The Type

“Everybody needs a place, it shouldn’t be inside of someone else.” 

Be you own Superhero. This poem will be worth your four minutes. I promise. 

34 thoughts on “The Type

  1. katiemiafrederick says:

    Hmm.. SMiLes.. my FriEnd..
    Zee.. i guess.. i missed the
    Word Press Notification.. on this
    one.. and hmm..x2.. i see.. i am now..
    the only male who came to the paRty..
    but anyWay.. i fear no strong woman.. and
    i fear no human who finds completion within
    as sure that is wHere God lives wHole.. as once
    one finds complete within.. all there is.. is to give
    that Ocean
    Love.. my friEnd..
    And the sad trUth my FriENd
    that some folks can only find
    completion in a member of
    the opposite sex.. is they
    have not cultivated
    both genders
    now within
    as divine feminine
    love and grace.. and
    divine masculine as
    will and strength..
    some women
    think.. only
    a man
    can speak for
    them.. and some
    men feel.. only the
    wife can take care of
    the child with woman’s
    work as well.. culture does
    that.. human Nature as gifted
    by God within.. is flexible enough
    to do almost anything.. but as always
    use or lose applies.. Nurture and Nature
    balance or lose out in imbalance.. Kind now
    and courAge.. my friEnd.. couRage and Kind..
    as every Cinderella knows and feels as
    And in the old story
    of the Gnostic Jesus
    in the Gospel of Thomas..
    when confronted by his Apostles
    on how Mary Magdalene could be
    equal on a spiritual level to man.. Jesus
    said we will make her man too.. and sure…
    if they expected to Unconditionally Love in
    Golden Rule way.. they would have to become
    divine feminine as well.. sadly.. and now.. obviously
    for the most part that change still hasn’t happened
    with many Men.. Woman are in the lead for completion..
    And truly..
    this battle of the
    sexes.. per Patriarchy
    vs Matriarchy for A Balance
    of potential Egalitarianism
    is at the root cause
    of much
    conflict.. but
    Sociologists.. suggest
    Women’s freedoms will be
    the rule of life in most every
    North Latitude country by 2050..
    Meanwhile.. it’s not too early for
    balance and completion.. in all
    of human potential.. un-repressed
    un-oppressed.. set free.. noW aLL..:)

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    • Zee says:

      I know right! I love the way she has delivered this poem, with hold in her voice and so calmly ! Thanks for watching it Lala. I’m so glad that you liked itโฃ


    • Zee says:

      You have to ! Her another Poem “when love arrives” is just as beautiful ! I’m in love with spoken poetry. Thanks for checking this one out. I’m glad you liked it ๐Ÿ˜‡โ˜บ๏ธ

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