Just A Dream

I have these dreams….
Where I’m running..running and running…Away from something…someone. I don’t know who or what.

All I know is I’m running for my life. To save myself.

I’ve had these same dreams since my childhood, since I can remember I’ve had it. Me running from someone, someone following me but the interesting part is I never get caught. Never.

Same dream over and over again just the scenarios are different now. It’s around the same area. I’m running either around my childhood home, the area surrounding it where I grew up climbing walls, trees and what not.

Or the area where I’m residing now. Or the area between my old and new home.The area never changes. It’s never the unknown. I always know where to run where to go.

When I was little, they were plain and simple, someone trying to catch me and me running for my life in a simple street around my old house. Now they have become much more complicated, The area where I’m running has expanded. Maybe now my subconscious knows of more area so it’s between my old and new house. They are not very far. 10 minutes drive tops. Sometimes it’s not just me there are some random people running with me too.

These are not nightmares. I won’t call them as nightmares. It doesn’t mean I don’t wake up scared, my heart beating fast, disoriented but aren’t nightmares suppose to be……I don’t know much worse? Where you wake up screaming?

After spending 14 years in my childhood house, we shifted to this new house. In my 14 years in that house since I can remember I’ve had those dreams. Same thing over and over. When we shifted to the new house they kind of stopped…or I think they did. We’ve been here for 5 years now. The dreams started again last year

Now the dreams are much more…grand I would say. As I said now the area has expanded, between the area of my old and new house. I’m running… I can’t get the running out of my head. The fear. The anticipation.
I’ll have to admit the dreams are sometimes exhilarating ! I wake up and adrenaline is pumping through my veins but it is frustrating. Sometimes I feel physically and mentally exhausted. Why I was compelled to write about it after all these years was because I’ve had these dreams in succession since 3 days. Today was exceptionally different as when my eyes opened suddenly, my heart was beating so fast I thought it would explode out of my chest. It was as if I’d run a mile or two in reality. .My heart was literally hurting from beating so fast.

I’ve never mentioned my dreams to anyone except just once to my best friend. She took it to more spiritual side and said maybe it’s some evil following you but the fact that you never get caught is it means that evil can’t get to you. You are safe.

I don’t understand why do I have these dreams? Do other people have it too? The running thing? Or is it just me? I think it is somehow connected to my childhood. I don’t fully understand or understand it at all but I would like to know….I really want to know why I have these dreams. Is this even normal? Or am I going fucking crazy?

27 thoughts on “Just A Dream

  1. plaridel says:

    i dream about running away from something, too. i used not to have control over it, but now i’ve learned to manage it. if i don’t like the direction it’s going, i change the outcome while still in the dream state.


  2. viveka says:

    As a child I had the same dream all over and I can make myself dream it again, if I was really thinking hard on it before I went to sleep – always the same thing about the forest and behind that a small lake and fields full of flowers. The land I was dreaming about belonged in reality to a girlfriend’s dad.
    That proves that what ever is on our mind … will effect us while sleeping.
    Einstein said that we should sleep well and dream carefully, because with dreams starts responsibility.


  3. yprior1 says:

    well that is when I would say a nice little prayer – because never forget that God is with you and you are never alone – and his love casts out all fear – and so noir to get all sappy on ya, but be strong int he Lord and even when you sleep your soul will have restful peace…

    and then just two things to consider – and these are just things I have overheard here and there…
    once I heard a lady talk about her dreams of running and running – and she said they went away after she exercised – when she worked out enough they ceased – and she was not a runner, but a cycler – but she thought in some way her body was telling her to use up more of the stored resources.
    next, and this may sound childish – but you might want to monitor the kind of movies you watch – you may not watch any that are bad -= but some people who watch a a lot of scary movies can need up taking many things to bed with them – jun their mind -and some of the stuff out there is heavy duty fear stuff – and so what goes in has an impact. I know some teens that watch those movies for fun and I always remind them that they are storing stuff -and well, it is just wise to think about the impact of powerful shows. and again, you might already- this is just brainstorming amiga.

    anyhow, hope you are having a great month so far… and sweet dreams – and may God give you wonderful REM sleep that is restful and filled with joy. ❤ ❤


  4. Evolving ruminations says:

    :O I swear I’m not making this up, but I’ve had the exact same dreams!! I’m running, and I keep running – never getting caught; in some cases it’s kind of like I’m running so fast – hoping to fly I flap my arms so I can escape but at best I manage to glide. True the scenarios have also grown more complicated as I grew up but the essence remains the same. The physical and mental exhaustion that you talk about – I thought it was only just me. I’ve never ever mentioned this before to anyone, but I’m dumbstruck at this particular coincidence… :I


  5. Akhiz says:

    i get dreams of my old house too, i spent the first 7 years of my life in that city (4 years in that house) and i loved it, the best time of my life, it was in the interior Sindh as my dad was posted because of his job, it was a large compound with villas of foreigners working there on projects, it was far away from city, the peace, quite, wildlife, calmness, greenery it was such a beautiful time, but since a year or so i get these vivid dreams of that house and the compound, i am a kid and there is not a soul around i am all alone and running here and there in my house and around that compound the atmosphere is like a solar eclipse and its almost gloomy and dark, when i wake up i dont feel good as if i had a nightmare and i takes me a few minutes to process that feelings out, its strange as i dont think about the house during the day and still the dream comes and its also more strange because i have such happy memories of that place and if i were up to me i would prefer to live there again but these dreams are very strange…


  6. rommel says:

    Most people have had running dreams. I think running dreams are perhaps, more likely, I’d assume, the most popular. or one of the.
    … But I think yours is much more intense and more frequently reoccurring. I think you might want to see someone for that medically since it concerns you having a rapid heart rate.
    That post after this …. kind of intense too… alarmingly intense.


  7. Mabel Kwong says:

    Running dreams. It sounds like sometimes you’re afraid in your dreams and sometimes loving the anticipation as you say. Maybe you’re running, that means you’re moving and moving on to a new beginning. Or that you are feeling restless and want to try something new.

    It seems I can relate to that your posts a lot lately. I’ve been having dreams every night since the start of the year. They aren’t very pleasant at all. One time I dreamed I was held hostage in a shopping centre with some other people, and last weekend I was watching a show in a classroom and M&Ms kept coming out of their packet :/ Unlike yours, all of my dreams don’t seem to be the same. Have a good weekend, Zee 🙂


  8. Tony Single says:

    It’s an interesting dream to be sure, and even more interesting that it “upgrades” certain details as you get older. Are there things that you fear in life? People? Events? Certain emotions? These might be the things that you’re running from, Zee. (I almost sounded like I knew what I was talking about there, didn’t I!) 😛


  9. Ana Linden says:

    I believe many people have similar dreams, if it makes you feel any better. I can certainly relate to what you’re saying and I have acquaintances who also shared this sort of slightly nightmarish experiences with me. I’m not the superstitious kind, so I don’t attach any mystic meaning to dreams. But I do believe they reflect various levels of our subconscious and repressed emotions…


  10. The V-Pub says:

    I’ve always been fascinated by dreams, Zee. I used to have a dream, or nightmare, about falling. It seemed so real when it was happening, that it would wake me and I would be trembling. Eventually, those dreams faded and I rarely have nightmares anymore. I’m curious as to the meaning of yours. Perhaps my song was on the radio and you ran from the wretched noise? 😀


  11. kcg1974 says:

    I could very much relate to this post. When I was under five, I had the same dream over and over again. Not a nightmare, although it it will sound like one. I pictured myself stranded on railroad tracks with the headlight of a train coming towards me. Hundreds of tracks were all around me so I’d run to another, only to have the train switch to the same. There was no escape. Then, I’d wake up. I don’t ever remember telling my mother or father about the dream, and don’t remember any turmoil in my little home. Only a new baby sister. I’ve never forgotten that dream….Beautiful picture to go with your words. 🙂


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