A Quest Of You

(WPC: Quest )
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Let me crawl into you like a tunnel to an abandoned city.
I’ll walk down the deserted road to your heart,
with caution and measured steps.

I’ll explore the wilderness under your chest.
My footsteps echo in the empty auditorium of your rib cage,
Whispering stories of ruins and remains.

Those wild dandelions smell of cigarettes and smoke,
You are poison and beauty,
A realistic illusion to behold.

You are a little more darkness than light at the moment.
As I walk through your city of broken hearts,
Some pieces hang from the non existent sky,
While some lay scattered on the dirt path.
I step on few by mistake,
I see you wither in pain.

I apologize for the inconvenience I’ve caused,
But there is something so extraordinary,
About treading uncharted territories,
To explore places that have never been touched before.

Let me walk through forsaken forgotten relics of your soul.
I promise I’ll not leave you emptier like the ones that came before.

I’ll rebuild you from ashes,
I’ll show you how beautiful your ruins are.
I’ll graze my knees on your asphalt heart.
I’ll stand on the boulevard of your shattered dreams and lost hope,
To rebuild them from scratch.
I’ll caress your skin until you come back to life.


90 thoughts on “A Quest Of You

  1. SOW says:

    I love your imagination and how beautiful you penned all emotions on paper. Yet again brilliant piece Zee. Love it. And truthfully, I read it thrice coz once just wasn’t enough.

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    • Zee says:

      Oh thank you so much! There was a time I hoped the same but now I feel this way about myself. Sometimes you have to be your own hero and be there for yourself so learning to do that 🙂


  2. katiemiafrederick says:

    SMiLes.. my friEnd
    Zee.. we stArt as
    seeds.. as
    gRains of
    potential to
    become love
    as we love our selves
    and others same.. the first
    step is truly Loving God within
    with all youR HeARt of EmoTiOns
    and SeNses aS liGht iN Positivity..
    tolerating and accepting
    sAme God FeeLinG
    dArk as not
    so well..
    what we can
    to liGht morE..
    as nows go by..
    as the grains become
    sand as the water of Love
    becomes silt.. same as original
    name of God too as Lahmu and
    Lahamn too.. as i always
    have to refer to
    a History
    of God
    on page
    8 by Karen
    Armstrong.. to
    remember how to
    spell those names that
    oddly enough are like my
    real last name too that is just
    another name for land holder too..
    in Feudal German way for the ‘owner’ as such..
    too.. as sure.. just synchronicity and coincidence
    too.. as spelled in reverse my name sounds a lot
    like name hell too.. except it it ends in EL that way
    that is another name for God too.. so sure..
    perhaps i have an inside
    line in
    too.. hehe..
    for liGht and truTh..
    inborn as such as well
    all do when we open our
    heARts.. our MiNd and BoDy
    BaLanCing SoUls wiTh SpiRit
    riSinG hiGher in positivity of
    EmoTioNs and SeNses too..
    so do not be ashamed
    for as you say
    up there..
    in self love way..
    as the other side of that
    is the timid soul who never
    loves self or has the power of
    self love to bring love up in the
    empty grains of love that can
    be the tunnel of
    iN Love
    of otHeRs too..
    PoEtry and DancE and
    SonG and aLL otHeR arTS
    of heARt is how we grow
    A muscle of Love.. wriTing
    A SonG of YouR SoUL.. and
    you my friEnd.. will help build other mountains
    too.. where a heARt replaces.. for a way to love
    a tunnel
    of dArkness.. from Before..
    in oTheR words.. my friEnd
    Zee.. BeCoMe the Love you dREam
    of.. BeCoMe the Lover you desire..
    Be Free..
    Love ALL..
    SinG and DancE Long..
    A SonG oF liGht liFE.. mY FriEnd.. Zee..:)

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  3. Erika Kind says:

    Zee, this was amazing! That sounded as if you had given my feelings a voice. Wow! I am flabbergasted. Such deep words about giving someone the love they deserve so much after their hearts were broken over and over again. A wonderful feeling when you are the one who is meant to bring the sun back into the ruins of past days! Most beautiful, Zee!

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  4. trentpmcd says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I am sure you are a fantastic archeologist of the heart, one who preserves and lovingly restores. My only complaint is that somebody should be saying this to you, somebody should offer to explore and restore your broken heart. Someone needs to caress the beautiful ruins and know the great soul behind them, bring you back to life 🙂

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    • Zee says:

      I hate to admit this on a public platform but I’m done expecting anyone to write it for me. At some point the poet in me wished to be a poem. But since I’m a narcissist at the end of the day, I write for myself now. So this is for me! Yeah I wrote it for myself cuz nobody else will and I’m happy about it 🙂

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      • trentpmcd says:

        I am not surprised, it did sound too much like your broken heart 🙂 And don’t think there aren’t others out here who would write poems for or about you: You have shown over and over again how beautiful your heart is, even when it’s broken, so who wouldn’t want to see how much more it would shine when it is healthy? But indulge yourself, write your own poems for yourself. You are a great poet and deserve the words of a great poet.

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        • Zee says:

          Well even if there are “others out there” who might write for me, let’s just say I’m not hoping anymore 😉 thank you so much for your kind words Trent, I’m humbled you see all of that in me. Now I am writing, I’m inspired by myself and it is quiet liberating if I do say so myself. I’m so happy to have a friend like you by my side who has nice things to say hehehe😁😉😇

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          • trentpmcd says:

            Just speaking the truth 🙂 Self-empowerment is fantastic, as is self-inspiration. I’m sure that you go forward in your medical studies full of confidence (if not, why not 😉 ), you need to do that in of all of your life’s pursuits. You are the one person you can rely on. And if you let yourself down? You just try harder next time! Oh, and me. You can rely on me 😉 hehehe 😀

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            • Zee says:

              Haha oh nice to know you appointed yourself as that only one person I can rely on 😉 lol

              And that’s the both best and worst part that I’m the only one person I can rely on and that I have to try harder each time I go down because there is no other option 🙂

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      • unsaid words says:

        This is the most amazing things we can do for ourselves Zee,I love the way you have written it for yourself .If we will not pick ouurseves who will ,if we will not realize how beautiful we are inspite of broken no one ever will and why to wait to become someone else’s poem when we can become our own poem .Cheers to the self love

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        • Zee says:

          Hi thank you so much ! I’m glad their is someone else who understands where I’m coming from. This is what I’ve realised with time and you said it so well “if we will not pick ourselves who will” . You know when I look back, the only person who has been there for me through the toughest of times is myself. So why not cherish the self I’ve become. Why wait for someone else to define me when I can do it so perfectly myself ! Many cheers to self love and being empowered! 🙌🏻💪🏻❤️

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