“This week, we’d like to see an image that looks dreamy to you. A photo of a place you often visit in dreams. A snapshot of your dreamy boy- or girlfriend. A scene that looks a bit out-of-this world. Take us on a flight of fancy!” – Weekly photo Challenge

I hope this photo is dreamy enough 😉
I experimented a bit with different effects for this photograph. Can you guys guess what this is??!!



48 thoughts on “Mac-Dreamy

    • lifeconfusions says:

      I was actually waiting for a person to notice that and ask me about it because I don’t have a answer to that question either! lol 😛
      I tried my best to understand what that thing could be in the middle. I tried comparing it with the original curtain but can’t figure it out myself. This picture was actually a total accident, I was surprised by the end result…


  1. Mara Eastern says:

    I see a suggestive hole in the manner of Georgia O’Keeffe in the middle… Maybe you should censor my comment 😛 But otherwise it does look like mirrored curtains — with a lovely colour and texture!


    • lifeconfusions says:

      I had to Google ‘ Georgia O’Keeffe’ to understand the reference, I think it was about time before someone mentioned this ! lol 😛

      Thank you it is mirrored curtains with light effect, All done by accident 😉 😀

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