A Song A Day Keeps The Sadness Away #34

Today’s prompt reminded of this song by The XX’s named Fiction. As soon as I read it, this song jumped to my mind so I thought I should share it and also It’s been a while since I resumed my ‘A Song A Day Keeps The Sadness Away’ category so why not today?! 😀

When it comes to reading for fun I usually like reading non-fiction now. When I was growing up I used to read fiction, so my interests changed as I grew up and it’s still changing every other day. I guess that is what life is about at the end of the day, you flow between reality and imagination..a constant cycle. Here is a quote by Christopher Poindexter on reality and imagination which is worth a read too 😉

10702139_551410634989441_4343807602718643681_n                                                                          ——–


27 thoughts on “A Song A Day Keeps The Sadness Away #34

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Hi Zee. I’m curious – what type of nonfiction do you like? Do you like current events, history, science or medical books? Perhaps biography or books about nature? Religion or philosophy?


  2. prior says:

    You know Zee – you have quite a deep side – and I am seeing that you have such a nice balance of zany-fun and rich-contemplative – very cool mix!

    this quote was cool – and I was just reading about CS Lewis – he is the author of the “Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe” and well, in the biography I was reading – CS Lewis’ brother shared about how he and his brother lived in such horrible climate in Ireland and they could not play outside a lot and so they made up adventures and stories to make life more bearable – and that led to some awesome writing and stories later on – but it was cool how this quote you give us from Poindexter fits almost exactly in with what I just read – O_o

    have a great day

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    • lifeconfusions says:

      Oh wow Y, This is the best compliment ever !!! I get told quiet often that I’m deep, while some say fun but never both! Thank you for seeing AND understanding the both sides of me. You are an angel ❤

      You are so right about the quote, It does fit and explains perfectly to what Lewis and his brother was talking about. Though I haven't read his books yet but I do admire his work. What an interesting story you told me. Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Hope you are having a great week ❤

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