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Now last but not least for this week’s photo challenge I’ve chosen this photograph. It might not look like much but it was a really frightening yet adventurous experience at the same time, where we truly got to see the force of nature. My friend and I got a chance to explore these Ruins of an old abandoned Hindu Temple. It was already cloudy but the rain had stopped for a little while just enough for us to go wander about the ruins. But nature played us. As soon as we got in the heart of that huge creepy place it started raining cats and dogs, along with thunderstorms. We had no umbrella either. It was getting dark too. And let’s admit running around an old Hindu temple alone wasn’t the most preferable place to be at that point in time with no other person on site. So we ducked beneath one of the structures in the ruins waiting for the rain to stop (While praying something or somebody won’t attack us) and this is when I took this picture. You can see the rain drops on the photo as the darkness surrounded us.

All I gotta say now is: Well played nature well played!Force

(A little side note: I know I’ve been away for a while so hadn’t had a chance to visit your blogs and see what you’ve been up to. I will try to catch up with you guys in the coming days. Thanks for sticking up with me. Love, Zee.)

Somewhere Only We Know

It’s strange how we always look for a ‘place’ to belong, when most of the time that ‘place’ is usually a person we are looking for, those lasting connections that stick with us for a lifetime. It’s not the place that makes us feel at home, it’s the people or a person who extends us the warmth and love that envelops us to make us feel at home. After all what’s an empty house without its inhabitants who makes it a home. What’s a place to belong without a person who makes it worthwhile a stay there. We all, one way or another are searching for a place to belong. Where we could be us. No questions asked. Plane simple us. No judgment passed. A place meant for us alone, whether it’s a hand that fits perfectly in ours, or a shoulder where our head rests after a day spent apart. Or an embrace whose warmth makes everything alright. A place, somewhere only we know.

Fleeting Moments

There is a reason why we ‘Fall’ in love, maybe it’s because we fall from a place of familiarity to the realms unknown to us before. We fall, we stumble, we twirl, we curl, we feel so much, from nothing to everything at once. It’s a state of change. It’s our hearts falling from a state of plateau and into state of arrhythmic revolting sensations. Every fiber in our bodies falling from a state of sensory comatose to sensory over load. It’s a continuous state of falling from places, feeling high and falling again. It’s a roll coaster. And you know what they say about roll coasters? They are exhilarating! 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

I Know Places

Weekly Photo Challenge: Share an image of a wall that reveals something about a place, people, or you.

I took this photo when I visited Kalabagh, Nathia Gali, Pakistan few weeks ago. This is the wall of the suite in which we stayed. 15 represents the suite number. While 1908 represents the year it was constructed in.
Wall 1
This is photograph of a random wall in somebody’s house. I liked the arrangement of different stones and uniqueness of this wall.
Wall 2
These are another random road side walls with different advertisements on them.
Wall 3


Weekly Photo Challenge: What does reward mean to you?

I had a chance to visit Nathia Gali, Kalabagh , Pakistan about three days ago. It was all a hasty plan. None of us had appropriate clothes to go visit such a cold place with snow and everything. Since we don’t have snow throughout country, all of us were excited to catch a glimpse of snow even if it was not fresh snow, we were willing to do with the whatever was left of it. So off we went before the plan would cancel again. The place where we arrived had bit of snow around us but we had to make a 20 minutes hike up the hills to really catch some deep snow and make ourselves snowman and have a snowball fight of course. The hike wasn’t too treacherous too be honest but none of us were in our best shapes to hike so smoothly, so the whole journey was us dragging one and another through the way. Calling each other ‘Loser’ to really get that competitive soul in us a shake so we could reach the top.

And we did reach the top, despite of a slight detour, because one trail was closed. Had to go back again and start from another trail. I must say the View from the top was worth it. We got what we came for. Snow!!

We made a snowman, had a snowball fight and took a lot of pictures. Here is one that speaks for me: Reward!



For me what is most unfair in life is UNCERTAINTY !

Through out our lives we can’t be certain of anything, not even of the next minute let alone our whole life which is the most frightening part of our existence.Not knowing whats going to happen next.what life has in store for us.what tragedy or calamity is going to hit us out of the blue.we have no way of knowing the future.

This uncertainty has taken its tool at all of us more than once in our life time.We have been pushed around like a football, shaken, broken, torn and prodded by life taking advantage of our unknowing , surprising us.

While this can be frightening for some, there are some who choose to embrace this uncertainty and I think it is this uncertainty , the “Fear Of The Unknown” which makes life much more adventurous and mysterious. Which gives us confidence to hold our heads high and be strong inspite of whatever happens. This uncertainty gives us courage to charge on life like a Gladiator which has got everything to lose, which has no choice but to FIGHT, fight for his existence in this world, for his loved ones and most importantly himself !

But in the end, it depends on us whether we come out of this Battle with uncertainty, Triumphant or Lost …


I think i know what i want from life…at least i think i do!

But i am afraid if I’ll ever get all of it …what if i don’t get what i want ? i don’t want to spend all my remaining life being miserable , always thinking about the things i didn’t get from life .

Its not like i am not happy with what i have, believe me i am ! but i want more !
And i guess thats what i am afraid of, of wanting more, when i already have so much to thank for …

The weird thing is i am afraid of even getting it all …. what if i get everything i want and still thats not enough ? what would i do then ?
Thats what confusing me….i am afraid either way….there’s a fear of not getting everything i want but a fear of getting it all as well .

But i have reached to a conclusion that LIFE IS A MESS but its a SWEET MESS …. a mess filled with sense of fear, the fear of the unknown ! But thats what makes life adventurous ! Thrilling ! And shitty sometimes….but all of it is worth it because VIEW FROM THE TOP IS AWESOME (or at least thats what i hear people say all the time ) !

I guess we’ll all find that out eventually 🙂