Today marks my blog’s One year anniversary. It doesn’t feel much like it considering I have been on and off with hiatus all this time. so to feel nostalgic here is my very first post on this blog. It was my first time and I was obviously very confused, go easy on me! Lol
To me this blog and my computer is my soulful machine which understand cheers to blogging !

Life Confusions

I think i know what i want from life…at least i think i do!

But i am afraid if I’ll ever get all of it …what if i don’t get what i want ? i don’t want to spend all my remaining life being miserable , always thinking about the things i didn’t get from life .

Its not like i am not happy with what i have, believe me i am ! but i want more !
And i guess thats what i am afraid of, of wanting more, when i already have so much to thank for …

The weird thing is i am afraid of even getting it all …. what if i get everything i want and still thats not enough ? what would i do then ?
Thats what confusing me….i am afraid either way….there’s a fear of not getting everything i want but a fear of…

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