Being Awesome

In 300 years, if you were to be named the patron saint of X, what would you like X to be? Places, activities, objects — all are fair game.


Hellooo peeeps !!!

Daily prompt for today is quiet an easy one as I’d be the patron saint of awesomeness!!! (Note: This post uses the word ‘Awesome’ one too many times so if along the way you start to get annoyed stop being annoyed…..and start being awesome instead )

Being awesome comes naturally to me, Just another day of being awesome you know.

Yeah ! *_*

Yeah ! *_*

People ask me about some stuff I’m sorry I don’t have a photographic memory but my brain is too busy being awesome, so I cant really answer the daily normal stuff. Its just the side effect of being… know…..awesomeeeee !!!

Also I’ll be using this from now on as my new moto: ADFBT !!! Don’t forget it!


Reason why I’m awesome:

1) When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead (In the words of Barney Stinson who is a universal awesomer!

2) I want to kill the sexiest person alive, but killing myself is not an option !

3) I hide behind sarcasm because telling you to go f*ck yourself is considered rude in most social situations.(Sometimes I think my death will probably be caused by being sarcastic at the wrong time but oh well…)

4) I can do a half head stand which ends up making me look like a twisted sloth. (some people consider that cute)

5) I can go on about me being awesome but then it would take infinite pages and infinite time, which is just another reason of me being awesome.

6)Last but not least YOU !!! This one’s for you awesome people who actually make me awesome and I love you for that !



“Awesome” word count: 17

Hell yeah !

Ring Of…..Food

Daily Prompt


Well daily prompt asked us about food ONCE AGAIN , no TWICE…wait make it THRICE !!!
Hire me daily prompt guys if you are running out of ideas for the prompts, I’m not guaranteeing that all the ideas will be good ones and word press won’t shut down due to my laziness but at least my ideas won’t be repetitive !

I’ve even tried the riot thing on daily prompt, If you agree with it and are also fed up of daily prompt repetitions, give this a read and laugh or curse or whatever you’d like to do with it. Thank me later for raising my voice against this crime. And YES you are welcome !

I’m On Riot !


Now coming towards more serious topic….FOOD. Oh please, I don’t care if it’s spicy, sweet or sour as long as it is categorized in “FOOD” and is delicious! So daily prompt your attempt to make me write fourth time about food has gone in vain. Boo yaa !!! *Evil Grin*

As I have mentioned above I’ve written about food thrice. I might just write about my bowl movements as well as that’s the only thing left to write on topic related to food. After all, What goes in, must come out !

But I guess you’d rather listen to a hairless chihuahua squeak then hear about my banging bowl movements so lets just look upon what I’ve already written.

1) To hear ALL ABOUT FOOD, along with some warnings and my not-so-in-love with desserts thing you might wanna give this a read:

Food Food Food

2) What do I miss most when I’m away from home??? Let me give you a hint, It starts with the letter “F” and ends with letter “D”. It does contain two Double “O’s” in between as well. To find out what it is give this a read:

Food sweet Food


3) I’ve also been given liberty by daily prompt to write about my favorite meals, Thank you so much daily prompt for giving me the opportunity *Notice the sarcasm please* So here it is:

My Favorite Meals


#Forever Alone

Daily prompt

What was it that drew you to your significant other? Their blue eyes? Their ginger countenance? Their smile? Their voice?



Well this is awkward…..What do you say when you don’t even have a significant other?




Uhemmm….So yeah I’m the third wheel. Well most of the time not even the third wheel because even my friends don’t have any significant others. We are good on our own.

I mean have you read my blog? My life’s a mess. I’m not complaining I’ve been blessed just as much but I’m just sayin’ , there is no time for anything else. I’m too busy so…



In short there is no one to describe, although I admire three qualities in anyone.  Kindness, Humor and Understanding.

So if anyone asks me if I’m single:


I’m off now…



Note: Only written for comic purposes.

Haters Gonna Hate

Have you dreamt of becoming famous? What would your claim to fame be? Comedy? Acting? Writing? Race car driving? Go!


I’d say comedy and certainly NOT acting because I can’t keep a straight face. Even in serious situations people think I’m kidding with them because I can’t hold back a smile except when my ass is really on fire or something. If you are pulling a prank on someone, just DON’T add me, I repeat DO NOT add me in your plan because I’ll end up blowing the cover off unless the person on which you are playing prank is really that stupid to not see my smiling face.

I have always dreamt of being famous. Between you and me, I take my own interviews just to put myself in the scenarios where I would go on talk shows and hosts will ask me questions. O C’mon stop judging, A girl gotta be prepared for anything! (And YES this means I talk to myself )

giphy (1)

I don’t have good memory, but these days one doesn’t need a brain to be famous, I mean look at Kanye West ! So I’ll be like: “Oh I’m Sorry I don’t have a photographic memory but my brain is already too busy being awesome.”

I know so many people are jealous of me but I can’t help it that I’m popular, Duh!

Believe me if Nicki Minaj and Justin Beiber can be famous so Can I ! *Offense Intended*

Ever since I was little I considered myself being famous, arriving on the red carpet (Preferably NOT like Lady Gaga), flashes of camera, Someone screaming “I Love You” and I’ll be like:

Boys and girls gonna be crushing on me, some even fainting on my mere sight:

So I can already see it happening, just right around the corner, not too far. Take my autograph while you can people, because when you see it getting sold on E-Bay for more than 10000$ you are gonna regret it !

And to all my haters:
Note: This post was written in response to Daily Prompt and ONLY for a good laugh, NO offense intended. (If you didn’t laugh, then….you obviously don’t find me funny, NOT my fault! )

Land of Confusion

Daily Prompt:

Note:This posts contains a lot of frustration, back away right now if you are already frustrated in any shape or form…or just join me in letting out some frustration with some expletives. Any way you like!



The title of this daily prompt fits perfectly…Land of confusion and for me its acres of land !
Unfortunately it’s not just one subject that makes me wanna slit my wrists, there is a whole bunch of them. First and foremost being MATHS! Uuuughh !
Just the mere thought of maths and any of its related counterparts make me want to scream and shout and let it all out (Yes I just stole Britney Spears song’s lyrics). I mean I choose medical for a reason and NOT engineering because I hated maths. But no no no, maths wasn’t ready to leave me ! Apparently we had to study Mathematics in physiotherapy as well !
giphy (1)

It doesn’t just end there, the bad news just kept coming…We had biostatistics, physics AND calculus in our course as well….I mean whattttt??? Why??? What is the use of it all in Physiotherapy? (Maybe there is some use but for now I’m in denial! )
Integration and probability in calculus and biostatistics made me cry out in frustration multiple times because I just couldn’t comprehend with my bad luck!
annasophia-robb-the-carrie-diaries-frustrated-funny (1)
Now in our 3rd semester we have biochemistry. Like studying chemistry in our 11th and 12th grade wasn’t enough? Chemistry is just not my thing. I got good grades in that subject but it does not mean I like the subject itself. Chemistry makes me wanna bang my head against the wall. Like why do we have to care about how acid base does neutralization?

Today was the worst day in the biochemistry class SO FAR. It was 3 hour class. I survived the first two hours but by the third I just blacked out…LITERALLY ! My eye lids became so heavy with sleep that I wasn’t able to keep them open and I would black out every 15 seconds.


I put my head on the desk, on my lap, between my legs, on my crossed arms and drifted off for period extending from 15-30 seconds. By the time class was over it felt like I was high. My head was spinning and I could barely get up.  Sometimes I just want to get up in between the lecture  and just do this and be thrown out of the class so I wouldn’t have to bear that torture anymore:tumblr_inline_n0ea3lrPjr1rhignx

I don’t know whether to cry or explode from anger. So for now I just tell myself:


Just don’t kill anyone !!!

I have no way to get out of this so I have to be patient and get through it all. I have to end this post on this very important note:

Fuck you all the subjects I hate !!!!! Damn You !!!

Fuck you all the subjects I hate !!!!! Damn You !!!

My Goal This Year

My goal for 2014 is to…..

accomplish the goals of 2013,

which I should have done in 2012,

because I promised them in 2011 and planned in 2010…

High five bitchesss !!!



Don’t Mess With Me!

Daily Prompt

 I’ve always been pretty confident…Though A little too much for my taste now!  As my parents tell me I was a kid who was always active without being hyper active. I knew when to stop. Having two very older brothers also helped in boasting my confidence. Being a sister never stopped them from throwing me on the bed, playing catch with me with a hardball and teaching me how to dive. Getting on the roof of the house and eating fruit there was the highlight of my childhood. I don’t remember playing with dolls in particular, I mean seriously what are you suppose to do with them? Brush their hair? Well you can do that to your own hair ! Dress them? I’d rather dress myself !

So in short I loved doing adventurous things, getting up on the trees, playing outside rather than getting my dolls married ! (Okay I do remember doing that once…I even boiled rice for the ceremony. Hey only once! Don’t judge! A girl gotta try everything! )

Lets get to the story now, I was in 10th or 11th grade then, probably 15 or 16 year old. I used to walk to tuition everyday, it was not very far, 15-20 minutes walk tops. On my way there was a water filtration plant where people would come from all around our neighborhood to fill up their bottles with filtered water. One day with my maid’s son who was about 4 years younger than me, I was on my way back home. I made my way across the filter plant when a guy with a water bottle in hand, spotted me and started singing a Bollywood song, Its lyrics went something like this:

“pretty as a picture, a colorfully dressed foppish girl: her agile eyes are a dagger.
hey, her agile eyes are a dagger; her good looks turned into a weapon.

whenever that girl comes to the window,
some dies staring at her, while some dies because they didn’t catch her glimpse.
when she used to walk through the streets, people come to see her in large number of groups”
(Stop smiling, These lyrics are not as funny when they are being sung to you on the street by a boy who has hardly passed puberty, okay? )
He kept staring at me, singing that song and that is when I realized he was actually singing that to me.
He was hardly my age. I mean HARDLY ! I decided to forgive him for this discretion initially but he kept walking alongside and most importantly kept singing (Very badly I might add) and that my dear friends pissed me off. I was about 5 steps in front of him, I turned around:
I walked up towards him, with my arms crossed on my chest,Why the hell were you singing to me?”  
He tried to act all macho and replied with stern face,“No I was not”
I said,“Yes, You were!”I honestly don’t remember what he said next to cause this next reaction from me but his face got stuck in the ‘O’ of horror as I took him by the collar,  with both hands holding his neck in place. He totally didn’t expect that from a girl. I towered over him and he felt to have shrunk. I shook him hard, “Will you sing to me again, huh???”
(And then next that happened is still a surprise to me how I didn’t just rolled right there on the road with a fit of laughter.)He started to whine, “Sorry, Please forgive me, please let me go.”giphy“Will you do this again huh, Will you?”, giving him another push by his collars.

Now he was literally begging me, He transformed from being a macho to downright a small little scared girl. “Sister, let me go.”

Oh so now you remember to call me a sister??? That part was hilarious. All it took was some shaking to make him call me a sister. Where did all of his macho-ness go?

I still had him by the collar, I looked over my shoulder at my maid’s son(who was also getting over the shock of what had just happened) , pointed with my head towards the guy and asked him “Do you know where he lives” , He shook his head in affirmative, still opened eyed in shock.

I turned my head towards the guy, looked straight in his eyes, with a raised eyebrow, “If I ever see you here again, I’ll come up to your house and beat you there and call your landlord to throw you out of the house. Do you get it?”

He was too scared to say anything by now so he just shook his head up and down, assuring me that he understood it loud and clear. I let go of his collar and he ran towards his bicycle, speeding away as fast as he could.

I turned towards my house, by now some people were standing there enjoying the show but off I went.


Sleeping Beauty

Daily Prompt: What kind of sleeper are you? Do you drop off like a stone and awaken refreshed, or do you need pitch black and silence to drift off to dream?


Well it depends upon the situation…

For quiet a while now I don’t care where I am I just have to drift off ! Due to my tough routine of constant traveling everyday, I have to wake up at 5:30 am to board the bus at 6:30 am. I can’t sleep early at night because I come home at 5:30 pm that too by bus. I either lay down for a while and get back to studying as soon as I can because If I once fall asleep I can’t wake up. I’m too tired to wake up again. So I sleep late at night at 1 or 2 am. This gives me only 3-4 hour sleep at night which obviously results with me wanting to sleep EVERYWHERE!


As I mentioned in my previous post of a love story that I’m asleep during almost all of the lectures. No kidding ! The urge to sleep during that time is so damn high that I  just can’t resist. I even told my parents the only reason I go to university is to keep my attendance because even though I sit in class but my attention is just not there, I just want to put my head on that blue arm rest and drift off into the land of fairy tales (Okay maybe not that, but anywhere but there in the class ! ) My parents don’t say anything because my result is good I still study well so nothing to worry about.


That was the story of sleeping when I’m in the class but even when I’m out with friends, I’m totally spaced out. I just want to rest my head somewhere and take a sweet little nap.

Then there is sleeping on the bus but before that there is a part of waiting for it. I’m at the bus stop, extremely tired from a long day, I just need a bed, scratch that I don’t even need a bed, I can work with the pavement, just DON’T stare at me as I droll over the cement ! I do fear that this is gonna happen to me in the near future:

Now comes the part of sleeping on the bus of course. Ooo ye sweet sleep come to mama !!! (Okay that sounded way funnier in my head) . I like the window seat because I can rest my head on the window or get really comfortable in whichever position. As I told you before in one of my posts Traveling In Hell is NOT easy due to the cheap boys in my bus, If only I could throw them out of the window one by one in front of the oncoming trailer ! It’s really hard when I’m not sitting on the window seat, if I’m in the middle and there are two total strangers on my each side I’d like to keep my eyes open just so any funny business won’t happen and If I’m in the most corner seat with a stranger on my one side and Nothing on my other side not even an arm rest, There is a very high chance that this would happen:
tumblr_mlgymifjwt1s02vreo1_400I’m already informing you of this, that above thing can and most probably WILL happen to me in the near future so be prepared for the post were I tell you guys of the most humiliating account of my life ! (You can thank me later)

But nothing can stop me from sleeping, because in the words of honey boo boo….

Oh and did I tell you it is never a good idea to sleep on the bus door?
Okay now I need to sleep, Peace out !