I thought I could build barricade for my words, conceal them, imprison them, hide them. But boy oh boy was I wrong. The words were too strong for any barricade to hold. They demolished the high rise walls of my insecurities and flowed with high tide of emotions, crashing mercilessly against the paper. The thoughts that were held captive for far too long, broke to their freedom in a magical moment of catharsis,finding their release out from my restless fingers. Finally, the freedom they always craved for, was granted to them and my aching heart was set free.

25 thoughts on “Finally….

  1. maynotbesoanonymous says:

    I have written something that shares your perspective and experience. I can see that we share some things like passion for writing and words. In this world of eight[?] billion people, it’s good to come across some who believes in the same things you do.

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    • lifeconfusions says:

      Hi, first of all thank you for reading my work and appreciative words. I’m glad to know that you were able to relate with my work, writing is a medium which can go beyond the boundaries and connect people across the globe. I would love to read what you’ve written along the same line if you would like to share for sure πŸ™‚

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    • lifeconfusions says:

      Wow, Plaridel you are way too kind. I can’t thank you enough for reading my posts and leaving such wonderful thoughts behind with me. I really appreciate your lovely visits to my blog.
      Zee ❀


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