Can You Love A Sad Girl? 

Can you love a sad girl? I mean maybe you can but do you really know how? It’s easy to love her all smiling, positive and supportive. When she talks about the sun and moon and stars, how they shine and how beautiful they are. When she talks about the beautiful colour of the ocean and the limitless sky, the chirping birds and wet grass. But that’s not really her. Deep inside, in all realness, she’s just a sad girl.

Would you know how to love her still when she decides to stop pretending? When she decides to take off that mask and leave it hanging at the door for good. When she decides it’s okay not to be okay. When she decides it’s okay to be that way. When she decides there is no other way she’d rather be. Would you still love her? I mean would you know how to love her? Would you be able to stand the melancholy in her eyes and her half hearted smile?

Love her not only when she talks about the colours of the ocean but the darkness in its depth- when the fears take over.

Love her not only when she talks about the limitless blue sky but the storm that accompanies it- the hurricane of her insecurities.

Love her not only when she talks about sun moon and the stars but when she’s a little too literally a black hole herself. A galaxy within a galaxy- a confusing state of complicated mess.

Love her when the stars in her eyes lose their shine, when you see her eyes hazy with fog and dew drops. When she can’t see anything else, make her see you. Let her know that you are still here. And that you’ll always be no matter what.

Love her like the sunset; you know it will disappear but you admire it nonetheless for as long as it lasts. Love her fiercely like the dying light of the orange sun; warm and burning.

Because it’s easy to love a girl that smiles. Anybody can do that for you. She will know your worth when you still keep loving her. Actually love her more, much more than before, especially when her smile has faded among the deathly hollows of her sorrow.

So tell me can you love a sad girl ? Do you know how?

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51 thoughts on “Can You Love A Sad Girl? 

  1. charlypriest says:

    Hello, quite hard to love a sad person that doesn’t like themselves. Plus it is not easy to love a girl that is always happy, there is happiness and sadness intertwined in life.
    If there is a girl with only sadness, I’m out, and most guys unless they want to self-destruct.
    And the same goes for women, would YOU want to be with a guy that is always moaning and sad? I doubt it.
    Just human nature, for most humans.


    • Zee says:

      Heyyyy Rob!!! Hello my friend !! Well I’ve been here but lost in…life I guess ! And so much has happened and so much has changed. I AM planning to be back for a few posts for wrapping it up I guess. Don’t know when tho.

      How have you been??? Like how’s everything ? How’s life ??

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  2. Mabel Kwong says:

    Another beautiful poem from you, Zee. I believe yes, why not love a sad girl or a sad person because love knows no boundaries. ‘Love her like the sunset; you know it will disappear but you admire it nonetheless for as long as it lasts.’ This is such a sad line, though. Sort of meaning that love will never last 😦 But maybe it can also be taken to mean that feelings come and go and they can come around again for certain moments in time 🙂

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    • Zee says:

      Yes Mabel that’s what I meant by loving like sunset; it can disappear for moment in time but then be incredibly beautiful at the same time as well. And although it may seem to have disappeared temporarily, it shall come again. Like hope. True love is like hope. Like sunset 🙂
      Thank you so much Mabel ♥️

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  3. charlypriest says:

    Hey there LITTLE devil. I got a thought about this, and by the way very well written and this was to deep for me, I’m shallow. I guess it all depends on the individual, but do you really want to be around a person that is always down? Most people don’t. I will include my self in the sense that when I am feeling down I just block everybody out, and then I get my strenght together and just keep on and keep on, and life is a bitch so we might accept it and try to do the best we can to deal with it. Nothing that you already know.

    Hey! You do know who is comming late september right? I would like to meet you too one day in my lifetime, as I found out it seems a familly member she got 3 followers on instagram. And I’m happy that this familly member is not only getting used to use the “new” technology, internet,
    but happy for all you three, you do make her life happier, instead of having me screw things up.

    Love ya, little devil.

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    • Zee says:

      Hahaha that’s very cute Charly. At the end of the day what makes your mom happy makes you happy too. And she is the sweetest person I’ve ever come across! I’m happy for you all, Its so surreal they will be meeting your family. Im looking forward to see many pictures btw 😉

      And yes I hope one day I get to do the same!☺️ Have a great weekend 🙂


      • charlypriest says:

        I was thinking of putting hiden cameras to see how they interact, I’ll just go there for a few hours and I’m out, but the important thing is my “mommy”, she’s happy, then I’m happy.
        And with you…… hummmmmm….. no moma there, is you and me and the streets of my country, party party lets get smarty!


  4. nataliescarberry says:

    So well penned Zee. None of us can help who and what we are, but if someone truly love us they will find a way to cope with all of that we are and are not. They will embrace us as whole beings which involves the “good, the bad, and the ugly.” Love and hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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  5. katiemiafrederick says:

    sMiLes.. my FriEnd Zee.. for can and
    will a man Love like a Mother
    Unconditionally fearlessly
    And smARTly too
    and beyond
    rainbow colors
    of BeinG HuMaN
    too.. so could my wife
    eventually stay my side.. the happiest
    man she saw as me in the entire world
    when she first met me before i fell again
    to deeper abyss as i did at age 21 and
    47 again.. with just a depression that
    at least felt after losing first love
    at age 19 before the second
    ‘big’ one for about a
    year and the
    last one
    for Katrina
    to endure as living
    hell and she to witness it
    for 66 months.. i suppose the
    strength could have come from a
    Childhood with Mother’s Boy Friend
    Standing over her bed with a knife or
    perhaps the time a thief broke into her
    home and snuggled up close to she and
    her sister before they screamed bloody
    murder and he ran off.. sure.. some perspective then..
    i guess for the darkness that would come as me not a harmful
    one to others but never the less a dark bird tarred pit of A soul
    just hoping for an escape again to the Mother’s Love bread and
    watered into me as Garden of Love never ending when it exists
    As BriGHTeST StAR
    for now..
    Bi-Polar is
    a real challenge my
    friend.. in someways more
    challenging than the Autism
    Spectrum but as long as i can will
    dance and sing in Balance i won’t
    go back to hell again.. and it’s true..
    only my Mother and My Sister and her
    significant other and actually yes..
    a friend from where i worked
    at a Bowling
    named Greg and
    an Uncle Bob and
    an Aunt Jettie and
    some older family
    elders and sure..
    A Father who was
    there but was not.. those
    who didn’t feel too afraid
    to speak to me.. not worrying
    if they would sink to that new low
    that become my life in the numb and
    pain of Hell on Earth that even Demons
    Scare to tread.. Anyway.. i’ve been Loved this
    way for what you question is it possible to love a sad
    girl for when that girl comes in form of a man too as sad
    sad song that has no end for now.. it’s true.. it’s possible but it’s gold..
    whenever someone hears my hell story they find it almost impossible
    to believe that Katrina stayed.. and seriously.. i find it almost impossible that they don’t
    it is
    possible my friend..
    Love wins when real
    all else fails in a Game of Life..
    i never give up on a friend no matter
    what for i my friend will be the friend of Love as given to me..
    the hardest part of my entire life was the loss of ability to
    even feel
    who loved
    me no matter
    what.. Heaven went away then
    and when Heaven comes back
    i never let it go again.. NoW iN aN
    Olympic Sport of exercising heART..
    for nothing else in life even counts when one loses that feel nothing nothing at all….


    • Zee says:

      You pretty much summed it up right, “the reality is they should because what’s not to love”. Love is about accepting the person wholly or not at all.
      Thanks a lot for reading and sharing your thoughts ♥️


  6. Erika Kind says:

    Love doesn’t see sadness nor happiness. Love sees the being beneath all emotions and feelings. The pure precious and unique creature. Once a person falls in love with that being that love will let the beloved stop asking herself for what emotions she is loved for… true love makes you understand that you are loved for who you are and not for what you do. Much love to you, Zee 💖

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  7. trentpmcd says:

    When you are drowning in your infinite blackened sea
    When the harsh clouds of the hurricane devours your brilliant stars
    When the flowers wilt and are covered in deep cold snow
    When you are too tired to fake the smile for a minute more
    When the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon
    Call me and ask me again
    I will always answer the call
    And will let you know

    Sometimes you need to keep that smile for others as well as for yourself, and you need to talk about the beauty just to remind yourself that beauty does exist, but sometimes you need to let it go. Sometimes you need to let your inner self out. Any who can’t accept that “you” is just a fair weather friend. You need friends for all weathers, even if you think those blue skies my never be seen again. Especially if you think those blue skies are gone.

    I still don’t understand how you can write about pain and have it come out so beautiful. And you always know the perfect song to go with your words. Do you choose the song to fit the mood and write around it, or write your mood and find the song to fit it?

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    • Zee says:

      Trent!!! Wow!! Just wow. Your words so perfectly complimented mine. I don’t know if you wrote it at the spot after reading my poem or it’s one of your already published poems, but it is beautiful. Thank you so much. Your words are such a comfort to my heart. Because the way you “feel” and interpret my words, nobody else is able to do. So it makes me feel “understood”.

      And as far as music is concerned, I usually just think/post the song when I’m about to post a certain piece of writing. Nothing is planned really. So yeah I write my ‘mood’ and find the song to fit it later on 😉

      Btw hope you are having a good weekend ♥️


      • trentpmcd says:

        The words just came when I read your post. I started to write them out as prose, but half way through changed it to the poem. I am glad you like it and that it makes you feel good, “understood”.

        The weekend is good. I am in northern Maine. Using my mobile for this…

        Hope you are well and having a great weekend. ☺️😎😎❤️

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        • Zee says:

          Wow. I guess it being spontaneous makes it even more amazing. You should post it as a poem then!

          And yes I’m well. I was out of city too. Just got back few days ago. Got a lot of catching up to do on blogging I guess 😅 *sigh*


            • Zee says:

              No, that picture is from the beginning of this year. When I saw snow for the first time, haha. I mean actual snowfall ! 😁😁

              Aaaaand guesss whattt, I was wondering why I haven’t seen any of your posts in my reader since past month. Turns out, somehow I wasn’t following your blog anymore😧 don’t know how that happened😵 so I guess even when you are on a break I have a lot to catch up on your blog 😉


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