My Favourite Little Seed

This is as beautiful as it can ever get. Take notes:

(Daily post: Waiting, Glorious, Recreate

6 thoughts on “My Favourite Little Seed

  1. katiemiafrederick says:

    SMiLes.. my friEnd Zee for
    Without a Winter in ’16 thru
    ’17 of any Real Lasting
    Measure mY
    Vine as Passion
    Flower Fruit is yet
    to Bloom as it usually
    Does in September as
    Well as A Sleeping
    Red Hibiscus
    that covers
    Back Yard
    Screened in Patio
    From A Heat of Early Morning
    Sun.. it’s true my friend for without
    Struggle Flowers of Love are not nearly as
    Real.. for
    iT iS A DaRkest
    Pain of Winter Freeze
    thaT BRings the BrighTest
    Colors of Love that’s real..
    i miss
    the Winter too
    for without Winter
    Where Do Hot Chocolate
    Hugs go for comfort.. now in myst..:)


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