Women (Talent Hub #2)

This post is written by Aarya who writes this amazing blog “Free Bird-Living life on your own terms“. According to her she is an “Ordinary girl with Zillion dreams”, Isn’t it the story of every other beautiful girl who exists in this world yet everyone is unique in their own way just like Aarya ! Thank you Aarya for writing this post for it speaks the truth. Without any further delay, Ladies and gentlemen give her a round of applause and read on !


If God would ask me, “What would I like to be in the next life ‘Man or Woman’…?

Definitely, WOMAN…because I am the most beautiful creation ever done by GOD…and if you have any doubt about it…then you are blind…you can only understand and enjoy the materialistic beauty…

Well, that’s my point of view, but most of women around me in fact, around us don’t think like that…Do they…???….No…

But why, you are the most beautiful and pious creation of GOD…you bring a new life to the world…then be proud of yourself…do you know nothing can survive in this world without you…

When a baby boy is born, he needs a woman(MOTHER), who will take care of him and teach him everything in life…when he is 10, he needs another woman (SISTER) with whom he can play and fight…when he is 15, he needs two women (MOTHER  & SISTER) because he is messing around a lot and he needs someone who can hide his darkest secrets, when he is 21, he needs another woman (GIRL FRIEND), who can quench his physical thirst…when he is 30, he needs another woman(WIFE) who can accept him the way he is and love him unconditionally for rest of his life, promise to be with him in happiness and sorrow…when he is 35, he needs another woman (DAUGHTER) who will make him understand the true meaning of WOMAN

Now, when man needs us so desperately, in each and every step, phase of his life then, how come we are the weaker sex…why do we feel bad every time when somebody says that you are just a housewife or you are just a stay home mother…What’s wrong with it? Is it a crime…?

No, nothing is wrong with 24 x7 on duty schedule. We should not feel ashamed, we are the significant part of not only his life but also of mankind, the society, the nation, the world.. without us they are nothing…in fact they will not have their existence. We make these four concrete walls a home…we make his messed room into a beautiful place…when they come from job stressed and tensed, we open the door with a beautiful smile…we care, nourish, love, bless, protect them like a mother, sister, wife and daughter, we give them a family…we make them and their world complete…we give them a reason to be civil and live…without us they are helpless then don’t behave like a woman who needs a man…behave like a woman, a man needs…

Though they scold you, laugh at you, make fun of you, never feel bad…because they don’t know your importance yet…but the day they will realize, they will regret each and every moment they had upset you…

I am a woman like you and I am proud of it…I want to be a woman who can educate her family, who can make a difference in this male dominating society…not only by working under them or over them or with them…but also by living life on my terms…I decide what is good for me and bad for me and same you can do…I am not subdued to one to tell me what is right or wrong… we all are gifted with the same mental capability…I don’t feel ashamed just because somebody thinks that I should…same I expects out of you…I am proud of womanhood, I am proud of myself for where I am and what I am today…You should be proud too…

“Don’t take a good woman for granted. Someday someone will come along and appreciate what you didn’t”


With lots of love  to all WOMEN 



I’ll be happy to read and feature any new guests post on my blog. You can send me yours over at LifeConfusions@gmail.com. Thank you Aarya for being a part of this. I was honored to have you here 🙂
Love, Zee 

19 thoughts on “Women (Talent Hub #2)

  1. charlypriest says:

    I was almost missing reading you. 🙂

    Ahhaaa,(that´s a sigh by the way) life confusions you are confusing.

    You need us to have the kid! That is why we are superior.


  2. trentpmcd says:

    The way I see it, the first half of this post values women mostly in how they relate to men and how men need them. I think a woman can be beautiful in relation to herself, to the world and to the universe without mention of a man. A man doesn’t need to be defined by his relationship to a woman, why the other way around? If you become a doctorate level physical therapist you become a great benefit to society for who you are and what you have to offer, not because you are a good daughter, sister, wife or mother. I’m not downplaying the traditional roles of men and woman in a family, I’m just saying I see beauty in women that far outshines those roles.

    Towards the end of the post we come to, “I am a woman like you and I am proud of it…I want to be a woman who can educate her family, who can make a difference in this male dominating society…not only by working under them or over them or with them…but also by living life on my terms…I decide what is good for me and bad for me and same you can do…I am not subdued to one to tell me what is right or wrong… we all are gifted with the same mental capability…I don’t feel ashamed just because somebody thinks that I should…same I expects out of you…I am proud of womanhood, I am proud of myself for where I am and what I am today…You should be proud too…”

    This, this is what I am talking about. She hits the nail on the head here.

    Liked by 1 person

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