If Love Is Pain Then Darling, Let’s Hurt Tonight 

She holds my heart in her hands and we sit to talk. I need to feel warm and she needs to feel safe. We are quiet at the moment but stars speak. Her eyes glisten like emeralds as she flips and turns my heart in her hands carefully examining it. And I’m surprised how there isn’t even one moment of fear that crosses my mind that she might drop it. Because I know with surety she won’t.

I have never been as sure about anything in my life as I am about her. I am actually glad she has my heart in her hands because I fear it’s her touch that keeps it beating. Without her love, there will be just colourless voids and a heart that keeps forgetting to beat.

So we sat to talk. We should have talked. We could have talked. But we didn’t. Instead we just lay together staring into infinite space that looked nothing less than pure magic. I wanted her to tell me things, anything. Lot of things. Everything. Just hear her speak. But her eyes were too loud for me to hear anything else at that moment. So I stared at her while she stared at the stars.

I didn’t want us to be mere accident like something that just happens one day unexpectedly. I wanted us to be on purpose- that just has to be for a reason. I wanted to love her on purpose and not like an accident.

She was a calm whisper in a world that was too loud. And although she was a chaos herself, I knew she could calm the storm within me.

She broke her eye contact with the stars and looked at me. And all it took was flash of a second, for me to know; I’d be a fool to let her go. Because she needed me as much as I needed her. And together, we were going to heal and glue back together our broken pieces.

It has always been her and me.

All those empty cervixes inside us that echoed with scars that still bled and thunders that still ripped us apart from time to time. It has always been her and me. And we, together, were going to heal.

Hence, she holds my heart in her hands to keep it beating, while I hold her close so she can breathe easy. I’m never leaving her side nor she needs to fall because she’s already safe in my arms. She doesn’t need to break herself anymore to prove anything.

I’m sure now, it has always been; her and me. And there is no way I’d rather have it be.

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A Quest Of You

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Let me crawl into you like a tunnel to an abandoned city.
I’ll walk down the deserted road to your heart,
with caution and measured steps.

I’ll explore the wilderness under your chest.
My footsteps echo in the empty auditorium of your rib cage,
Whispering stories of ruins and remains.

Those wild dandelions smell of cigarettes and smoke,
You are poison and beauty,
A realistic illusion to behold.

You are a little more darkness than light at the moment.
As I walk through your city of broken hearts,
Some pieces hang from the non existent sky,
While some lay scattered on the dirt path.
I step on few by mistake,
I see you wither in pain.

I apologize for the inconvenience I’ve caused,
But there is something so extraordinary,
About treading uncharted territories,
To explore places that have never been touched before.

Let me walk through forsaken forgotten relics of your soul.
I promise I’ll not leave you emptier like the ones that came before.

I’ll rebuild you from ashes,
I’ll show you how beautiful your ruins are.
I’ll graze my knees on your asphalt heart.
I’ll stand on the boulevard of your shattered dreams and lost hope,
To rebuild them from scratch.
I’ll caress your skin until you come back to life.

Grow Up With Me

Happy Place


“Grow up with me, let’s run in fields and through the dark together, fall off swings and burn special things, and both play outside in bad weather. Let’s eat badly, let’s watch adults drink wine and laugh at their idiocy, let’s sit in the back of the car making eye contact with strangers driving past, making them uncomfortable, Not caring, not swearing, don’t look. Let’s both reclaim our superpowers, the ones we all have and lose with our milk teeth, the ability not to fear social awkwardness, the panic when locked in the cellar, still sure there’s something down there, and while picking through pillows each feather, let’s both stay away from the edge of the bed, forcing us closer together. Let’s sit in public, with ice-cream all over both our faces, sticking our tongues out at passers-by, let’s cry, let’s swim, let’s everything, let’s not find it funny, lest someone falls over. Classical music is boring, poetry baffles us both, there’s nothing that’s said is what’s meant, plays are long, tiresome, sullen and filled with hours that could be spent rolling down hills and grazing our knees on cement. Let’s hear stories and both lose our innocence, learn about parents and forgiveness, death and morality, kindness and heart, thus losing both of our innocent hearts, but at least we wont do it apart. Grow up with me.” Keaton Henson

Beneath Your Beautiful

Sure I love her eyes and the way she smiles but that’s not it. I’m more interested in what lies beyond those eyes and that smile.

Sure her deep brown eyes with a tinge of honey seem like stars have found there home in them but when I look inside all I see are stories of how she survived. Stories and stories after stories of her bruises and scars and I get invariably lost every single time.

Sure her smile is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen on anyone’s face but I’m more interested in how her smile tells it all, of what she is feeling inside. When she gives a half-smile that doesn’t reach her eyes that tells me something’s wrong. How she gives a shy smile when she is feeling all giddy inside. My favorite is when she throws her head back and laughs that’s the moment I know she is genuinely happy, that’s when I see her truly leave her pain behind and for a moment is careless and free.

Sure I love her visual beauty but I love more of what she is from the inside…. beneath her beautiful skin.

I Promise To Touch You

This is the most beautiful thing I’ve read in a long time:

I Promise to Touch You. | elephant journal http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/01/i-promise-to-touch-you/

Color Me In

Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat


Floating Clouds

I looked at the sunset the other day, like so many other times I have…But this time the whole scene was a bit different, There was a purple hue that I had never seen before on the sky. How it so perfectly complimented the reddish-orange splatter on that huge canvas…I want to paint you like that, I want to unfold your every color and be surprised by it every single time. I want to look at you with awe and admire every pore on your body. I want to know every color that you have underneath that skin. I want you to take those colors and splash me with it. Soak me with your being. Every inch of me. I want to drown in the depth of your colors and be lost…Forever.

Fleeting Moments

There is a reason why we ‘Fall’ in love, maybe it’s because we fall from a place of familiarity to the realms unknown to us before. We fall, we stumble, we twirl, we curl, we feel so much, from nothing to everything at once. It’s a state of change. It’s our hearts falling from a state of plateau and into state of arrhythmic revolting sensations. Every fiber in our bodies falling from a state of sensory comatose to sensory over load. It’s a continuous state of falling from places, feeling high and falling again. It’s a roll coaster. And you know what they say about roll coasters? They are exhilarating! 

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Get Lost. Get Found

All of us get lost…somewhere, at some point in our lives. We all hope to be found, by someone, by anyone.

We all get lost, sometimes deliberately. Hoping someone would be brave enough to come find us. We hide in the places only we know. And we leave behind clues for people to come find us. But not everyone can figure out those clues. We get lost and hope that someone, somewhere would miss us and come looking for us, venture after us to bring us back home. That is how some of us validate ourselves. We get lost deliberately hoping to be found. That is what some of us do to feel loved. To feel needed. To feel wanted. We get lost.

And all we can do is, pray to dear God, that someone would love us enough to bring us back.

We get lost to get found.

Fresh from the backyard today.