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Daily Prompt: We Built This City


Wah Cantonment  is a military city located in the Punjab province of Pakistan, 30 km to the north west of Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

Wah Cantt is adjacent to Taxila, a small town enriched with one of the most important archaeological sites of the world. The name ‘Wah’ has its roots in the Mughal era with the Mughal emperor Jehangir reported to have coined the name when his army was stationed here en route from a mission. Emperor Jehangir was impressed by the scenery of this place, so he said “Wah” (‘wow’) and this place was named ‘Wah’ after that exclamation.
It is said that Mughal emperor Jehangir’s army was coming back from a campaign in Kashmir, it was evening time, and they were tired and looking for a place to stay. After a little search they were successful in finding a…

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11 thoughts on “In My City…

  1. prior says:

    The name ‘Wah’ is just cool – and I enjoy learning history like this – and what a beautiful city it seems to be 🙂 – my friend Christine’s husband is originally from Pakistan – I am not sure where – but when I see them again next spring I will ask him a few details….

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