Ring Of…..Food

Daily Prompt


Well daily prompt asked us about food ONCE AGAIN , no TWICE…wait make it THRICE !!!
Hire me daily prompt guys if you are running out of ideas for the prompts, I’m not guaranteeing that all the ideas will be good ones and word press won’t shut down due to my laziness but at least my ideas won’t be repetitive !

I’ve even tried the riot thing on daily prompt, If you agree with it and are also fed up of daily prompt repetitions, give this a read and laugh or curse or whatever you’d like to do with it. Thank me later for raising my voice against this crime. And YES you are welcome !

I’m On Riot !


Now coming towards more serious topic….FOOD. Oh please, I don’t care if it’s spicy, sweet or sour as long as it is categorized in “FOOD” and is delicious! So daily prompt your attempt to make me write fourth time about food has gone in vain. Boo yaa !!! *Evil Grin*

As I have mentioned above I’ve written about food thrice. I might just write about my bowl movements as well as that’s the only thing left to write on topic related to food. After all, What goes in, must come out !

But I guess you’d rather listen to a hairless chihuahua squeak then hear about my banging bowl movements so lets just look upon what I’ve already written.

1) To hear ALL ABOUT FOOD, along with some warnings and my not-so-in-love with desserts thing you might wanna give this a read:

Food Food Food

2) What do I miss most when I’m away from home??? Let me give you a hint, It starts with the letter “F” and ends with letter “D”. It does contain two Double “O’s” in between as well. To find out what it is give this a read:

Food sweet Food


3) I’ve also been given liberty by daily prompt to write about my favorite meals, Thank you so much daily prompt for giving me the opportunity *Notice the sarcasm please* So here it is:

My Favorite Meals


31 thoughts on “Ring Of…..Food

    • lifeconfusions says:

      Ha, Brad don’t worry I meant that “banging” metaphorically, No need to run away just yet! 😆
      And yes everything is fine, just been busy in preparation for exams 😦 I really miss reading your posts 😦
      Love, Zee ❤


  1. ditchthebun says:

    As much as I love food, I am not overly into writing about it all the time… well this many times anyway. So I talked about something completely different (from food) and just ran with the hot idea 🙂
    I think it is a take from it what you will. I don’t take it as literally as I did when I first looked at it.
    I do love the way you talk about food though 🙂


  2. ivyon says:

    I think it’s hard to make themes every day… I mean, they WILL repeat every once a while… Or maybe someone in the office is hungry or on a diet? 🙂
    You can put your ideas, did you know that? At least for Weekly Challenges that is an option.

    p.s. Seeing so many familiar avatars here makes me feel at home 🙂


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Oh great, now you think I’m a food junkie ! Haha. I don’t know Gaup, How many times do I have to write about my obsession with food before someone declares with me some psychological disorder? 😀


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