Mountain & You.

One Word Prompt: LEAP/LONGING.

I stood at the edge of the mountain, a mind blowing view in front of me as the clouds rolled by and I could see almost everything in the distance. It was as if I’d become one with the sky, it was as if I’d reach up I would touch heaven above. Everything was so perfect yet all I could do was miss you. I screamed from atop, your name, it crashed with the mountains and valleys below and came back with the message that you were gone. All I wanted was for clouds to wrap me up and float towards you. All I wanted was to leap from mountains to mountains and somewhere in between find you. All I wanted from the wind was to carry your scent. Such massive beauty in front of me but all I could think of was you. And in that moment I swear the mountains moved… as my heart quivered in longing towards you.


65 thoughts on “Mountain & You.

  1. jessannseq says:

    It’s a different feeling altogether atop a mountain. That wind rushing on your face.You feel so close that you could touch the sky.I love the imagery you have used to convey your emotions. Beautiful Zee ❀ Love this one!

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  2. rommel says:

    A LOVEly post to end the love month. I am missing my girl when I was in Greece. At times I’d daydream to just fly over back there and redo our experiences together. But, life must go on.

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  3. Akhiz says:

    The thing that i missed the most from blogging in my goin away period was ur writings, so much catching up to do, but read all of it, deep deep stuff…. waitin for more πŸ™‚

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  4. katiemiafrederick says:

    Losing Love in Life i’ve experienced..
    sad and depressing in human connection..
    empty hole of comfort needing
    re-connection.. no where
    to find it.. whether
    break up
    or separation
    in death.. but even
    greater is losing the connection
    with God as when i did and could
    feel nothing of God in Nature anywhere..
    i just wanted to go to the beach and hug
    GOD and bring GOD back.. in fact i fell to
    the ground in my back yard
    and literally hugged
    the grass and
    the Love
    of God was
    no longer there
    for me to feel at aLL..
    my heart and blood pressure
    was no longer working correctly..
    ill close to death i was then..
    so i just wanted to run
    and run and run
    until i exploded
    with blood
    to escape hell then..
    but i was too tired to
    run at all.. so i was
    stuck here more…
    and then i dreamed about
    someway to swim off into
    the ocean waves.. perhaps
    at the bottom of the ocean was
    God again with me.. perhaps i could
    come back alive again.. but i was too
    afraid as even the edge of the Gulf water
    iN Summer chilled my weak body then..
    and the pain from the disorder
    i had was so bad then too..
    looking for a tree with
    a chain in a bicycle
    basket where
    the birds
    could feast
    their fill on what
    was left of me.. as at
    least my life would serve
    some purpose then.. but the
    thing is.. somehow.. i never gave up..
    there was this WiLL gifted to be that was
    even above aLL Faith.. Hope.. and Belief
    that was extinguished out of my liFe then..
    they call it the reptile brain.. same one gifted
    to Dinosaurs too.. it will survive at all costs..
    when all else
    is gone
    from life..
    So sure..
    the Lizard brain
    saved me.. the literal
    human reptile brain gifted
    by God.. so whenever i see
    a Chameleon change colors
    i know and
    feel iT iS
    for a human
    to go
    black hole to SUN..
    once again.. Friend Zee..
    thanks for yoUr inspirational
    words that sparK the SpiRiT
    oF mY heARt and SoUL SinGinG
    a SonG of God once more.. n0w..:)!

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    • lifeconfusions says:

      Wow, you sure do have a way with words. It makes me so happy to know that my writing can inspire others even if in a small way. so Thank YOU for reading my work and always blessing me with your thoughts! I appreciate it a lot.

      Hope you have a beautiful weekend full of joy and light!

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      • trentpmcd says:

        I’ve always liked your expressive writing, even when it is dark or sad. You’ve always been very good at “conveying sentiment”, but I think you are getting even better. Keep up the writing!

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          • trentpmcd says:

            Funny – yesterday I decided to write and post a poem influenced by this creative writing of yours. In my poem the poet yells his/her lover’s name to the uncaring wind and only gets the lonely cries of a gull in return. Everyone who commented thought the poet was intentionally calling to the gulls, and talked about how relaxing the poem was! I guess I missed – you did a such a great job of portraying the feeling! No missing here….

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            • lifeconfusions says:

              Hahaha, that is actually really funny…I’m sure it wasn’t your writing, everybody perceives things differently especially the poetry and of course everybody perceives at different depths as well…some might dwell deep into your words than others, it’s just varies. I don’t think you could have missed ! πŸ™‚

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