You There

It’s in the way she moves,
Softly, firmly, quietly,
Like she doesn’t wish to be spotted.
Slipping through cracks,
And disappearing into the crowd.

It’s in the way she laughs,
So ordinary, so familiar,
Yet a contradiction to her eyes.

Her eyes, so profound-
Seemingly an abysmal nothingness,
Yet containing everything.
Everything that needs to be known about her.

(Daily Prompt: Flattery Radical Authenticity )

55 thoughts on “You There

  1. Prajakta says:

    You conveyed the restraint of her unraveling emotions simply through body language. I looked into WP after two weeks and yours is the first blog I hit up. Because… this is what I was looking for.

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    • Zee says:

      Oh wow, this is one of the best compliments ever. Thanks so much Prajakta. I was thinking where you were, missed you around. Hope you are well ❀️


  2. prior.. says:

    Zee – your poem is really good – feel cheesy saying that – but those are the words that came to my mind — I like the direct narrative – the eyes talk and all – but there is a beauty to be found between lines and thru the vibe of your poem -‘a human beauty with a bit of private joy…. hmm

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  3. katiemiafrederick says:

    HI Zee.. now..
    eYes say so much..
    about a heARt..
    a spiRit oF
    liGht to dARk..
    to heaRt liVing
    to dying death
    as life.. and truly
    it’s hard to go through life..
    with never having eYes to shine
    to OtHers what the feeLinGS are iNside..
    as sHades for me hid the hell and store the heaven
    Now Away from Greater liGht to share with otHers
    in real liFE
    now away
    from words..
    and i suppose that
    is why i dance and sing..
    as i kNow longer have eYes
    that show a Dance of Song
    as i must wear shades noW..
    iN ways oF LoVe…When
    we can love..
    it’s best to love..
    for when we can’t
    all tHere is is
    it seems
    to me.. of eYes
    no longer shine to spread…
    trULy.. eYes do say a soUL..
    Dance and SonG will never
    replicate an eYe of Love..
    full now..
    i can try..
    i cry for Love..
    with tears of Joy mY FriEnd..
    in Dance and Song a gift too.. oF Love..
    wiTh Hopes and Wishes for you mY friEnd for eYes oF Love..:)

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    • Zee says:

      Wow, I’m humbled that my words reminded you of such a legendary classic song. I loved the lyrics. The tune kind of reminded me of “Hotel California” By The Eagles. Thanks for sharing Rob ❀

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