East, North, West…I’m The Best!

Daily prompt: A lively group discussion, an intimate tête-à-tête, an inner monologue — in your view, when it comes to a good conversation, what’s the ideal number of people?

Uhem, I have a confession to make…I talk to myself. I think the most real conversations that I have are usually with my own self. I think it has to do with the fact that this is the list of people I trust.
10151807_531934296915912_1838223113_nI know by now you guys must be thinking:
gif141or some of you might be questioning my mental state:
Im-sorry-but-were-you-born-stupidBut that is true, Since I can remember I talk to myself. I do give quiet good advises just so you know. If someone was to record the stuff I said, It’d be considered a philosophical genius ! My words would have been printed in the historic books and people would be quoting me.. Too bad I don’t have a camera crew following me around all the time.

Did I mention I’m just a tad bit narcissist?!
tumblr_m55oszvPla1ro2d43If you don’t believe me you can refer to my some previous posts just to make sure:

I Nominate Myself
Being Awesome
Haters Gonna Hate 

Having said that Yes I talk to myself, but on a serious note I like an intimate conversation just the two people. But if I want to have a light conversation especially the one where I want to laugh my ass off, A group of friends is the best option.

Note: This post was written for only comical purposes, I don’t talk to myself…Or maybe I do 😉
I’ll leave it to you guys to decide 😀

55 thoughts on “East, North, West…I’m The Best!

    • Zee says:

      Ah yes, it does! I used to do it more often before, I talk to myself less now, I wonder why! Thank you for visiting my blog and reading this post. I’m alright, hope you are doing well too. Much love ❤️

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  1. rommel says:

    I think you’re wonderfully crazy, Zee. 😀 I think it different ways, we all are. 😀 This type of posts of yours always make me smile. I’m not one who does well with having conversation with a crowd. I’m more of an intimate, me and someone else conversationalist.

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    • lifeconfusions says:

      I’m the same, Like seriously when I get in front of the crowd, I become the most dumbest person on planet, my mind goes in whirlwind and I can’t seem to remember anything. It’s as clumsy as I can get :/

      I’m so glad to have made you smile Rommel, I hope I keep making you smile. Thank you so much for reading ❤


  2. jojogjoy says:

    well I do’t think that there is something wrong with talking to yourself , I do it all the time and I actually advice all my friends to do it, it make things clearer as we have the most honest and deepest conversation with the only person that we are shure knows teh real and raw us.

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  3. Franz says:

    Hey! I talk to myself too! My parents think i’m crazy. But what’s crazier letting your ideas out for everyone to hear or keeping them to yourself and letting your creativity die? So yeah keep dreaming on with the rest of us. And anyone who says you’re crazy, they are even more crazy than we are because they deny their own selves and I think that’s the biggest deception of all.

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  4. jessannseq says:

    Yay!Your truly like my soul sister ❤ I talk to myself too 😛 Whether it is to scold myself for stupid things I do or appreciate the good things.Or sometimes simply random stuff. I think its perfectly normal 😛

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  5. Violet says:

    Actually, you’re not alone..I talk to myself too once in a while especially when I have a long list of tasks I have to do at work. I guess I’m trying to encourage myself? lol I also felt really good when I found out that my teaching partner and good friend whom I shared an office with also talked to herself! So, it’s all good! haha Love this post!! xo, Violet

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    • lifeconfusions says:

      Woah you are the lucky one! that you found a good friend which co-incidentally shares your office talks to herself too, your day must never get boring ! 😀
      You guys will Always something to talk about, Thank you for reading the post Violet ❤


      • Violet says:

        Unfortunately I’ve moved to a new place now to work/teach this fall but those few years with her were a blast; I still keep in touch with her so it’s all good. 🙂 Have a beautiful week/weekend ahead! 🙂


  6. Mara Eastern says:

    You know what, I very much approve. Though it’s not like you need my approval! I do believe that you yourself is the person you should trust most — and even love most — because you’ll stuck with yourself for your life. This isn’t selfishness to me, it’s just sensible behaviour. Also, why, there are people who DON’T talk to themselves? If so, I’m not one of those!

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    • lifeconfusions says:

      Lol that is a very good question, ‘Why are there people who don’t talk to themselves’ because everyone should !! 😀

      You are right, we are stuck with ourselves throughout our life so we should know ourselves better too, I like that you tagged it as ‘Sensible behavior’ ! 😛

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  7. Akhiz says:

    yup i talk to myself, usually its in my head, but if anything goes wrong than an ” n no no. o God or o no or o **** or damn it comes aloud, during a match im giving analysis aloud even when no one is in the room, when Dexter was airing i used to have thoughts in his voice and style in my head………Now if only i could get Morgan Freeman’s voice as the narrator in my head….that would be awesome.

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    • lifeconfusions says:

      Haha, So many sympathies and people I’ve found on the same boat as me via this post! 😛

      I do swear a lot, Good thing is I manage to it not do it in front of people, Sometimes I slip, so half way I change the word…Fffuuuudgee…as soon as I realize there are people in front of me ! lol

      Jeez, Dexter thing is scary, Hopefully you haven’t turned as a killer too 😀 And yah Morgan Freeman thing would be pretty cool, then we can have our own show on the Discovery Channel 😀

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  8. charlypriest says:

    had to laugh at the line that went something like “if somebody recorded my thoughts I would be considered a philosophical genius”, I actually smiled at that……..not cool dude.

    So what are your advices to yourself?
    Kill this guy and that one, chop leg, chop arm,chop chop chop…….or you could be more productive and say have sex with this one with that one and wap wap wap 😉

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  9. Sheela Goh says:

    I always talk to myself. All the best people talk to themselves. Alice talked to herself; she even dished out some decent advice (which, obviously, she never took). I would continue with the intrapersonal communication trajectory; you’ll never run out of topics 😉

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    • lifeconfusions says:

      Haha, I guess you are right. Now I know why I never run out of things to talk to myself. There always one topic after the other 😀

      That shirt sounds like an awesome Idea. The biggest battles we have are mostly with our own-selves.

      Thank you Sheela for coming over to my blog and leaving your thoughts with me! 🙂

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  10. trentpmcd says:

    There is a line from the Lord of the Rings (book, not movie): “I was talking aloud to myself. A habit of the old: they choose the wisest person present to speak to; the long explanations needed by the young are wearying.” You’re a bit young yet, but maybe you talk to the wisest person present (I sometimes do).

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  11. weight2lose2013 says:

    I used to talk to myself, too, Zee, but got into a terrible fight with myself. I wouldn’t talk to me for months. So, now, I’ve learned not to talk to me unless I’m just in a silly mood. Now, what about that chocolate bar?

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