When A Boy Tells You He Loves You 

When a boy says I love you, he means “I’m getting ready to be inconsistent with you now.”

I love the delivery of this poem, the way he so softly let words roll of his tongue without being too overbearing. Brilliant ! One of the best spoken poetry I’ve come across. 

( Passionate )

56 thoughts on “When A Boy Tells You He Loves You 

  1. stacilys says:

    That was an awesome delivery. The unfortunate truth of too many empty ‘I love you’ words spoken as a means of manipulation. Spoken as a means to get what ‘he’ wants. And the unfortunate truth of so many innocent (and not-so-innocent) girls fall for. The romantic, flowery words of her prince charming. Who, in fact, ends up being not-so-prince charming.
    Everybody longs for love. The creation of our very existence is slathered in it. We were made for relationships.
    Thanks for sharing this Zee.
    🙂 ❤

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    • Zee says:

      Exactly. Very well said Staci. Especially the part about our whole creation of existence revolving around longing for love. I guess that is exactly why we so often fall into the trap and end up being with the wrong people at wrong places at wrong time. But it’s easy to even swallow poison when it’s dropped in honey, so the same goes for words when they are being said to us 🙂

      Thank you for listening to this and sharing your thoughts with me. Hope you are doing great! Have a nice and blessed day ahead ❤️

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    • Zee says:

      Oh it makes me so happy to know that you liked it as much as I did. I’ve listened to it a hundred times by now. And I agree with you, never lose hope! Never lose the light in you, that’s love❤️😊


    • Zee says:

      Yes when it’s true love, it brings good things your way and makes you happy 🙂 thank you for checking out the video Mabel, I’m glad you liked it. Hope you have wonderful weekend ♥️

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  2. katiemiafrederick says:

    Lovely Poetry in the spoken word
    my friend.. but what is Love..
    a password to own
    or key to free..
    all that owns
    is away from free..
    all that frees lacks ownership
    of others.. as the village instinctually
    raises the child and we are all brothers
    and sisters.. but as science shows the
    limit there is a village of around 150
    to 200 sets of eYes that fight
    for Love
    and Survival
    fearlessly day
    to day toGeTHer..
    as One Force oF huMan
    beings as the monkeys huddle
    together in the zoo arm in arm
    when intruder humans
    come inside..
    or the
    that huddle for
    warm in polar way..
    Love is the Force that
    glues us toGeTher beyond
    all obstacles of Environmental
    Stress but those were the eyes
    of the
    the written
    word my friEnd..
    as synchronicity will have
    it.. i just wrote somewhat of
    a poetic thank you.. honoring two
    girls who were strangers exclaiming
    i love you for nothing and everything
    of the free dance of me.. i told ’em i wrote
    poetry.. but did that matter.. they had never
    heard me speak before that moment.. no it
    didn’t.. ’cause the love song was in body language
    and eyes that say we are togeTher in this game before
    those feelings
    fall or rise
    to shells
    that may or may
    not hold eYes of Love..
    Wild Wolves Love more than
    domesticated ones ever will.. the
    answer is simple.. they need each other
    for the hunt and survival of life.. wHere togETher
    and Social
    liVing to
    survive and thrive
    alWays now Free..
    when a person is truly
    free it is truly hard to
    do less than love my friEnd..
    that is what
    my experience
    teaches me to
    date of life and
    death before
    of life
    from that..
    other than that as
    i go into the modern dance
    hall and hear the rape language
    of the men in the men’s room away
    from ears of women.. i often find my
    self falling into similar poetic words about
    the state of males.. but i quickly come to
    my reasoning mind that says it’s
    culture mostly that makes
    them that way..
    so far
    from a
    village of love my friend..
    they (many) truly are the unlucky
    ones to be born into cOld sHeLLs of Words..
    where flesh is only a tool to be consumed…

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  3. charlypriest says:

    That is completely untrue and very diminishing to men!
    When I say I love you it means….forgot, probably I want to have *** with you.
    Zee, you are truly something. I will never say I m the smartes one around, but but but, what was I going to say so it sounded good, then just live life, forget about your beautiful prince you are going to have, is not happening, just have fun with guys. Live life, and with me, actually you know not me but just have fun with life and that includes guys

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