Today I came across my old register while cleaning up my room, I momentarily decided to go through it before throwing it in the junk. As I flipped through the pages I came across this poem I’d written, I don’t remember when or in which scenario I scribbled it down on the page. This poem is written by R.H.L (These are the initials written under it I don’t really remember who it stands for ). I found it worth sharingΒ so here we go:

Beware of the monsters
Who dwell in mind,
Who grows in the shelter
Of shadows they find.

Beware of the demons
Who hide from the light,
Who only survive
When our spirits lose sight.

Those creatures can thrive
Where our knowledge is low
They fill in the spaces,
Of what we don’t know

Beware of the monsters
That cause us to hate,
To strike out in anger
when we can’t relate.

For ignorance darkens
The mind and the heart,
And helps all our monsters
To tear us apart.

But learning and thinking
Will strengthen us so
We won’t be the places
Where the monsters can grow.


42 thoughts on “Monsters

  1. charlypriest says:

    This was very very but very good Zee, you should do a little more cleaning of your room once in a while, like once in a week maybe? Because you can find quite some good writing in…… I donΒ΄t even want to picture the garbage there must be over in your room. But really nice poem.


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Well you can’t picture the junk in my room even if you try, It extra celestial ! @_@

      And nah, Ain’t nobody got time for cleaning up the room once a week, I do it once every semester. 6 months. How’s that? Perfect I know!

      Thank you about the poem, I liked it too ^_^


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