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There is this girl I know. She is one of the first few people I’ve known since the starting days of my blogging. We’ve been friends ever since. I just texted her to ask how long have we known each other and she replied 1.4 years and I couldn’t believe how far we have come since then. It’s seems like yesterday when I started my blog and we first chatted. I love her to bits and pieces, one of the best people I know here. She is as genuine as it can get, kindhearted, warm and an avid animal lover! Who is this amazing person you ask??!!

Her name is Kruti and she writes this blog:

Kruti Mehta:
AUTHOR AND POETESS IN-MAKING “Your Eyes Show the Strength of Your Soul”

Why I am telling you guys all of this today you must be wondering? What’s New? It’s with immense pleasure I’m announcing today that her second book Chords Of Life is out !! *jumps up and down in excitement* Yaey yaey yaey!!!

I’ve read the book and let me tell you *my totally biased* opinion, It’s AAAAH-MAAYY-ZINGGGGG !!! This book is an inspiration to my new year. So for this week’s photo challenge here is an image of her new book I’m reading.

photo 1

“Chords of Life is a collection of strange, morbid, unusual tales of my mind. Our life is like Chords of a Guitar each filled with different emotions at every stage. We may not face the same level of harshness as others, but we do know the bitter truth about cruelty. Each story is crafted with a different emotion within itself.”

Today I’m asking you to show support to this blogging community, support each other! Please go buy her book. You are going to love it.

Here are the details.

For free shipping –

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If you guys are still not convinced about buying the book, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, One of my stories is also featured in that book!! Some of you might remember the story from my blog as I posted it once here. (It’s not here anymore so don’t go snooping around for it! Haha just kidding! )

So please please please go buy that book, what are you waiting for??!!

Go Go Go!!!! \o/

*Cheering you on* 😀

(Oh and if you guys could please spread the word any way feasible for you that’d be much appreciated too. Share it through Tweet, Facebook, Reblog, Pinterest, Tumblr? Anything would work. You can find all of these sharing options below the post. Thank you so much ! ❤ )

Yesterday, I Was Broken (2014 in review)

Brace yourselves peeps this is going to be a long one, I urge you guys to get a warm cup of coffee, put your feet up on the table and read away (An end of the year post is bound to get a bit long so just this once please give me a free pass) ! ❤

I’d been thinking of writing an end of the year post for a while now, You can say kinda like New Year’s Resolution but every time I sat to write I couldn’t find the right words to describe how I’d been feeling throughout this past year and what I wanted to say at the moment. I just couldn’t find the words to say it all, describe how and what I wanted to say. A few days ago I was going through blogs in my reader as I usually do and I came across this fabulous post by Ramisa and I instantly  knew ! I KNEW THIS WAS IT. This was everything I ever wanted to say about myself but could never summon enough strength to write this beautifully and accurately. It was quiet scary to see how true it all settled with me. Every single line is a reflection of me, mirroring my thoughts. If I could I would try to prove that somehow Ramisa has these mind-reading capabilities and she somehow got into my mind at night as I was in deep slumber and stole my thoughts but I can’t prove it (Some day Ramisa someday! 😉 Haha 😀 )

As a little introduction to Ramisa, Here is an excerpt from her About page:

“I love fluffy rabbits that walk around with cute backpacks and have an obsession with cookies-and-cream ice-cream. I love talking to people and simultaneously I appreciate being alone. A bibliophile at heart, an appreciator of technology and of food, I aspire to accomplish the (sadly) impossible goal of hugging every rabbit on this planet. But that won’t stop me from trying.”

See how adorable she is along with being an incredible writer??! What are you waiting for people? Go on, hop over to her blog, read more of her About page, discover more of her awesome posts and say Hi.

Ramisa The Authoress

Now enough with the small talk, let’s cut to the chase, With her due permission I’m sharing this post today on my blog. A huge thanks to Ramisa for letting me publish it here as a way to express myself.

Broken [adj.] having given up all hope; despairing.

Yesterday, sunlight streamed through my windows and onto my large cup of tea, which I sipped serenely. Light reflected off every wall, warmed the beige curtains and my relaxed cheeks, evolving me into a cocoon akin to wrapping myself in blankets on a winter’s night. But then, I remembered –the raspy bitterness, unbearable pain and acute hopelessness of those surrounding me; streaks of black staining their cheeks with their innermost confessions, laced with gritted teeth and wide eyes. Butterflies barged against my ribcage relentlessly, the sweetness of the tea with two-spoons-of-sugar subsiding, sunlight no longer comforting.

Yesterday, accusations of possessing a heart composed of ice were flung at me. While my mother passionately wept for lost souls on news reports, I viewed them as mere numbers; a fact I had no capacity of changing, and should therefore ignore. This apathy defined my character. Maybe this was the evident conclusion–perhaps there was, indeed, something uncanny about my heart and its persistent avoidance of emotions. It took this entire year to recognize the truth: I feel too deeply.

Yesterday, my soul gravitated towards broken people, or theirs to mine–whichever it is, I am not quite sure. I cut myself on their sharp pieces and tenderly stroked sore spots, letting their emotions gulf my own fragmented heart to dilute their emotions. Simultaneously, I verbalised the right words with honey-covered hope and sugary faith. But the emotions linger. Once they latched onto my heart, they had no intention of separating. Soon, this pain I absorbed becomes my own; scattered feelings prevent myself from functioning, often for multiple days in a row.

Yesterday, delusions of broken people preoccupied my time. Those who depicted the slightest trait of insecurity, lack of wholeheartedness or possessed evident fear received my attention and care. In the process, I became friends with mismatched personalities, recognizing only afterwards that our closeness was derived from my constant desire to fix them: I’d worry about their jagged pieces, uncover methods to assist the mending, and in essence, lose myself in them. With time, they piece themselves together and finally acknowledge the light once again; meanwhile, their darkness has suffocated me.

Yesterday, I realized that my ethereal gravitation towards broken people reveals a great amount about myself: this constant desire to help others offers distraction from my own problems. Amidst being preoccupied with issues beyond myself and responsibility, I neglect my own brokenness. Perhaps the reason behind my attraction to shattered pieces is to fill the void within myself –one, I recently found, cannot be mended with anything else except self-love.

Yesterday, I learnt one thing: you cannot fix people. They need to fix themselves. But you can love them dearly and accept them for who they are, including their shattered pieces.


Yesterday, I was broken, caught in a desperate routine of fixing surrounding people to avoid personal issues, allowing darkness to overshadow glimpses of light on my cheeks. I did not deserve sunlight –or so I felt. My only happiness was derived from other smiles, temporarily masking the emptiness within myself, before eventually crackling to dust; these short-lived bursts of happiness were never permanent.

Today, I am not quite healed, but I accept the sunlight warming my cheeks. Whether I’m worthy of this profound light, or if darkness is more suitable no longer poses a question. Tenderness settles within the environment, the mirror, and the light. I drink my tea in serenity without my mind inexplicably venturing through an interminable tunnel with no exit.

Tomorrow, I will love myself unconditionally, wholeheartedly, and offer the same acceptance to those around me. Although I will never stop empathizing with others –while I initially considered this trait a curse, I’ve recently acknowledged it as a beautiful gift–the constant need to fix them would fade. I will embrace every shower of light, perceiving the brilliance as a reflection of myself.

The only person I can fix is myself; little by little, the light will become my essence, my definition.

Last but by no means least, The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 25,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

I would personally like to thank each and everyone of you for sticking with me throughout this year, through thick and thins by which I mean my numerous hiatuses, weird tantrums and posts. There are awesome people who have become more than just bloggers, they are a part of my virtual community and friendships that I hold very dear to my heart.

Wish you all a Happy New Year. Cheers to another year of blogging and hopefully many more. ❤

Lots of love and Good vibes your way,
Zee ❤

(P.S A special special thanks to those people who didn’t fall asleep while reading this post and didn’t skim through it either. A big bear hug to y’all! And to people who snoozed away while reading it, I’d still give you credit for at least trying, so an A for effort! )

Women (Talent Hub #2)

This post is written by Aarya who writes this amazing blog “Free Bird-Living life on your own terms“. According to her she is an “Ordinary girl with Zillion dreams”, Isn’t it the story of every other beautiful girl who exists in this world yet everyone is unique in their own way just like Aarya ! Thank you Aarya for writing this post for it speaks the truth. Without any further delay, Ladies and gentlemen give her a round of applause and read on !


If God would ask me, “What would I like to be in the next life ‘Man or Woman’…?

Definitely, WOMAN…because I am the most beautiful creation ever done by GOD…and if you have any doubt about it…then you are blind…you can only understand and enjoy the materialistic beauty…

Well, that’s my point of view, but most of women around me in fact, around us don’t think like that…Do they…???….No…

But why, you are the most beautiful and pious creation of GOD…you bring a new life to the world…then be proud of yourself…do you know nothing can survive in this world without you…

When a baby boy is born, he needs a woman(MOTHER), who will take care of him and teach him everything in life…when he is 10, he needs another woman (SISTER) with whom he can play and fight…when he is 15, he needs two women (MOTHER  & SISTER) because he is messing around a lot and he needs someone who can hide his darkest secrets, when he is 21, he needs another woman (GIRL FRIEND), who can quench his physical thirst…when he is 30, he needs another woman(WIFE) who can accept him the way he is and love him unconditionally for rest of his life, promise to be with him in happiness and sorrow…when he is 35, he needs another woman (DAUGHTER) who will make him understand the true meaning of WOMAN

Now, when man needs us so desperately, in each and every step, phase of his life then, how come we are the weaker sex…why do we feel bad every time when somebody says that you are just a housewife or you are just a stay home mother…What’s wrong with it? Is it a crime…?

No, nothing is wrong with 24 x7 on duty schedule. We should not feel ashamed, we are the significant part of not only his life but also of mankind, the society, the nation, the world.. without us they are nothing…in fact they will not have their existence. We make these four concrete walls a home…we make his messed room into a beautiful place…when they come from job stressed and tensed, we open the door with a beautiful smile…we care, nourish, love, bless, protect them like a mother, sister, wife and daughter, we give them a family…we make them and their world complete…we give them a reason to be civil and live…without us they are helpless then don’t behave like a woman who needs a man…behave like a woman, a man needs…

Though they scold you, laugh at you, make fun of you, never feel bad…because they don’t know your importance yet…but the day they will realize, they will regret each and every moment they had upset you…

I am a woman like you and I am proud of it…I want to be a woman who can educate her family, who can make a difference in this male dominating society…not only by working under them or over them or with them…but also by living life on my terms…I decide what is good for me and bad for me and same you can do…I am not subdued to one to tell me what is right or wrong… we all are gifted with the same mental capability…I don’t feel ashamed just because somebody thinks that I should…same I expects out of you…I am proud of womanhood, I am proud of myself for where I am and what I am today…You should be proud too…

“Don’t take a good woman for granted. Someday someone will come along and appreciate what you didn’t”


With lots of love  to all WOMEN 



I’ll be happy to read and feature any new guests post on my blog. You can send me yours over at Thank you Aarya for being a part of this. I was honored to have you here 🙂
Love, Zee 

Life-A Full Circle (Talent Hub)

Hey guys, Its time for inauguration of my Talent Hub. And there is no one better to do it than my good friend Pranita over at Thoughts.

Her writing is an absolute delight to read. Her drawings are amazing to see and she is a great person to meet ! (Did I just rhyme that??? I guess Pranita’s skills are brushing over me as well )

So without further ado, Give her a round of applause ladies and gentleman. Here is a beautiful piece of poem written by her:

Life- A full Circle

Life’s one day a straight infinitely long line

And the next morning an unfathomable crooked path,

There is a turn right there, but hardly any chance of you seeing it

When it suddenly seems as like you have reached a dead end,

You realize the world is a circle, a merry go round,

And at each point is a tangent and turn!

Wouldn’t it be just nice, cozy and wonderful if you could foresee the turn?

Or would it just ruin the surprise and the fun?

Surprise could be a horror too,

But you know what?A ghost is unpredictable and rejoices in the fear of the unknown,

But as the intellectual kind priest approaches,Its advances are struck down.

Poof! goes its shadow, as the suns rays are shooing away the mist.

Then again, I have heard some ghosts are quite kind, grudgingly so, but kind at the same,

After all its the horror of the tough times that life loves to teach us about.

But I know a thing for sure, let there be a priest or kind ghost, or in the shadows lurking a horror,

You and I will find our tomb of purpose.

Then again the earth is round so the balancing act brings us right back to where we started!

Yet we will leave behind, all that we have encircled, and hope its a place from where others can spiral up to arch around the man kind,

Because in this circle lies hope, joy, equality and humanity, that we will leave behind.



I’ll be happy to read and feature any new guests post. You can send me yours over at Thank you Prantia for being a part of this. I was honored to have you here 🙂
Love, Zee ❤