My Favourite Little Seed

This is as beautiful as it can ever get. Take notes:

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Ocean, Moon & I

I sat and watched the ocean… watched the waves crash into each other. I wished that waves could take me too, so I would just eb and flow, rise with the tide and sometimes low. The moon will call me every single day, towards itself and I will try to reach towards it up to the sky. I will love the moon forever. I will wait for it every single night to come up and make me motile. To make my waves go high. I will be faithful to the moon, and moon alone. And maybe someday, even after centuries have passed, it will come up to me and I will get to touch it. Maybe it will submerge into me and we will be together. Till then I will wait for the moon… Every single night. And watch it’s beauty shine, reflect over my waves making them bright.

I promise I will wait.


Weekly Photo challenge: Sunlight breaking through my window

Sunlight breaking through my window

A part of her was always hidden away, like the moon.
She shined bright from afar, everybody wanted to touch her.
They could ‘almost’ reach her but never really could.
They could see what was on the surface but never got close enough to see the rough edges and scars on her skin.
Her placid skin did well to hide the marks of her struggle.
Just like a moon she shone bright with light, little did others know it wasn’t her own.
That light was an illusion to mask the darkness that resided within her.
The light was to cover the surface so nobody could see the black hole in place of what once was her heart.
The dark hole sucking her existence inch by inch
So light was necessary to not let people see her blinking out of existence.
And One day just like that, she disappeared.

This is going to be my last post for a while. I have to take a break (again, I know) and I don't expect everyone to understand (but I really hope you all do). I will be back by the end of July hopefully. When I return I have got a huge (and by huge I mean absolutely humongous) announcement to make, the most important announcement of my life as of yet. Keeping my fingers crossed for that. If everything goes well, I will be back to tell you all about it. I can't wait to share it with you all already. See you all soon. 
Loads and Loads of Love,

Sunshine and Warmth

Weekly Photo Challenge: This week, let’s keep things nice and cozy.

Photos taken at: Mangla Dam, Pakistan

IMG_20121216_163952 IMG_20121216_161739

A Song A Day Keeps The Sadness Away #34

Today’s prompt reminded of this song by The XX’s named Fiction. As soon as I read it, this song jumped to my mind so I thought I should share it and also It’s been a while since I resumed my ‘A Song A Day Keeps The Sadness Away’ category so why not today?! 😀

When it comes to reading for fun I usually like reading non-fiction now. When I was growing up I used to read fiction, so my interests changed as I grew up and it’s still changing every other day. I guess that is what life is about at the end of the day, you flow between reality and imagination..a constant cycle. Here is a quote by Christopher Poindexter on reality and imagination which is worth a read too 😉

10702139_551410634989441_4343807602718643681_n                                                                          ——–

A Song A Day Keeps The Sadness Away #33


Beautiful composition ⭐

A Song A Day Keeps The Sadness Away #32

Feel Real-Deptford Goth

A Song A Day Keeps The Sadness Away #31

Mourning Ritual – Bad Moon Rising (feat. Peter Dreimanis)

This song, my friends, is going to haunt your day…AND night !
This is as dark as it can get.