wish to get back. The time and the way I was as a person too. This is a story of one of my blunders in school days, there you go:

The very first event that comes to my mind when i think of a long list of my blunders is when i was in 9th grade.

I woke up in the morning particularly happy and cheery(which didn’t use to happen very often) .

Started to get ready for school, preparing my school bag , putting gazillion books in it (making it so heavy that it would’ve been difficult for even Dwayne Johnson to lift it up).

Got in the car as my dad dropped me off on his way to his office.

Entered my school.

HAPPY and full of enthusiasm. (which was very unusual for anyone who hated school)

Entered my class.

Put my bag on the chair absent mindedly as my friends came into my sight and went to chat with them. (our morning gossips ritual.)


Then the school bell rang (for me it was a sound that calls for a prisoner to his hanging)

Went back to my seat.

Teacher came in.


Started taking our attendance and asked us to get our subject book out so she could give us work. (and bully us from the comfort of her chair)

I turned around in my chair to get the book out of my bag WHEN IT HAPPENED !

“BANG BANG BOOM BOOM” (suspense music)

Where is my bag ???

Instead there was a tiny black bag sitting on the chair, where my ACTUAL bag should have been !


i noticed that the black bag was indeed mine (and not one of my friend’s prank on me by stealing and hiding the bag, which we used to do a lot in those days)

So it WAS my bag obviously but not my School Bag.)


I began to rewind the day in my head and suddenly it dawned upon me what had  actually happened.

I had prepared the right bag for school but brought the wrong one (which barely had two books in it) !

How could i be so stupid ???

I was so stupid that i didn’t even notice which bag i was carrying, even the weight of the bag wasn’t enough to capture my (obviously little) attention.

Not even its tiny size made me suspicious that i was doing something wrong.

How could I’ve been so stupid ???

There isn’t any doubt in my mind that if i didn’t have to use my bag for whole day, i wouldn’t have noticed that i was carrying the wrong one all day long.

That just proved that I had an attention span of a freaking Goldfish !

This whole mess made me wonder, If THAT can happen then ANYTHING can !

What if one day I walked into school in my sleeping suit or worst with no clothes on at all ??!!

Writer’s journey

Daily Prompt: Imitation/Flattery

Write a post in the style of (or simply inspired by) a favorite author.


I’ve read many books in my life, some good and some not so good. I like reading but I won’t tag myself with “a person who knows a LOT about reading or writing” . I read for fun and write, for I want to get things off my chest and be a little free.

I’m not a writer by any means…yeah I write my diary sometimes but that is all ! I’ve not written anything of a great extent. This blog is the first platform I’ve ever written on. So I don’t know how to write as good as other amazing writers. So I’m just going to pay homage to them by mentioning their names and telling you how they affected me.

I remember the very first book I read, which made me a avid reader and taking it up as a hobby, It was R.L.StinesFear Street series” and “Goosebumps series” among his many other. I was 12 years old. Then I moved on to Sidney Sheldon. 
Then came the “Twilight series”….It was the new and famous thing on the market so Ofcourse I read it. I’m sorry to the haters but I LIKED the books. They were really good indeed. (but YES, The movies destroyed the real essence of the books and its story, I, Myself am their number one hater!)

There was a time I was more into thriller and mystery stuff but with time my taste evolved. The very first book which touched me and I cried while reading was “Leap Of Faith by Danielle Steel.(I loved its heart touching and heart breaking story about that little girl.)

After reading this book a door to flood of new genre of novels opened up to me. I read more of Danielle Steel’s novels and loved all of them.
I liked Marian Keyes and Jenny Colgan novels, they were non-fictional and fun to read. I had a good laugh while reading them as well.

I also have to mention “The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I don’t care what people say about it, this is one of my most favorite novels to this day. I loved how passionate and fiery every word was. I have to give hats off to Stephanie’s writing.

So this is it, I’m not a professional writer by any means. I just write random stuff. When I started writing I didn’t expect people to read let alone like my writing. I know this very well that I’m not as good as any writer out there and my writing isn’t worth a darn so I’ve to give credit to all the amazing readers(bloggers) who take their precious time to read my ramblings and support me.

Love you all.

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Cleaning up the “Junk”…..or atleast trying!

Daily Prompt: Clean House

Is there “junk” in your life? What kind? How do you get rid of it?

Wow…what a co-incidence !
I was just cleaning up my room today and some of the things which my sister-in-law refers to as “junk” (but i refuse to believe so….! )

So the daily prompt asked about some of the Junk in my life and after cleaning up today, here is only a glimpse of junk that I’ve managed to keep in my room since my childhood! (And yes this is the junk that is present in my room after years of collecting them)

I’ve been meaning to clean up my room since three months, but every single time I put it on the next day saying I’ll do it tomorrow but that NEXT day and that  Tomorrow never came……until today…….!

After 3 months of putting it off i started to feel ashamed of myself. How lazy can a person be?
I must’ve broken some records of laziness !

Let me introduce you to some of the things that, I for some reason deemed USABLE and kept all those years or for days or months.

So this is a makeup kit which my friend broke about 4 months ago. For some unknown reason,4 months have passed but it was still sitting on my shelf.

Then there is this banana peel that was sitting on my computer table.(It has been here for five days, see the thing about me being lazy now?)


I have this CD player which doesn’t work anymore (actually it hasn’t been working since 2 years but i refuse to believe so, some day I’m hoping it’ll MIRACULOUSLY start working by itself )

My socks have taken refuge on my shelf as well (since 4 months as well).
These magazines are of about 5 years ago but I have kept them all this time because…………………………………………………… (There is no good reason for it actually)
Same goes for these lights, There beauty has prevented me from throwing them out as they are too pretty (although these doesn’t light up) !

I LOVE TO READ, I’ve had all these books which needed to be thrown out so this is me sorting them out  in piles.
So……the thing is……I’m still cleaning up….room is in the same state as it was 4 hours ago….
Your prayers and support is needed ! (So lets join our hands on this festive occasion and pray, Thank you! )