“The good times and the bad times both will pass. It will pass. It will get easier. But the fact that it will get easier does not mean that it doesn’t hurt now. And when people try to minimize your pain they are doing you a disservice. And when you try to minimize your own pain you’re doing yourself a disservice. Don’t do that. The truth is that it hurts because it’s real. It hurts because it mattered. And that’s an important thing to acknowledge to yourself. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t end, that it won’t get better. Because it will.”

-John Green

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  1. jessannseq says:

    I completely agree with this. Pain needs to be acknowledged and then we have to let go of what hurts us so that we can enter into the moving on phase. I think this one is my new favourite. ♡


  2. Swoosieque says:

    When I was first widowed, I inadvertently helped someone, an absolute stranger, who was in desperate need of help (a car wreck). I never thought about my actions, I just did what I knew was right. Later, she found me and sent me a thank you card along with a quote, something about how when we are at our darkest, most empty, but find it within us to give to others, that is where healing begins.
    Anyway, don’t deny the pain, acknowledge it and work with it. Crying is ok, as long as you stand up stronger when you’re finished.

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    • lifeconfusions says:

      Awwh what a story Swoosie, and very rightly put “when we are at our darkest, most empty, but find it within us to give to others, that is where healing begins.” I need to put this up as a quote on my wall so I could read it all the time. Thank you so much for sharing such a heart warming story with me, That was really helpful ! ❤


  3. Akhiz says:

    i never stop anyone from crying (unless they are in physical pain) i always say to them cry it out finish it, cuz that inside you has to come out, seems a little odd but that’s what i say….. thanks for sharing this 🙂


  4. sweetykannoth says:

    Beautiful words…Though I am not sure if it is a disservice trying to reduce somebody’s pain…Isn’t it a little subjective…? I think the way to heal , varies from one individual to another…and some people do heal faster ,when there is somebody around to console them and guide them to move ahead in life……….
    Love and hugs
    Sweety ❤

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  5. charlypriest says:

    Sorry little devil, it´s all nice and well written quote but I just don´t buy it. Yes, everybody has rough times, tell me about it, and people deal with it in different ways. I was raised by family to not show weakness, minimize pain by doing something productive or just changing the mindset which to me seems to come more easily than others, so yes I suppose you obviously acknowledge the pain but don´t sweat it all, come on, have some balls here.

    Still love you though. ( I was going to put a freaky yellow picture kissing but have no clue how to do it)

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