School Bag (Repost)

My school days were hands down my good old days…The best time of my life was spent there that I always wish to get back. The time and the way I was as a person too. This is a story of one of my blunders in school days, there you go:

The very first event that comes to my mind when i think of a long list of my blunders is when i was in 9th grade.

I woke up in the morning particularly happy and cheery(which didn’t use to happen very often) .

Started to get ready for school, preparing my school bag , putting gazillion books in it (making it so heavy that it would’ve been difficult for even Dwayne Johnson to lift it up).

Got in the car as my dad dropped me off on his way to his office.

Entered my school.

HAPPY and full of enthusiasm. (which was very unusual for anyone who hated school)

Entered my class.

Put my bag on the chair absent mindedly as my friends came into my sight and went to chat with them. (our morning gossips ritual.)


Then the school bell rang (for me it was a sound that calls for a prisoner to his hanging)

Went back to my seat.

Teacher came in.


Started taking our attendance and asked us to get our subject book out so she could give us work. (and bully us from the comfort of her chair)

I turned around in my chair to get the book out of my bag WHEN IT HAPPENED !

“BANG BANG BOOM BOOM” (suspense music)

Where is my bag ???

Instead there was a tiny black bag sitting on the chair, where my ACTUAL bag should have been !


i noticed that the black bag was indeed mine (and not one of my friend’s prank on me by stealing and hiding the bag, which we used to do a lot in those days)

So it WAS my bag obviously but not my School Bag.)


I began to rewind the day in my head and suddenly it dawned upon me what had  actually happened.

I had prepared the right bag for school but brought the wrong one (which barely had two books in it) !

How could i be so stupid ???

I was so stupid that i didn’t even notice which bag i was carrying, even the weight of the bag wasn’t enough to capture my (obviously little) attention.

Not even its tiny size made me suspicious that i was doing something wrong.

How could I’ve been so stupid ???

There isn’t any doubt in my mind that if i didn’t have to use my bag for whole day, i wouldn’t have noticed that i was carrying the wrong one all day long.

That just proved that I had an attention span of a freaking Goldfish !

This whole mess made me wonder, If THAT can happen then ANYTHING can !

What if one day I walked into school in my sleeping suit or worst with no clothes on at all ??!!

82 thoughts on “School Bag (Repost)

  1. maryam191 says:

    Hahahaha!!! So funny Zee 😀
    Even I recall forgetting to bring notebooks and assignments to school ,though having completed them before time. But forgetting to keep them in bag. However ,in your story, having multiple school bags failed you 😛
    A sweet memory!

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  2. Akhiz says:

    aaah , the school bad and its weight, mine could easily have weighed 10 to 15 kg’s (or even more :P) …. i still wonder why we didn’t turned up like body builders while still in school, when we used to carry so much weight all around….. i attended St. Mary Sahiwal for sometime and they had a rule that you can only have navy blue school bag, now imagine how many times that got one confused…. and when i was in school from which i passed out we had a pigeon and kittens magically coming out of bags with the screams of its astonished owners….. school and its memories, neverfail to bring a smile on your face 😀

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    • lifeconfusions says:

      Awwh such sweet memories of good ol’ school days huh ! The weight of the bag was same for us, so frekin heavy man, I’m pretty sure that is why my height is short cuz of lifting all that weight in school days ! lol

      Thanks Akiz for sharing your wonderful memories with me 🙂

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  3. sweetykannoth says:

    haha ! don’t worry Zee…we all have had our days ! I remember a time when I got my school bag ,but with no books in them ! I still can’t imagine what I was thinking 😛 Nice read…Thanks for the trip down the memory lane ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. prior says:

    well my first question is do you really sleep in a suit? I prefer pajamas – but hey – maybe you are that fancy kinda chick who sleeps in suits just in case… (just kidding) – and enjoyed the repost… did you get in trouble for not having the right books?

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  5. charlypriest says:

    That would be a great day when you walk into the university know or to work with no clothes, take a selfie if you can……

    You see why I didn´t have those problems…..I barely went to highschool. It took away a lot of frustrations.


    • lifeconfusions says:

      I guess it’s the aura of school days that has this stigma of embarrassment attached to it so everybody fears about those times and so the dreams !

      Thank you so much for reading my story 🙂


  6. vandysnape says:

    That was hilarious !! and don’t worry about being stupid. When I was in the second grade, I forgot to take my bag to school (funny enough, I packed my lunch bag without fail). Now you look like a genius don’t you ? 😀


  7. Katharine Trauger says:

    I used to have DREAMS like that, but it seldom happened to me in my waking hours! 😉
    However, one time I did begin to wear my uniform when my sister said it is NOT uniform day, and I changed clothes very rapidly, almost arriving late to school, to learn it WAS uniform day.
    And so I looked like someone who forgot to wear a uniform that day. I wanted a pin or button for my blouse that said, “My sister made me do this!” 😆
    Maybe you should meet my sister? 😉
    Oh, and thanks for the comment at my site!


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