Fire vs Men 

She loved starting fires. Whether it was in the belly of lost men in pub at 2am or gentlemen in the park at 2pm. All she knew was of starting fires.

She was wilderness, an inhabitable Chappell. That played unheard choirs with symphonies that told stories of all those who once visited her. She left a trail of flame behind her every time she walked away from them. Her glow was a warmth those men couldn’t resist. Even though treading too close to her meant getting a burn or two but she loved starting fires and those men loved to be set ablaze. It was more or less a mutual consent. Except of course fire also means inevitable ashes. And it was mostly always her who was slowly being reduced to one. Her footsteps were an amalgam of her ashes; pieces of her that once were and spark; pieces that still held potential. You could say she was life and death both in one.

For those men, she was just a distraction from their old boring routines. Someone who made their stagnant hearts beat a little faster in the night and made them feel more than what their sorry lives made them feel in the morning. She resurrected them from mediocrities, made them feel alive in those moments in her embrace and company. She was never more than a woman who satiated their wildest fantasies and just that.

She too liked the way she made them feel. She was someone they would always remember, like a burn marred into their memory forever but never the one to spend the rest of their lives with. It was only fair, a fire like hers was never meant to be contained. A fire if kept too long would only incinerate and devour the one keeping her captive.

She was a flame meant to spread like wildfire; Velocious, devastating and resistant.
Like a tenacious unwavering inferno, that only knew of rage and annihilation.
Swallowing everything that came her way like smoke down the windpipe of an addict.

All she knew of was starting fires. And there is only so much fire those frightened men could take before they ran for the hills. Their coward faces hid under the mask of unproved bravery. She could only laugh at their stories. Those men….only used her as a lighter to ignite their fire, only to end up leaving her to melt other candles. That’s all they could do. Their cowardliness never allowed them to be anything more than that.

They were just scared gutless boys trapped under the skin of manlihood that asked of them nothing more than words and no action. But they carried the mark of bravery like they had earned it, with their puffed up chests pointing towards the sky dripping with smugness and arrogance. Their fragile egos tender and at-stake with everything said against their will. Their pride as easily bruised as their spineless existence- Condescending and conceited.

A mark of bravery they owned like a heirloom but never earned, not even close. So it was only fair when they ran the other way on the sight of fire which threatened their superiority. They were never the ones to fight in the battle field but the ones to flee from it at the first sign of danger and gunfire. Ducking their heads like nothing will ever hurt them if they didn’t look and kept walking. Those men only knew how to save themselves and they were good at it.

Nobody really knew the potential her fire contained. She might have burned a man or two but she scalded herself just the same. Her fire only flamed higher and higher until it reached the blue sky and made it red. Until the sky too caught her fire and rained flames.

(Daily post: ElementalPrickle)

33 thoughts on “Fire vs Men 

  1. katiemiafrederick says:

    First of all.. hEhe.. this is a metaphor Zee..
    and not to be taken as literal of course hAha..
    No need to mince words.. Prostitutes Whores
    Sluts.. Women burned by Man’s
    version of Love
    just coming
    in return
    to bring the
    only fire that
    some can come
    close to feeling as Love
    My Friend.. True Warriors of
    Love Burned at the stake of
    ownership over
    Love consensually
    that stays for more than
    just one combustion of fire..
    Still Warriors of Love.. yes.. Prostitutes
    Whores and Sluts.. Women who consensually
    play with fire and are literally one of the only
    things standing
    still between
    rape and
    of Little men
    rarely to never Gardened
    with eYes of Unconditional Love
    that speak more than zippers small.

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    • Zee says:

      That’s a perspective I hadn’t thought of before. It’s true actually. I think her fury might be consuming her a little too much cuz she has been too hurt by the men she had been with. Thanks for the comment, you actually made me think in a completely different way about this story

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  2. rommel says:

    I felt the same way with Josh, one of the commentators. Your elegant writing flow like poetry. You crafted this perfectly, and I mean it in a literal sense. It feels so complete, very well delivered. Did you write this in timelines or in one go? Anyway, I am sharing this one my FB page. Excellent, Zee. I’m glad I went here.

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    • Zee says:

      Hi Rommel, first of all I’m so glad to see you drop by as It’s been a long while ! Thank you for sharing my work and your generous words of appreciation. I’m so humbled ! Yes I wrote it in one go. Writing comes to me in waves and once it comes I have to pour it on paper , especially when I’m going through any of the things they talk about in human condition 😉


  3. litadoolan says:

    The ending is beautiful in spite of the pain that is contained in the sub text. I love the metaphor and insight ‘fire also means inevitable ashes’. To me this all about starting again and cleansing and transformation. Superb.

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    • Zee says:

      Thank you very much Lita. Every piece of art is open to interpretation to the way viewer feels and sees it. So it was very interesting to hear your thoughts on it. And how you interpreted it. Much appreciated ♥️

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  4. Mabel Kwong says:

    This is such a thoughtful, poignant piece of fiction…and non-fiction too. Fire, or passion, lust, desire, wants and needs, can be such powerful and dangerous things to play with. Sometimes what we want does drive us a bit insane if we don’t get it. And when we do get it, we feel self-destructive and so repeat it all over again in a bid to look for an escape.

    ‘She too liked the way she made them feel’ This is such a powerful line. I think a lot of us like how we make others feel, especially we like it when we can bring a bit of a bright spark in someone’s life – no matter how short, long, small or significant. A spark is a spark – sparked by attention from another – and for a moment that can give us a sense of self-worth and the feeling of being wanted.

    All of us have potential. It’s a matter of whether we have the courage to look inwards and seeing it no many how ‘burned’ someone else or the world makes us feel.

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    • Zee says:

      The second paragraph of your comment, is so so true sadly and very well said. It happens when we let someone else define our self worth. And the attention we get from the other person is kind of addicting to say the least. We keep wanting to be that centre of attention. And as much as it’s attractive, it’s very destructive as well. Because the moment you let somebody else dictate the way you feel about yourself is the moment you basically lose your self. Especially when the other person doesn’t care as much or is just using you to make themselves feel better about themselves. It’s a destructive cycle. Which is even harder to break…


      • Mabel Kwong says:

        I’m a firm believer in not letting someone define our self-worth. But sometimes you just get lost and caught up in someone else because you feel they will take you to a better place…only to have your world crashing down at some point because of that person. I’m not sure what’s harder to break – the cycle of getting caught up in someone else because every bit of it seems to promise a better tomorrow, or the cycle of going back to someone else even if your mind tells you no.

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        • Zee says:

          Aaaah. I think both are equally painful. It’s a constant war. Aaaggh, sometimes I hate the choices we are left to make in life, just feels like a lot of burden😔

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