Judging and Arrogance

I don’t know why or how people have this audacity to make other people feel less. I have never before in my life come across as such person or people but now that I have I’m baffled by their behavior. If you somehow think that you come from a better schooling system, or a better class how does that make you a better person than anybody else? How does that make you right and everybody else wrong?

What is the scale with which you measure a person as being good, better or best? Do you know of any such scale than please do let  me know so I can measure people accordingly because some people have been getting on my nerves way too much for my taste lately. I mean WTF? Why the fuck do you think you are SO much better than others?!

Just so you know any person I’m talking about hasn’t done or said anything directly to me but their behavior with others or towards friends just ticks me off completely. Like pushes my buttons on so many levels I never thought even existed because I can ignore people for anything but this? It’s just not possible if you have your contorted aarogant face right in front of me ALL THE FREAKING TIME.  I’m not even exaggerating about this fact that, this person looks at others like they are small insects or like they are the most repellent people on earth. Even the looks of judgment I can spot from right across the hall. Like seriously ON EVERY SINGLE THING that teachers or the other student says that person has the most disgusted look on its face like somehow he or she is better than everybody else. And it’s not even just about looks you give to other people, it’s also about the stuff you say as well. If you think that maybe its just me, It’s not. Everybody has noticed that, it’s another thing nobody says anything to him/her.

I fail to understand such behavior on people’s part, The feeling of being superior, you walk the earth like you own it, with the way you talk you make other people feel lesser than you? Where is the scale which makes you much more superior. People think that just because they come from better schools (by being “Better” I mean facilities wise or higher educational expenses) everybody else is illiterate or has no vision except them.

Today was just a breaking point for me, One of my friends was crying due to some reason and we were all comforting her when that person gave her the most disgusting and judgmental look a person can give to the other without saying anything. I get the some people don’t cry in public I’m one of them I just can’t do it, but to judge others who do, is just wrong. Some people just don’t have the tendency to hold it in. They have to let it out in the comfort of family or friends. Why, is it such a bad thing? In my opinion it’s not. It maybe a personal choice but it certainly doesn’t give me a right to judge the other person. Some people are very sensitive and soft-hearted, that doesn’t make them weak just like it doesn’t make me strong if I don’t cry in front of anybody.

I read somewhere that Psychologists say that there is no such thing as superiority complex, people who have superiority complex actually have an inferiority complex from the inside which makes them see others as inferior as well. Or just to make themselves see in better light they consider others as less.

“There are two kinds of pride, both good and bad. ‘Good pride’ represents our dignity and self-respect. ‘Bad pride’ is the deadly sin of superiority that reeks of conceit and arrogance.”

John C. Maxwell


19 thoughts on “Judging and Arrogance

  1. Lala Rukh says:

    The fact you mentioned about the complexes thing is interesting, I never knew that. Yes there is no scale but there happen to exist some people who always try to assume themselves to be on the highest scale and consider everyone other than themselves at the lowest one. Their pride is nothing but air and they get to know the realities one day when life kicks on their face. Don’t worry about them, we have have to think about ourselves and spread positivity. Loved your thoughts. Hope you are doing well my friend.


  2. weight2lose2013 says:

    There was no reason for the look of disgust. If a person breaks down to the point of crying, comfort is what is needed, not derision. We change this world one kind act at a time, one kind person at a time. Great post, Zee!


  3. Fiya'Says says:

    Hi! Visited your blog and loved every bit of it.coming to this post I know how you feel I have dealt with people like these all my life. I wish It was legal to kill people like them.
    Looking forward for more posts
    Much love.


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Hey Fiya. Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts with me while I was on hiatus. Now I’m back. Its really nice to meet you. I’ll visit you soon. Thanks a lot for your kind words again 🙂


  4. jessannseq says:

    I agree Zee.Even I’ve come across such people in my life.Just because some might not get better grades and they do,they live in this illusion that they are smarter even though they clearly know that grades is just one criteria to judge a person’s capability.One person I know has even gone to the extent to say that the work we (my friends and I) do isn’t as important as hers just ‘coz we might not have a better post in the student council of our college.Some people are just like that,it is difficult to change the way they think.Somehow these people derive happiness from other people’s pain.I don’t understand how either.


  5. trentpmcd says:

    I hate people who hate and think people who judge are just awful, even evil. Oh, wait a second. Hmm, something’s not right here….

    Seriously, I know what you mean. There are people who seem to thrive on making others small. Sometimes they really do feel that much better than everyone else. Why? Who knows? Sometimes it’s how they were raised – I’ve met people that have been raised in such a racist way they truly believe their superiority with every fiber of their being. But often people who belittle others really just feel insecure. By making people feel small they make themselves a little bigger.

    On the other hand, if nobody talks to this person and he or she does it just through looks, perhaps you are misreading them. Once there was a group of people who thought I was a self-centered snob because I didn’t talk to them. They didn’t realize that I was very, very shy. I would have liked to join them, but in my brain it was up to them to ask, not me to force my way in. I might have given them weird looks because I knew they were talking about me behind my back, but I didn’t know what they thought until I got to know one of them better. I was in more advanced classes, got better grades, dressed better, etc., so how could I be shy? No, in their mind I thought I thought I was better than them because of all of those things. So they didn’t like me and I began to feel it, so I didn’t like them. It fed on itself. Until I happened to get to know one of these people and was shocked when she said, “wow, you’re not a snob at all!”

    So, three choices – 1. The person really is a super snob, most likely because of how they were raised. 2. The person is very insecure and gets a small raise out of making other small. Or 3. They give you dark looks because they think you give them dark looks.


    • lifeconfusions says:

      First of all I dont want them to behave like I want them do. I just expect them to treat people like people rather than lower grade micro-organisms. Treat people with respect is all I ask.


      • charlypriest says:

        Exactly you made my point. You ask people to treat others with respect. And there are people that will never do that. So you do expect them to behave like you would want to.

        You can´t argue with me 😉


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