Game Of Thrones

Daily Prompt: Given the choice, would you rather be heir to the throne, or the (probably) off-the-hook sibling?

I have no idea why or how is that even a question. Of course I wanna be heir to the throne! Duh! I mean who would wanna be off the hook sibling? And probably soon to be a middle child…And we all know how middle children are treated.

And nobody likes the look on the face when you realize you are now the middle child:


Not to forget the overshadowing
I think I gave enough reasons of why not to be an off-the hook sibling…And their are endless reasons why to be heir to the throne, I mean really? Do I have to explain why? Okay here we go…

It’s my throneee !!!

First of all the feeling when my ass touches the throne…Maamaa miaaa..



*Tryinnaa be cool*

Pufftt it’s just a throne…no big deal! Pft

I quiet like the fur...

I quiet like the fur…

Now of course the number of ways you can say ‘Off with his head’ when you are a queen….


With rage…

or more calmly...

or more calmly…

Getting up from the throne and Making it more dramatic...

Getting up from the throne and Making it more dramatic…

So to all the bit*hes who were mean to me you can’t come live lavish with me now, but I’m coming for ya!

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