Daily post ‘s The Ghosts in Your Dashboard asked us to look into drafts section of our blog and see if we can find any unfinished or unpublished posts. I don’t usually write any posts before hand, save them as draft and then post them later. I write at the same moment as I post them. It was a surprise to see a draft in my posts section when I opened it. And this is the ‘ghost’ I found resting there. I had written it on Oct 11,2013 at 10:59 am to be precise. But what’s more surprising is, it is EXACTLY how I feel right now. It fits perfectly to my present condition. WordPress Gods really have superpowers I guess. So here is the piece.


Numb…I kept telling myself to be numb.

My mind kept drifting off to that day as I rested my head on the window pane of my bus and some tears welled up in my eyes but I told myself to be numb. Don’t cry. Don’t think about it. Even if you do come to think about it, Be numb. I kept telling myself this as the morning sun threw its warm rays on my face.

After all my life enduring the pain of other people shits, crying a river and depressing myself too much.
I’ve decided to be numb. Pain is too much to bear for me now. My eyes are tired of crying buckets of tears. It’s a surprise to me that my eyes are still capable of tearing up.

Not anymore. I’m not going to feel this shit anymore. I’m done. Be Numb, is my new mantra.

15 thoughts on “NUMB

  1. moriaus says:

    That’s a short one but I liked what you wrote.
    Sometimes the pain is so excruciating that your mind becomes numb. I don’t know if you have felt this but this is what happens to me… When you are hurt and hurt by someone who was so dear to you… there is this weird pain in the core of your chest and then slowly your mind goes NUMB!


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