Stole The Show

From Every Angle
This week, photograph a subject from three different angles.

46 thoughts on “Stole The Show

  1. Akhiz says:

    he’s so cute, i also used to have 2 like this one but the were in yellow color, stayed with me for 9 months…… now i have 5 Australian parakeets. πŸ™‚

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  2. stacilys says:

    Heyyyyyy, is that your bird? Love his green head and red beak.
    And what a wild video. Oh my gosh. Those two alien/astronaut/costumed dancers were cool. It was like a mix of street dance with some contemporary. I didn’t quite understand all the message and all. What do you think?
    Have a wonderful weekend Zee.

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    • lifeconfusions says:

      Hiiii Staci !! Yes, It used to be mine, it flew to our house from out of nowhere one day and had clipped wings so we kept him for a little while but then we gave him away 😦

      And yeah the song was very unique. I understood the story but I don’t know if there was a very deep message in it other than being very entertaining ! lol Thanks for watching the video, I’m glad you enjoyed!

      How’s your weekend going so far? Hope it’s fantastic ! ❀

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